Social Maneuvering

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Social Maneuvering

Player v. Player Social Maneuvering

This is more of a rule’s clarification, rather than a house rule, as it is to clarify what is already in the books and how we will be implementing it on Eternal Noire.  


We will be using the rules that are located in the core Chronicles of Darkness book (p. 81-84) in regards to any social rolls being made upon fellow players. The suggested rule in Vampire the Requiem 2e (Page 173) is NOT IN USE on EN. These rules are simplified and reiterated here for your convenience, but please make sure to read the entire sections referenced here in this clarification. 


Social Maneuvering (Social “Combat”)

From Chronicles of Darkness, Page 81 

“Social maneuvering is a system for applying persuasion and social pressure over time. Social actions within this system may be direct or subtle, complex or simple. For example, your character may shout at another and demand he gets out of the way, or your character may subtly offer clues suggesting someone needs to vote for her. It is not always possible to get someone to do what you want. For instance, no amount of social maneuvering is going to convince the chief of police in a large city to hold a press conference and admit to murder, even if the player has a dice pool impressive enough to make it happen. This system is designed to allow characters to manipulate or convince other characters to perform favors or undertake actions, but it does raise the question: Is one character dictating another’s actions, and how much of that should be allowed in a roleplaying game? Or, put a different way, can one character seduce another with this system? 

Under a strict read of the rules, yes. The goal is “get that character to sleep with my character,” the number of Doors is decided as explained below, and impressions and other factors play into the final result. This is not too different from how seduction and other, less carnal, forms of persuasion actually work — the persuader tries to make the offer as enticing as possible.” 


How-To Social Combat

This is a quick reference. Full details in Chronicles of Darkness (Page 81-84)

  1. Set Goals (Page 81)
  2. Set Doors [Base = lower of Resolve or Composure] (Page 81) 
  3. First Impressions (Page 81) 
    1. Vices 
    2. Soft Leverage 
  4. Open Doors (Page 82) 
    1. Aspirations “If your character presents a clear path and reasoning for how they’ll help a character achieve an Aspiration, remove a Door…If the opportunity presents itself, and your character pulls out of an offer, two Doors close.” 
    2. Failure (dramatic failure to open a Door, target feels betrayed/conned, Impression level reaches hostile and remains so for a week) 
  5. Resolution (Page 82)  Once your character opens the final Door, the subject must act. Storyteller characters abide by the intended goal, and follow through as stated. If you allow players’ characters to be the targets of social maneuvering, resolve this stage as a negotiation with two possible outcomes. The subject chooses to abide by the desired goal, or offer a beneficial alternative. 
    1. Go with the Flow (FOR A BEAT!) “If the character does as requested, and abides by the intended goal, his player takes a Beat (see p. 76).” 
    2. Offer an Alternative “If the subject’s player chooses, he may offer a beneficial alternative, and the initiator’s player can impose a Condition (see p. 75) on his character. This offer exists between players, it does not need to occur within the fiction of the game (though it can). The alternative must be beneficial, and not a twist of intent. The Storyteller adjudicates.” “The initiator’s player chooses a Condition to impose on the subject. It must make sense within the context of the scenario.” 
  6. Other Considerations (Page 83) 
    1. Example of Social Maneuvering 
    2. Forcing Doors 
    3. Hard Leverage  
    4. Influencing Groups (Page 83-84) 

Players can opt to do “down and dirty” (Social roll vs. Res+Comp) social rolls if both players agree. Otherwise, if you want to use Social Maneuvering on a PC, the system provided above is how it will be handled on Eternal Noire 1.0.  

Social Maneuvering Impressions Chart

The impressions chart for Social Maneuvering, this can be found in the Chronicles of Darkness book on pg. 82.