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VtR House Rules

General House Rules



  • MCIs: Due to our plot, we will not be accepting custom PC made MCIs at this time. If the plot changes through story, we will update and remove this House Rule.
  • Kindred in Seattle find their Beasts restless and more easily agitated. There is no real explanation but some Kindred blame it on a sense of impending danger.
    • MECHANIC: All frenzy rolls suffer -1 to the rolls. Kindred who do not spend their Daysleep in their Haven instead take -2 to their frenzy rolls.


  • Mekhet (Mnemosyne) creates ‘Blood Records’ that can be found that give information, and an XP break on some purchases.


  • We will be tracking Boons/Favors owed for Social Maneuvering purposes, so please report favors being owed between players to your Storyteller team the same as you would if it was between PC and NPC.

Ghoul NPC Retainers

  • On page VTR 2e page 101, RAW outlines how to create an NPC Ghoul retainer using the Retainer Merit. However, EN uses Geist Retainer Rules. Therefore, we will use the Retainer Rules from Geist, but with dots added dots of disciplines as outlined on this page
    • Rules Updated: “Ghoul servants use a slightly altered version of the Retainer Merit from GtS 2e page 88. By definition, ghoul servants are inherently more competent than their mortal counterparts. Use the Retainer rules to create a ghoul servant, but add a dot of the regnant’s Disciplines for a one- or two-dot Retainer, a second dot for a three- or four-dot Retainer, and a third dot for a five-dot Retainer.”

Starting Vitae, Hunting & Feeding

  • Unless called for by the Storyteller or being used in health recovery or for plot purposes, Vitae consumption and maintenance is the player’s responsibility. 
  • We will be using the Starting Vitae rules on page 95 of Vampire the Requiem 2nd edition to minimize how much tracking is required, and certain merits add to these feeding roles.
    • This means regular feeding rolls or tracking via your thread are not typically required. This is meant to keep bookkeeping minimal for players and STs alike. 
    • Change from Rules-As-Written: You may “prepare” for a scene by rolling for starting Vitae and making a feeding roll using the Suggested Feeding Modifiers on page 96 of Vampire the Requiem 2nd edition. 
      • Please note that some merits add to feeding rolls rather than starting vitae rolls. You may add these bonuses if you opt to start the scene with a feeding roll or record preparation in your thread.
      • Merits like Herd that do not require a roll can be added to your Starting Vitae roll up to the amount allowed by the merit. 
  • Ghouls will start each scene with 1 vitae unless given blood by a PC Regnant or other kindred. 
    • Ghouls who purchase Mentor (Regnant) may use their dots in Mentor when calculating starting vitae. You may have the starting 1 Vitae and add  1 Vitae Dot per dot invested in Merit: Mentor (Reganant). This total may not exceed your stamina.
    • Example: Pie Ghoul has 3 Dots in Mentor (Daeva Drug Lord), Pie Ghoul may start each week with 4 Vitae. 

The Coil of Zirnitra

  • Characters may only take Mortal-Only Supernatural Merits from Chronicles of Darkness 2e Core Book. All other Supernatural Merits will be examined as a case-by-case basis. 
    • Storytellers reserve the right to say no to any merit/powers at any time per the Rules-As-Written: “It’s worth noting that this can cause unintended complications for a chronicle. Not every human Supernatural Merit will work well within a Vampire chronicle. Use firm discretion, and discuss each given purchase with your Storyteller.” (SotC page 200)
  • Grafting Unholy Flesh: Only one graft at a time will be allowed. You may change it out, following the same procedures as the first. Sanctity of Merits will apply.

Willpower Recovery

  • Rules As Written (RAW) vampires do not recover willpower for sleeping. On EN, we will be allowing willpower recovery automated once per day with the assumption that your character did something that day with Mask or Dirge to earn the willpower point. Players may assume their character regains up to 1 WP per night automatically like a mortal might.