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ST “Gift Box”

ST Reward "Gift Box"

So you have your chance to get that mentor that you want, but you aren’t sure about that Mentor merit or the steep 5xp cost that comes with your awesome mentor. What about those allies but they might be leaving town in a month? How about that artifact on loan from the occultist shop? That is where the Gift Box comes in.

What is the ST “Gift Box”?

The gift box allows for players to take “loans” out for most social merits, artifacts, fetishes, and whatever merits deemed appropriate by the ST, that were earned in a ST-ran scene. These rewards can be allotted by the STs for work done in scenes they run up to a maximum of 10xp on your sheet. They are to help reward players for participating in plot and driving story.

Your Covenant leader gave you a checking account with 10 million dollars? Resources 5 can go into gift box until you purchase it with xp or until she takes it away or even decides for whatever reason you hate having resources. However, if you already have 10xp worth of stuff in your gift box and the ally NPC pack gives you something else, you can choose to either spend your XP to purchase something in the gift box (without additional justification needed).

This is a two-way street though, if you get Resources 5 from that Sire and you decide to buy military grade equipment and have the FBI at your doorstep, she will change the account entirely and get rid of your access to it and you will lose that gift box reward.

Creation & Setting Ties

At Character Creation, Your Venue-Team would like to reward players who take the time to read our setting write-up and NPCs presented to you and work these things into your character. This means that at character creation, a player can “use” up to 3xp of their giftbox xp to tie into the setting with merits that they normally wouldn’t have invested in. 

These merits can be: 

  • Allies (NPC, Setting City-Based)
  • Alternate Identity (in Setting City)
  • Contacts (NPC Group, Setting City-Based)
  • Fame 1 (Setting City-based Fame)
  • Language
  • Mentor (Setting NPC)
  • Multilingual
  • Safeplace (In Setting City)
  • Staff (business related to Setting City)

Venue Teams can offer additional merits specific to their plot and setting ties in their character creation rules. All Giftbox approvals are subject to approval during sanctioning, so keep an open mind and have a discussion with your Storytellers to see what would work best for what you have in mind to tie into their setting. Pitch a suggestion to your team, and they will in turn also make suggestions if they see opportunities for you. 

This is an optional reward, players who don’t tie to the setting won’t have the gift box open to them until after sanctioning.