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HtV House Rules

General House Rules


Hunter Status Rules

A Hunter can either be a Tier 2 or a Tier 3 Hunter when it comes to status, a Tier 3 gets access to Endowments while a Tier 2 can retain a Quarter Template.


However, a Tier 2 can buy status in a Single Conspiracy to represent a Part Time connection to that Conspiracy, likewise a Tier 3 can do the same but with a Single Compact. Both are limited by their dots of Status in their Primary Organization. They can purchase up to half their dots in their primary status, rounded up for the secondary.

Tier 3 Hunters

Super Natural Tolerance

For Tier 3 Hunters, their Conspiracy Stat is their Supernatural Tolerance stat, as such, they cannot purchase Supernatural Resistance, but they instead get it baseline with their Conspiracy Stat

Hunter's Focus

Hunter’s Focus is a new resource available only to Tier 3 Hunters who are members of a hunter conspiracy. Only those who can fully dedicate their all to the cause, who can take their own life and burn it down for the sake of the Vigil, who hold a candle against the endless dark gain the force of will necessary to achieve a Hunter’s Focus.

System: Tier 3 Hunters gain Hunter’s Focus. This trait has a rating much like health or willpower. A Hunter has points of Focus equal to their Resolve + (Conspiracy Stat). Points of Hunter’s Focus are restored to full at the conclusion of a Chapter. They can also regain a point when a Hunter Risks Willpower. Hunter’s Focus may be used in a few ways – the first and most notable is that it is required for some Endowments, or to enhance them. The second use is to spend a point to gain a single Social merit for use in one scene – this could be used to gain Resources for a single purchase, or Allies or Contacts for assistance from an NPC. 

If an Endowment requires a point of Hunter’s Focus, it will be listed in the Cost. If an Endowment can be enhanced by spending Focus, the effect will have it listed under Enhanced.

All Endowments have a dot rating of 1 to 5. Purchasing a new Endowment provides the power as normal, and increases the rating by 1, to the maximum rating of 5.



For the Status Merit please use the Chronicles of Darkness (CoD 54) Drawback for it, NOT the one in Hunter the Vigil.


All of the following Skinthief Merits only need to be purchased once to be used across all Skin’s the thief steals.

  • Animal Speech
  • Bare Necessities
  • Renewable Skins
  • Resilient Form
  • Strong Instincts
  • Quick Change
  • Twisted Tongue

Professional Training

The first dot can grant 2 dots of Contacts OR if the character wouldn’t have strong contacts because they are newer to the area, the character can instead get Area of Expertise and Interdisciplinary Specialty.