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WtF House Rules

House Rules


  • Our venue follows the EN House Rules located on that page.
  • Negotiations with spirits will not be a solely social thing, we will be utilizing the Social Maneuvering rules on pg. 163 of the Werewolf book, as it states there “This roll need not be a Social roll.”


  • Packs can only be made up of Werewolves, Wolfbloods, and Mortals.
    They can be just werewolves, just wolf blood, some mix of the two with or without mortals.
    • Mortal-only packs are possible but must be formed in-game as it’s a rare thing.


  • Banned Tells
    • The Tell Exciting is banned.

Tension Pool

  • We will be utilizing a modified version of the Tension Pool on page 291 of the Werewolf the Forsaken 2e book.
  • Markdown on the character sheets a box for the Tension pool. Tension ranges from 1-10, and starts equal to (10 – Willpower), but the player and Storyteller should discuss raising or lowering it by a point or two depending on the character’s personality. Any time a character experiences a heightened sense of arousal or stress, she runs the risk of increasing her Tension pool. The Storyteller makes the player an offer. The player can add a point to his character’s Tension pool and take a Beat, or else suffer a Condition.
    • If the player accepts the Beat and the Tension, he adds one to his character’s Tension pool. The Storyteller then rolls the Tension pool, contested by the character’s Resolve + Composure. If the Storyteller rolls more successes, she should ask if the player stands behind the decision in her note. Depending on his choice, the scene should probably fade to black, skipping ahead to the aftermath of the Change. (See Putting it on the Line, below, for more ideas on how to handle Death Rage and blackouts on page 292.)
    • If the player refuses the Tension, the Storyteller selects a Condition that seems fitting to the situation and applies it to the character, to be resolved normally per the Condition. Broken, Embarrassing Secret, Shaken, Swooning, or Guilty can all fit depending on the circumstances.
  • This will allow us to know when a mortal character might become a wolf blood or experience their first change into a werewolf, when a wolf blood might first change into a werewolf, or when a wolf blood might gain a new tell.

Changes to the Rules As Written (RAW)