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Tension Pool FAQ

Tension Pool FAQ

What is the Tension Pool?

  • It is an ooc mechanic to represent the stress that potential blooded and werewolves go through. In our game, it is also an ooc mechanic to represent the stress that mortals and blooded are put under while being around werewolves, their antagonists, and spiritual matters.
  • Anytime a character experiences a heightened sense of arousal or stress, she runs the risk of increasing her tension pool.
  • OOC: There is a SL reason for why this is in place and why there are so many blooded/Forsaken that Luna is forcing.

What causes Tension?

  • This is by no means an exhaustive list, but between the book and our team we feel that the following are good examples of gaining Tension.
    • Any event that would cause a player to spend a Willpower Point either to boost his roll or as a cost.
    • Heavy physical encounters like combat (but not sparring unless willpower is spent).
    • Calling someone out for unfair behavior.
    • Seeing something dead with a face.
    • Seeing a werewolf change forms.
    • Witnessing a pack or wolf rite
    • Witnessing a gift
    • Any experience with Spirits.

What happens if I gain Tension?

  • When a point is added to the Tension Pool the ST rolls the pool and the player rolls their Resolve + Composure
  • If the ST gets more successes they ask the player if they stand by their decision.
    • If the player says yes, the ST will ask if they want a first change or if they would prefer to become/remain a wolf blooded.
      • If they want a first change, the ST will then Fade to Black for the actual first rage and then will describe the aftermath with input from the player on how they’d like their first change to go.
      • If they choose to become or remain a wolfblood, the ST will work with the player to pick a Tell that fits the situation.
    • If they refuse the Tension, then the ST will select a condition that fits the situation.
      • A mortal player may refuse the tension up to 5 total times before they must choose to either become a blooded or a werewolf.