Storytelling vs. GueSTing

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Storytelling vs. GueSTing

STing on EN

ST stands for Story Teller. The ST runs a sessions or scene with players, similar to a Dungeon Master (DM) or Game Master (GM) in other role playing games.

On Eternal Noire, we do not ever allow our staff members to have advantages over our players. Therefore, STs are held to the same limitations and caps that players are limited to. Thus, there are only two perks to being on staff:  
  1. 2 XP is auto awarded every month on top of Auto XP, if the staff member meets their monthly requirements.
    1. The Monthly Requirements for STs:
      1. Must run 2 scheduled and 1 drop in scene MINIMUM per month.
      2. Must check threads once per week and keep up with communication between staff in the Staff Discord Server and with their players via the Forums.
    2. This XP may be divided between characters ONLY if one character would otherwise hit cap.
  2. Lessened Requirements on Justifications for XP Spending.

Guest STing on EN

GueSTs, or Guest STs, are players who have permission to run small minor storylines, plots, and personal storylines in the venues they have been approved for. They are basically Players who may be an ST for designated approved stories and plots.

You apply using the staff application. If you’re not sure you’d have a lot of time to be a full ST, being a Guest ST may be beneficial to you, as you run on your own schedule.  

You earn beats for a character of your choice, by running scenes and extra beats for a large participation of players in your stories. It also allows staff to see your ability to story tell which may help you get on the team if you’d like to join staff later on.

There are a few restrictions that they need to follow:

  1. You must follow the same Code of Conduct, and other policies as the ST team does, including adhering strictly to our Conflict of Interest Policy.
  2. You may run for a venue in which you are currently playing in, but your PC may not benefit from the plot.
  3. You must get staff approval for your plots ahead of time, but after the plots are approved you can run them in as many scenes as you want, on your own schedule.
  4. You must submit scene reports and scene logs after every scene.
  5. You must follow all the house rules and mechanics that are on Eternal Noire.