Werewolf the Forsaken

“There are a few things you have to know right now. You’ve changed… Shit is never going to be the same ever again. Listen here baby wolf… You want to join this pack? You gotta get up to speed, come along pup I’ll show you the way. I will teach you the ways of the wolf, the laws of the Mother Luna and how to respect her. Just call me Old dog.” – Fredrick “Old dog” Cromwell

Venue Introduction

Welcome to San Bernardino County, CA This is the last known bastion of Forsaken society. The natural order of Forsaken life has been disturbed, Packs are not being formed, Beshilu and Azlu run rampant in cities. San Bernie is the one place where the Tribes still commingle they have not yet pulled away and segregated themselves from one another.

The Spirits in San Bernie are restless and need the constant eye of a shepherd. Worse than the spirits are their allies, the Pure have made homes all over the county. The city is in a constant state of siege and fear of war. But yet we smile for Luna has truly blessed us.

Locals remember a time when they held the ground on the warfront and they were winning, their enemies were all but gone. The Azlu were under control, the Beshilu were balanced, and the Pure were on the lamb. But peace is not something the Uratha deal with well, their primal urges push them to fight. Territories were established, civil wars were fought, all, while this was happening an evil was growing.

Transplants would see the county for what it is, the battlefield of a shadow war. But a place to grow, a place to reclaim.



This game is about savage violence, it is about fighting wars that never end, it is about growing old with scars and losses. This venue is influenced by films such as A History of Violence where a man tries to hide from his bloody past, Inglourious Basterds where a group of soldiers take on The Nazi party with the intent of clear and brutal means, and Green Room a thrilling and violent fight for survival.


There is plenty of media about war, there is plenty of news about it. You will be pitted against savage monsters with no care for who lives or dies. You will fight wars against brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, and against yourself. But you will fight wars that must be unseen, films such as the Underworld series give a good example of centuries-old shadow wars that have been fought.



You are a creature of two worlds, that of Spirit, and that of Flesh. The struggle is constand your balance, your Harmony is in a constant state of flux. At base you need to give into the hunt and seek refuge in the shadow, but your flesh needs you to be a part of humanity. It is your place to find where that middle ground is or be locked away from your calling, or fade away into the realm of Spirits.

Legends & Lies

Werewolves are people who change into wolves.
No. We were born and raised looking like humans, but that is a disguise. We don’t have one true form, we have five — each of which has a purpose in the hunt.

Someone bitten by a werewolf becomes a werewolf.
Please. If you’re bitten by a werewolf, you don’t become a werewolf. You die.

Werewolves change under the full moon.
Perhaps. We change when we like and when the hunt demands. We have the moon’s  blessing, but she doesn’t force us to change.

Werewolves can only be killed with silver.
If only. Silver is the best way to kill us, but it’s not the only way. Sure, we heal really fast — but we need to get hurt to have something to heal from, and enough of that hurt will kill us as easily as it would anyone else.

Werewolves lose their intelligence when they change shape.
Our prey would hope! We have our smarts and our instincts in every form. Only the crashing wave of Kuruth can dull our minds — and when that happens it’s a good idea for everyone else to run like hell.

Werewolves are solitary hunters.
Hell no. We’re pack hunters. You and me at the head, on the hunt. Wolf-Blooded to mind the pack and tend the territory. And a whole mess of normal folk who don’t yet really understand.

Moods & Inspirations


Saving Private Ryan

A story of strangers who band together to save a single soul. This is a great example of how the Forsaken view themselves in San Bernardino County.

The Crow

Revenge and redemption is something that should be on every Uratha’s mind. The feud between the Pure and Forsaken is just that a story of revenge sought by the Pure, and hopes of redeeming lost brothers and sisters by the Forsaken.

The Punisher: Dirty Laundry

This is a story about knowing when to do the right thing even if it is wrong in the eyes of the law.

Mood Music