Changeling the Lost

Venue Introduction

“You don’t come to live here unless the delusion of a reality shaped around your own desires isn’t a strong aspect of your personality. ‘A reality shaped around your own desires’ —there is something sociopathic in that ambition.” – Zadie Smith, “Find Your Beach” from The New York Review of Books (2014)

Welcome To the Brooklyn Free Economic Zone, more casually referred to as B-FEZ. Ruled by the Board of Directors of the Trader’s Courts. You went through some of the worst trauma imaginable, kidnapped by creatures of myth and bed time stories, left forever changed against your will. You stumbled out of that horror into a world that moved on without you. You came to New York, center of the world, to try and make a new life. Once here you found an old and thriving community of Half-Fae like yourself, nestled in all the other ethnic groups.

Now that you’re here you have to earn your keep, nothing comes free in the Board’s territory, you’re expected to pay back every help you get, be it in favors, coin, a week’s worth of your beauty, or even a shadowy service or two. B-FEZ is a realm of free markets run wild. You can find anything in the B-FEZ or the Underhill market if you can just pay the price. Just make sure you turn a profit when you go trading as the Board expects your dues to be paid on time. 

But it’s not all capitalist hellscape, there is wonder in the trades. B-FEZ is a hub of art and music. From Historic jazz clubs, to world class galleries, down to some of the best brunch you can find this side of the halls of faerie. Artists of all stripes find their way to New York, the lost are no different. There is even a Fae theater troupe that puts on new productions every Monday at the Wintergarden theater, you just need to know the right hob to speak with to get a ticket. 

Venue Themes

Quid Pro Quo

In a city that’s the main birthplace of unfettered American Capitalism, and this Greed extends past The Ironside. To get anywhere here, you are either stepping on someone else or being stepped on. The streets are as dirty as the deals, and the main emotions of the city are greed, desire, and trust. The deals made in New York City carry further weight with prices higher than most other places on earth. And every important deal or major financial transaction in the world has traveled through New York at some point. This is true even in The Freehold of New York.

The Board holds sway over the Brooklyn Free Economic Zone, as such for everything you get the expectation is to be repaid, be that in kind, in favors, or in cold hard Coin. Though with enough currency a whole new world of untold riches will fall open at your feet. The Board’s main law is to keep moving forward, keep creating, keep producing, don’t let yourself get mired in the sins committed against you, Keep moving forward. 

Magic Always Comes With A Price

Magic is never free, there is always a catch. You came from the Iron world of Mortal men but were taken to the world of magic shows and miracles. In exchange for the wonders and horrors you saw there you lost something, your tattered soul, torn to shreds on the brambles. Since returning home you’ve found that the cost didn’t stop there, each of your new powers comes with their own price you must pay. And pay the price you did within some warped and dark faerie tale in the Courts of Arcadia. The favors and exchange of power, and abuse, never seeming to be worth it in the end. 

Beyond that there are the wonders to be found at Market, you can buy or sell anything at the market, from your baby teeth of lost children to the memories of your first love. Everything, desire, favor, emotion, and rarest of needs can be bought or sold. From the Court of Coins to the Underhill Market, the wisest of shoppers comes with a price in mind that they are willing to pay, just so that they know the price. 

Welcome to The Center of The World

New Yorkers like to think that they are at the center of the world, the residents of the B-FEZ know that’s not far from the truth. The Director of the Court of Shady Deals tells you that there is a significant metaphysical weight to the transactions and populous of the city. That weight means your actions can have ripple effects all across reality, starting in the city itself. Ever wonder why the Theater is centered in New York? It’s because the Fae play their own shows across the stage on Monday afternoons, reflecting the reality they see, and where better to make a reality than at the Center of the World. All roads lead to Rome as they say, and NYC is the new Rome. 

Moods & Inspirations

Movies/TV Shows

  • Once Upon A Time
  • Labyrinth
  • Pan’s Labyrinth
  • Spirited Away
  • Wolf of Wall StreetWallstreet
  • Lovecraft Country 
  • Stardust (book and Film)
  • The Last Unicorn 




    • Make sure to read the “Your ONLY Trigger Warning” section of Rights and Responsibilities site policies page. This explains the process of letting the team know what kind of Triggers you would like to avoid in your time here on Eternal Noire, without sacrificing the potential fun and character development from a gothic horror role playing game.
    • Changeling & Trauma: Changeling is THE game where trauma cannot be divorced from the character. All changelings start off as a survivor of some kind of traumatic event, series of events, or in some cases multiple lifetimes of events depending on their Keeper. Many players explore their own trauma through a PC as a safe method of doing so for them. We urge you to remember to keep IC and OOC as separate and healthy for you as the individual player. Be reasonable with your own limits. We will already be pushing them with our plots, NPCs, and Storylines. Always communicate with the Changeling Team if you need to resolve a story or plot point that is hitting too close to home.
    • Once Upon A TimeThe Stories you were Raised on didn’t happen the way you were told. This is a story of messed fairy tales. From Snow White to the Phantom Of The Opera, these stories are all open for you to play in. However, none of the stories actually ended the way in the tales you’ve heard, and in most cases had less than happy endings. Arcadia in this Chronicle is very much a varied mess of courts from every story you have ever heard or want to tell… your story can fit in our setting and we are willing to work with you to make sure we are cooperatively sharing this story and expanding on your personal plots. 
    • This is YOUR story: You (collectively) are the main characters here, we give you situations to be amazing or brought low, but the actions and driving force of the plot is all in your hands. While we do not forbid PvP, our plot will encourage PvE and players to work together to share plot, actions, and story in order to accomplish cooperative goals and meta-plot progression. Our NPCs can be socially maneuvered, killed, and outwitted all depending on player actions.