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Venue Introduction

Welcome to the War. You’ve either been a part of it for a long time or you’re a new recruit – whether you came here to assist the Forsaken or were newly changed or newly made blooded – you are fighting to see that Seattle is retaken from the Pure. The war has been waging on 60 years and any history prior to that has been lost to the sands of time.

The war won’t last forever, in fact, the Forsaken are on the brink of ending the war they just need to find a new City Spirit to assist them and a few more packs to join the fight. Once the war is won though…what is it that happens next? Will you seek to uncover the history once lost, will you work with spirits to forge new bonds and carve out a path for yourself in the Hisil? What new monsters face you once your decades long conquerors are gone?

Venue Themes

Spoils of War

What is the prize the Forsaken win by defeating the Pure? Is it the eternal peace they wanted or is it more difficult than they ever imagined it would be? What will you consider as your spoils of war?


Was there a balance that you never knew of before you were caught so deep in the fight you’ve known since your first change? What’s the consequence of winning the war you were thrust into? 

The Price of Power

They’ve wanted it since the start, and now the Forsaken have it, they have won and must take control of the power they’ve gained. Can you rise above the others and set course on a new world?

The Power of Decisions

In the City of Emeralds, it will be your characters who make the decisions that will ultimately bring victory and end the war that has ravaged your people, your friends, family – or even strangers! – for the last several decades. Your decisions will affect the game going forward. Who will the City Spirit be? Will that choice help or hinder things in the future?



Now that you have won, you must face the madness ahead of you, forging your territory and grabbing for power in the city where cults dwell, spirits hunger to cross over and rule man, and men tinker with things they were never meant to. Can you maintain your sanity in the face of all that’s ahead, or will you succumb, like others before you, to the Moon’s own Madness?


The scariest things are never the monsters you know. What can shake the stoicism of a goddess or her children? All around you are things that frighten most men, but you face them without the same fear. But now, just off the cusp of glory, you step into a world prepared to fight you tooth and claw until nothing is left. The spirits forsake you, the Lunes go to church, Mother hides her face, and the barriers between your two worlds are ripped apart. What will you do when something larger than you’ve ever dreamed of rises against you?


The Pure have been defeated, leaving you with stories of glory that you can tell for ages, but all that comes after is only going to ratchet that up. You survived the first test of Glory, can you survive the rest?


What is the truth worth to you? All cultures have stories they say are true, but nobody really digs into them. What happens if the Truth in, ‘This story is true…’ is not true, or what happens if the Truth completely shakes the bedrock of your society?

What STs Expect from Players

We want players who want to create a story with us, to look for trouble in the corners, to seek out adventure and story at every turn. We want players who are looking for a Wolf game that explores the strange and weird, what happens to humans in contact with the shadow, what’s scarier than a pack of Pure on the hunt, what can make Luna fear. We want our players to be creative, explorative, and adventurous. We also want players who are willing to collaborate with other players, to join packs and take part in the collaborative story that we have to share and tell. Get your friends, form a pack (or find one in game) and join us for a story that will shake the bedrock of everything you know about Werewolf!

What Players can Expect from STs

In return we will provide a sandbox for you to play in. There is a metaplot to enjoy that ties our stories together, so you can expect to be rewarded if you look into plot threads, ties, and so forth. You can expect a different game from us, rather than setting our game in a siege with the Pure, we have chosen to highlight other antagonists. You can expect to be challenged and for us to tell a story that’s different from others. You can also expect us to take regular breaks that won’t hurt the flow of the game, as we want to avoid burnout so that we can maintain being your storytellers and providing you with a consistent narrative from start to finish. You can expect us to run plots not just related to the metaplot of the venue itself, but also specific to your pack. In fact, pack plots will be a big part of how you get involved in the game! They’ll supplement the metaplot and each pack will get their own scene once a month that’s just for them based on their current goals, territory and what they are working on with the metaplot. Each pack will have an ST assigned to the pack to ensure that they get the arc that best suits their group and actions and there’s consistency in story being told for that pack.


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