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Greetings and Salutations!

Welcome to EN's 3.0 Chronicle, this chronicle all of our Venues are separate games, please take a look at all of the current games we have available below, and we hope to see you joining us for this Chronicle! Happy Roleplaying!

Shh don't worry, you've made it, you're safe. Welcome to San Francisco. Just so you know, the year is 2023, we tell all newbies that part. Oh good that's not a shock, you'd be surprised how often people find themselves knocked out of time when they land here. You'll get used to Time being a wonky thing in the city, you kinda learn to just go with it. Between the Shards, the hiccups, the flashbacks, and constant sense of deja vu, it's better to just take a deep breath and deal.

While broken time seems like drama enough, SF isn't exactly safe. We've had a privateer problem for as far back as we've had records, and after the second big quake, we've had a burner problem too. Then there's the Dragon. Ever see a crazy Lost out-Bezos Bezos? Stick around and you will. The humans say that the city is dying, and in some very real ways that's true. Desperation, crime, homelessness, and the death of small business do seem to all be on the rise. But we know better, if you look past the grime, the heart of the city still beats strong, and who better to keep hope alive than creatures of Fate?

The 2011 Netherquake did more the jostle around some ghosts. Upheaval in the underworld, more restless ghosts wandering this side of the vale, and the formation of The Council of Gates all can be layed at the feet of whatever caused the Nether Quake. “Where History Comes Alive” is more than just a pithy marking quote to dive tourism. Though those who tend to the departed in NOVA will tell you its closer to “History doesn’t sleep peacefully.” Between The Thousands of fallen soldiers between a revolution and a civil war, the countless dead enslaved people and Native Americans who were forced from their land, to the fact that the very land itself is “Older than bones.” In a place with so much history, of course some of its most recent arrivals are going to jump out of line, and that is where the Council and you come in.

You and your compatriots are fighting for a better future by safeguarding the past. Deal with death, in all of its terrible, lovely glory. Telling the stories of the dead and working to repair old wounds. You may be heroes to a select few, heroes that will never be recognized for their achievements. In the end though, it’s about the mark they make and not the glory they seek. We will explore death, explore life, delve into hope, mourn with allies and friends, we will celebrate triumphs and lick our wounds in defeat, the way those who care for what has come before always have, together. But most of all the Sin Eaters will work to make a true and honest difference.

Greece is the birthplace of many things: Democracy, Western Philosophy, the Olympics. Equally, it is one of the many progenitor regions where the Vigil first took roots as face back as the 16th Century BCE, if not even further back. Ancient heroes fighting off mythological creatures, the first finders of artifacts to aid the everyman to protect those around them and ensure they do not fall prey to what lurks in the dark.

Once again, it is the Hunters of Greece that find themselves the spearhead of change and innovation, as the many compacts and conspiracies rally to each other's aid in Athens, against the growing supernatural shadow that is befalling the whole of the Nation. This united front, the Greater Hellenic Vigil, now stands to prove to the world that all members of the Vigil can, and should work together. But, one must never forget: the candle casts more than one shadow of itself, and not all threats are the ones easily perceived.

The Court of Seattle was at the height of its leisure. The Prince of Seattle, Maria of Córdoba, had a tight hold on the city. Several Elysiums were established and sanctioned, along with titled officers and well-held laws. The territory was claimed, and divided among the different covenants and those of high status. Things worked and functioned as expected clockwork until one day, there was nothing. It just vanished. Those left behind ghouls and blood dolls with no regnant had no one to rely on, the empty rooms of what were great Elysiums now empty and hollow. Worse, there was no longer anyone left to enforce the Masquerade or any city laws.

Cautiously, The Court of Vancouver (BC, Canada) and The Court of Portland (OR, USA) are sending representatives of their courts and the representatives of the covenants to survey and find out what happened to The Court of Seattle. Some former members of The Court of Seattle are also returning to see what they can find, and what new powers they may claim. With the influx of new and opposing kindred into the city there is sure to be competition for resources, territory, and power. However, can the kindred truly afford to compete solely against each other when they still don’t know what fate took The Court of Seattle? For how long can someone truly ignore what lurks in the unknown darkness peering?

Welcome to the War. You’ve either been a part of it for a long time or you’re a new recruit - whether you came here to assist the Forsaken or were newly changed or newly made blooded - you are fighting to see that Detroit is retaken from the Pure. The war has been waging on 60 years and any history prior to that has been lost to the sands of time.

The war won’t last forever, in fact, the Forsaken are on the brink of ending the war they just need to find a new City Spirit to assist them and a few more packs to join the fight. Once the war is won though…what is it that happens next? Will you seek to uncover the history once lost, will you work with spirits to forge new bonds and carve out a path for yourself in the Hisil? What new monsters face you once your decades long conquerors are gone?