Vampire the Requiem

“You been to LA lately? It’s fucking weird man.”

Venue Introduction

“It’s been quite a long journey to get from where LA was a few decades ago to where it is now. For you fresh from the grave I couldn’t think of a better place to start out, there’s plenty of food and the ‘laws’ of the land are really simple.

‘Ahaha!’ can you believe I pass for an elder in this city? I’ve been dead barely thirty years. I guess some might say big fish small pond but that’s bullshit. It’s more like a huge ocean after the fucking black plague swept through. There’s plenty of ocean but it’s not all safe- no fuck you can’t go downtown unless you got a death wish. Why? None of your fucking business just listen to your elders.” ~ The Guy That Gives a Shit

The vampires of LA have been through a lot but now it’s a place free of the usual conventions and rules. The chokehold and rivalries of the great Covenants are barely felt or tolerated but the sunlight challenged citizens of the city. That’s not to say it’s totally lawless. The remnants of a now Broken Covenant manage the various ‘safe’ territories and squabble amongst each other.


Wide Open Horizon

There’s a sense of change and freedom in LA that a lot of Kindred normally don’t get to experience. They can do almost anything and prosper if they’re smart and cunning.

Information is Ammunition

Despite being relatively peaceful as a vampire might expect each faction is looking for an edge girding their defenses and probing for soft points in their enemies. Moreover each Kindred is looking for their own advantage possibly willing to betray their ideals or more likely pretend to espouse some philosophy for some gain. Every secret and fact is another bullet in the chamber.

Just A Dream

LA is a place that draws dreamers to it in droves. It shines bright on the screens in dark rooms but anyone who’s been in the city realizes that it’s just that, unreal and fleeting. The fabulously rich and abject poor live side by side like night and day.

Moods & Inspirations


Game of Thrones

Literally inter-House politics... with just as much blood.

Vampire the Masquerade

Factions are more like Clans, hopefully those within are Kindred you can trust well enough.

The Sixth Sense

The harder you look into something the more disturbing its likely to become.


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