Deviant the Renegades

Venue Introduction

“We were normal. Average, everyday people. We’d go to school or work, then go home, say hello to our families, and go about our evenings. Maybe dinner, maybe watching the big game. But now….Now you’ve changed, either you know more, or something has been changed about you fundamentally. Maybe you picked this change. Maybe, for some of you the choice was taken from you. But…that doesn’t matter right now. What matters is we’re not fully human anymore, and someone or something wants to get to us, to use us, to abuse us. And we’re going to show them, one way or another, we’re not fucking human anymore, and we know how to keep ourselves safe.” – Arthur Kingsley, Head of the Townhall.

Your whole world has been changed. What you thought you knew was wrong. Monsters just being in books and shows? Nope. Those fuckers are real, and they’re out to get you. What’s worse? Most of your fellow men would turn against you too. You’re alone, in the dark, facing off against unknown foes. least that’s how it would be. If not for one of the Secret Societies. Each one with their own agenda, their own goals. But all working together to keep each other safe. To uplift and build upon each other. 

You can’t rely on society, on your fellow man. And those monsters? They may try to turn you to their side with honeyed words. But you know, deep down, you can only trust those hiding in the shadows with you, the Mortals, the Deviants, those who have taken to the cover to handle problems. Between hunting down Ghosts, Draugr, and other monsters. Studying and learning more of the Occult. Even gaining political and social power to further the goals and protections. To keep your fellow supernatural man safe. So that maybe, just maybe, you can go back to some semblance of “normal”.


Venue Themes

Strength in Unity

“Hey, after we bag and tag this spooker, we should go and check in on ole Oscar, heard he got messed up bad in the last draugr hunt. Maybe even ask Arthur to see about sending some Townies to help on the next hunt. Hell, maybe you can work on reconfiguring the ecto-blaster into shooting something physical?” – Mikey Miller

The strength of the Societies only come from the fact that they have each other to back them up. The Mortals and Deviants have to work together to overcome the Conspiracies and other forces working against them in the darkness. 

Wolves among the Sheepdogs

“It’s time to leave. She knew what she was doing the moment she started fighting in a public place like that. Normies can’t know about us, the moment they do, they turn us over to those that want to abuse us more. We stay alive by staying hidden. We all know this. She made her choice, if she manages to stay alive and get away, then we’ll help her, but this is the risk of helping the Normies.” – Hestor Smith, Head of the Network Chapter

Normies. Probably the biggest threat to the Societies. The impossible number of eyes and ears who would just as quickly sell out those that are abnormal as they would take free cash off the street. This is why one needs to be smart about how they use their powers. The more obvious, the more unwanted attention you can bring to you and yours. All societies have public, outward facing sides. Ways to blend in as mostly normal. But behind closed doors. Things are different. Maybe, maybe one day the Societies can try to protect the Normies, but until then, they need to worry about protecting themselves.

Something Wicked Comes This Way

“You feel that? That strange feeling in the air. That pit in your stomach. The dark cloud over your head. That’s dread. That’s the feeling we all have, we all carry, we all know. A storm is brewing kiddos, and we need to be ready for it. So, keep training. Keep honing your skills. And keep yourselves prepared. For when the wicked come to us.” – Oscar, head of the Long House

There’s something going on. Something in the shadows, pulling strings. Making things work against you. Something greater than just the Conspiracies. You know it. You all do. That’s why the Townhall was called back into service. That’s why the other members of the Societies work so doggedly together. Because otherwise, they may not be here when whatever thing happens that’s going to happen. 


Moods & Inspirations

TV Shows

  • Librarians
  • Stranger Things
  • Arrow
  • Supernatural

Video Games

  • Amnesia
  • Phasmophobia
  • Assassin’s Creed
  • The Division


  • Breaking Benjamin – I will not Bow
  • The Electric Swing Circus – Renegade Soundwave
  • ONE OK ROCK – Renegades

What to Expect As a Player:

  • With the release of Deviant, the venue came together fully. The book is still new, and shiny. So please take that into mind with the venue.
  • Likewise, the venue is designed with the Mortals in mind, the venue is Deviant, but the mortals within it still matter and still have an impact. Mortal PCs are JUST as important as the Deviant PCs.