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Custom Tactics

Custom Tactics


Created by LifeWithinYourEyes


In preparation for a hunt there is a lot more a cell needs to consider than just the prey. Protecting their secret vigilante identities and their livelihoods from making it onto YouTube or the local news is almost as important as ensuring that they are prepared to fight the monsters they hunt. This is especially important when being a hunter tends to come with unplanned property damage, gunshots, and other activities that are illegal on top of the illegality of being a vigilante. To protect their identities there are various steps they can take to ensure they don’t need to worry about being passively filmed or recorded by local security cctv, personal ring devices, or spectators phone cameras even.


Requirements: Primary Actor: Computers 2. Secondary Actors: At least 2 in any skill they use, or a merit, endowment or supernatural power that can assist instead. This tactic normally only effects devices that are currently in the area at the time the tactic is performed.


Action: Extended normally, or Instant when in Initiative.


Dice Pools:

Primary Actor: Intelligence + Computers – Safe Place (Shut Down Devices)
Secondary Actors: Wits + Investigation or Streetwise or Computers (1/3 Finding Devices), Dexterity + Larceny (1/3 Sabotaging Devices, or 0/3 if Hacking Devices), Wits + Computers (1/3 Hacking Devices, or 0/3 if Sabotaging Devices), Using a merit or power that can supernaturally interfere with such devices (ND).


Roll Results

Success: The hunters are able to locate and neutralize all surveillance devices in a radius of blocks = Secondary Actors in the tactic when not in combat and in a radius of 15 feet per Secondary Actor of Primary Actor. For example, if there were 3 Secondary Actors and 1 Primary Actor, then if tactic is initiated in combat, it would be equal to 45 feet, and out of combat it would be equal to 3 blocks.


Exceptional Success: As the results with a normal success but instead of only effecting devices that are currently in the area, the tactic is performed so well that any new devices being brought into the area would alert the cell to their existence and also make them subject to the tactic for the remainder of the scene.


Failure: The hunters fail to complete the tactic.


Dramatic Failure: Not only have the hunters failed to notice any devices in the area capable of surveillance, but they have alerted any monitored devices to tampering in the location. For example, a public CCTV may alert authorities to tampering, or a private security system may have the active monitoring company alert the owner.