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VtR Custom Devotions

Custom Devotions

Below are the current custom devotions available for our EN 3.0 Vampire game, if you would like to submit your own please see our policy on it.

Divine Step (Spiritus Sancti ••••)

Divine Step (Spiritus Sancti ••••)

Credit: thenightmarechild


The Mystikoi unbind themselves, allowing them to physically step across into the realm of spirits and other spiritual beings.

Cost: 1 Willpower

Dice Pool: Presence + Occult + Spiritus Sancti – Gauntlet Strength

Action: Instant
Duration: Instant

If the power is successful the Mystikoi enters Twilight with all that entails at the end of their next turn. The manifestation of this power can vary from use to use but typically it seems as if reality or mist is folding over the Kindred. They can interact with Twilight beings and objects but can be perceived likewise.


This Devotion cost 2 Experiences to learn.