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Welcome to EN 3.0


Welcome to Eternal Noire 3.0. Whether you’re a new player or a veteran player we are excited to have you as part of our community for our third chronicle. To help get you familiar with the website changes we wrote this guide for easy reference. These are essentially “patch notes” for our chronicle changes that we hope are helpful to find out what’s new. As always, if you have any feedback or questions please reach out to any member of staff.


Game Type Change

For the duration of the EN 3.0 Chronicle, we will be hosting venues as separate games happening in separate locations. This means that each venue will be independent from the other venues and crossover between games will only happen if arranged between the Storyteller teams. Venue Teams are in charge of their venues and players can have 1 PC per venue.

Policy Changes

There have been wording changes to all our policies and a cleaning up of organization of them. Please see our Site Policies pages for our most up-to-date version of these changes.

Tech Updates

It’s not just the website that is new and shiny, there are some great improvements to the quality of life and ease of process on EN 3.0 thanks to our very hard-working Tech Wizard Team. 

Chat Changes & Updates

  • Dark & Light Mode Updates
  • In-Character Room Tags
    • The tags will have the venue initials in front of them. 
      • Example: [VtR] The Elysium
  • New Badges:
    • Profile Badges
      • For Players:
        • EN LGBTQ+ Pride Badge
        • Excellent Community Member
        • Ko-Fi Supporter/Donator Badge
        • 1.0 Veteran
        • 2.0 Veteran
        • 3.0 Player
        • Venue-Specific Badges
      • For Staff:
        • Storyteller Badge
        • Venue Badge
    • Room Badges
      • Venue Specific Badges
      • OOC Badge
  • New Features:
    • Image Moderation (SightEngine) : Auto Remove Images that contain Partial Nudity, Explicit Nudity, Weapons, Alcohol, Drugs, Offensive Signs, Graphic Violence & Gore
    • Friends List
    • Blocked Users List
    • Option to send email notifications for private messages and friend requests.
    • Localize the period (AM/PM) in a timestamp (Language Manager)
    • Notifications – Option to Push Notifications
    • UI Improvement
    • Bug Fixes

Discord Community Server [New]

We are happy to announce that we have a new Discord Community Server. Please keep in mind we view the discord server as an extension of our website and thus it falls under our Site Policies in general. We also have added a new site policy page specific to our discord rules, please make sure to read that page here before you join the discord server. 

If you do join our discord server, we have happily linked scene announcements from our calendar to the scene alerts channel in our discord server so you can stay up to date on when a new scene is posted to the calendar.

Forum & Wiki Login Bridge

We are excited to announce we have bridged our wiki and forum login. All Forum accounts should log in to the wiki directly now. Old wiki accounts have been removed with this update, so please use the same login credentials that you use on the forums to log into the wiki. 

Player's Guide Updates

Our Knowledge Base for rules and game information has been massively overhauled and there are several new articles available on our Player’s Guide

Ticketing System [New]

We are currently in the process of adding a new Ticketing System. The Ticketing System has a $110/annual subscription, and we could use some help paying for this, so if you’re interested in helping with that, please donate to our Ko-Fi page

Website Changes & Plugins

We have a new Website Theme that we have adapted as well as some changes to optimize loading on EN. We’ve also reorganized the website to fit the needs of the 3.0 chronicles. Most of the website pages, menus, and links have been updated. Please explore these pages to familiarize yourself with the updates and navigation on our website. 

Make sure to check out the Our Staff Profile page to get to know your new staff team, which is 15 people currently at the launch of 3.0 and we are hiring for all current venues as well as potential new ones. Check out the new Joining Staff & New Venues Guide Article for more details. 

The front page also contains our most recent news post, a Recent Changes area where it’s easy to see what guide articles have been updated recently, and a widget for our new discord community. The other social icons are down in the footer of the website.

Wiki Skin & Other Changes

We have changed wiki skins from Pivot to Citizenwiki. There are some User Interface advantages to this new skin including a built-in Light & Dark mode as well as the ability for users to adjust the font using the tools function.

As a note, some old coding from pivot may not work automatically on Citizenwiki and may require some adapting. Please reach out to Sehanine if you need help.