Table of Contents

Venue Introduction

“Welcome! You’re in a place of history, and you’re being a part of history! The shitty part where you’re being replaced by something newer and cooler. Or whatever. Yeah, you heard me, some upstarts are trying to put us out of work. And you may think that’s a good thing, right?


No more Vigil, no more needing to be the candles in the dark? And while that’d be a good thing, normally. It’s not in this case. Whoever these guys are, they’re sloppy, or they just don’t care. Civs? Iced. Wrong Target? Oh well. Hell, fuckers will even go after Psychics claiming some purist bullshit.


So yeah, we need to get our shit together, work together, and deal with the issues, but also, deal with this other group. The monster issues seem like they’re on an uptick. New reports are coming in daily, and more reports of Captain Fuckwit and his band of wanna-be heroes making more messes coming in hourly.


So get your big kid pants on, and lets go hunt some fucking monsters.”


Relevance and Purpose

You used to be prideful of your work, or at the very least, found a reason to go on. But what do you do when the land around you has shifted? When another organization takes care of the problems? Where does that leave you? What does that put your value as, even?

Brought Together By One Enemy

See those guys? Those clowns, or whatever other nickname you may have for them? You don’t gotta love thy neighbor, but you gotta be able and willing to work with them. Brought together with a common problem, can you deal with those you otherwise may not have ever worked with?

Pushing Beyond Limits

When the world is at your throat, and your very way of life is threatened, what are you willing to do? What are you willing to test, to risk, just to keep what you have going, for just that much longer? Where are your limits, and how far beyond them are you willing to push?

Moods & Inspiration


Film & Media

  • Gemini Man
  • Arrow
  • The Boys
  • Dark Knight Rises
  • Baldur’s Gate 3
  • Hunt Showdown
  • Assassin’s Creed
  • Red Dead Redemption 2
  • Sicario

Player's Guide/What to Expect

Chaos. Memes. And Fun. We are four silly individuals who want to tell a good story, with drama, suspense and heroic moments. Our game will be a bit more higher powered than the Hunter the Vigil book sort of presents Hunter’s without losing the gritty, suspense thriller-esque that the game naturally provides. 


Basically, we want you guys to have your moments of “Oh shit, I’m back into a corner.” but also your moments of “Hey guys, meet my lil friend!” while revving up a minigun. 


What we ask of players is patience, and communication, if there’s something your struggling with, or you feel like you aren’t getting the spotlight as much as you feel you should, communicate with us, we want everyone to shine, and everyone to have their cool moments and we want to provide the opportunities, but this is a co-operative storytelling experience, so we gotta talk!


We intend to play a bit with the rich mythological history that is present in Greece, and utilize the great locations to tell some fun and interesting stories. Not every fight will be a fight. Think back to the stories and use that going forward!