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HtV Experience Rules

Gaining Experience

Players will earn 2 XP a month in Auto XP as long as they are active and not de-sanctioned. After Auto-XP, players have a range of XP they can earn through Earning Beats until they hit Cap.

Earning Beats

Players may gain experience through the beat system by gaining beats. On average a ST-Ran scene should award somewhere between 3 to 8 beats per ST-Ran scene. Players can earn beats in excess of this range though with any of the items below.

Beats (Rules-As-Written)

As mentioned in Hunter the Vigil 2e page 72

“You gain Beats when one of the following occurs:

  • Fufill Aspiration: Your character fulfills an Aspiration, take a Beat. Replace the Aspiration at the end of the session.
  • Session Beat: At the end of a game session, take a Beat.
  • Resolve a Condition: Once per scene, when resolving a Condition, take a Beat.
  • Some Conditions: Some Conditions provide Beats for actions other than resolution.
  • Voluntary Dramatic Failures: Any time you fail a roll, you may opt to make it a dramatic failure and take a Beat.
    • This doesn’t apply to rolls on which you risked Willpower (p. 135).
  • Surrender: If your character surrenders during a fight, take a Beat.
  • Risking Willpower: If you succeed on a roll that risks Willpower (not including Tactics, p. 154), take a Beat.
  • Damage in Last 3 Health Boxes: If your character takes damage in one of her three rightmost Health boxes, take a Beat.
  • Risk a Breaking Point: Any time your character risks a breaking point (p. 79).
  • Plot/Story Progression: If your Storyteller deems it appropriate following a major or dramatic event.

You can only receive one Beat from each of these criteria per scene.”


Additional Beats on EN

We have a Guide for Earning Beats on EN. Please refer to this Guide for more details on how Beats can be earned on our site. This includes other custom beats such as:

  • New Friend Beats
  • Excellent Community Member Beats
  • Beats for Submitting Custom Content that becomes Approved
  • and more!

If you have questions on how to earn beats, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Floor Experience

Floor Experience will go up bimonthly to keep the floor and cap within reasonable limits for players to catch up. Players who start at any point of the game will have the ability to earn experience to have them at the same experience range as players who start their characters at the beginning of the chronicle. We never want players to feel it’s “too late” to join our venue.

This means that every scene will be tailored for this XP range of the venue. It’s the player’s responsibility to spend their XP, so don’t forget to spend the experience you earn or you may feel behind when it comes to participating in scenes. 

Death Experience

We use the Eternal Noire Death Experience Rules found on this page

Experience Schedule

The below table is meant to help visualize our XP schedule for the chronicle. It lists our XP Floor and Caps out by month so that you know what to expect. If you have any questions please reach out.

MonthDateFloor (Inc. Base)Auto XPXP Cap
Month 112/1/202325235
Month 21/1/202425240
Month 32/1/202430245
Month 43/1/202430250
Month 54/1/202440255
Month 65/1/202440260
Month 76/1/202450265
Month 87/1/202450270
Month 98/1/202460275
Month 109/1/202460280
Month 1110/1/202470285
Month 1211/1/202470290
Month 1312/1/202480295
Month 141/1/2025802100
Month 152/1/2025902105
Month 163/1/2025902110
Month 174/1/20251002115
Month 185/1/20251002120
Month 196/1/20251102125
Month 207/1/20251102130
Month 218/1/20251202135
Month 229/1/20251202140
Month 2310/1/20251502150