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HtV Custom Merits

Hunter Custom Merits

The following are custom merits for EN 3.0’s Hunter venue. If you would like to submit your own please see our policy and guide on how to do that.

General Merits

Well Endowed (•••)

Well Endowed (•••)

Custom content created by LifeWithinYourEyes.

Prerequisites: Striking Looks

Description: Your character knows how to use their best assets for their advantage.

Effect: As long as your character is in motion, and your Striking Looks tag would apply, you can make a contested social roll with another target. If you win, you may inflict the distracted condition.

Style Merits

Dervish (Style • to •••••)

Dervish (Style • to •••••)

Custom content created by Nomad.

Prerequisites: Dexterity •••, Athletics •• or Expression ••

Style Tags: Brawl, Flexible, Light Melee, Movement (Agile), Psychic


Effect: Most people in knockdown and drag-out fights are focused primarily on standing and hitting their opponent as few times as they can before they fall down… For you, a battle is an art form, a beautiful dance between you and your partners (who must have at least 1 dot in this style), that keeps your opponents guessing on where you’ll strike from at any given moment and eventually adding your own supernatural flair.  You can only use one movement per turn.


Dance Partner (•): At this level, you’ve only begun to learn the intricacies of the battle dance.  At the beginning of combat, you may designate someone as your dance partner.  When you and your partner focus on one opponent, treat that opponent as prone when planning your combat pools.

Whirling Defenses (••): While working with your partner in tandem, it’s difficult to pinpoint you for assault.  Opponents attacking you or your partner do not reduce your defense pools.  In addition, you can spend a WP to increase your partner’s defense by 2.

Flourish (•••): With a flourishing dance, your character distracts an opponent for a cleaner, more effective follow-up strike.  For example, if Flourishing with a two damage weapon with three successes, the attack causes no damage, however, your next attack ignores five points of Defense and causes three extra points of damage.  Alternatively, you can provide a ‘dance partner’ with an opening; causing their next attack to ignore defense.

Staccato (••••): Perfectly in tune with your partner now, you two don’t seem to split your attacks, much to the chagrin of your opponents.  At this point, you may use the higher of the initiative between you and your dance partner if attacking the same opponent, with the innate propensity for dual striking, your attacks gain Armor Piercing 2.  Alternatively, you may give up your own strike so that your partner ignores mundane armor for the next attack.

Two Bodies, One Mind (•••••): You have reached a point with your dance partner that most people don’t know is possible between two people.  During the scene where you are both active, you both benefit from each other’s supernatural merits.  Allowing you to activate your partner’s abilities using your own Willpower.  If your partner lacks a supernatural ability, they may instead use two movements of this style per turn.

Reverse Grip (Style • to ••••)

Reverse Grip (Style • to ••••)

Custom content created by Capybara.


Prerequisites: Dexterity •••, Strength •••, Athletics ••, Weaponry ••• 

Style Tags: Light Melee, Tactical (Adaptive)

Effect: Some swordsmen scoff at this sort of technique. Saying it’s too showy, it lacks the same power that you have with a proper grip. Talking about so many other issues with it. They look at only the weaknesses, but not the strengths the strange grip can provide. It has its weaknesses, but it also has plenty of strengths.

Flexible Defense (•): While wielding a blade, you can easily shift your grip to the surprise of your opponents.  While this weakens your offense, opponents find that it makes it much more difficult to land a steady blow.  You may lower your Weapon’s Damage by 1, in exchange for +2 Defense for a turn.

Guiding Blow (••): Using an unexpected approach takes other combatants off guard, letting you ensure your strikes find unusual openings in your opponent’s Defense.  Through a series of false and showy moves, you find a flaw in your opponent, which either you or an ally can capitalize on.  Instead of dealing damage on this action, your successes instead lower their defense for the next incoming attack.

Power Strike (•••): Those who master this style, know when to use the reverse grip, and when to alter their attack pattern to something more serious.  Sometimes you have to sacrifice finesse for power.  This technique cannot be used with Flexible Defense, as you grip your weapon with both hands, sacrificing your own safety for a heavy-handed blow.  Spend 1 WP and reduce your defense by up to your weapon’s Damage Rating, gain the same in bonus damage on your next strike.

Flurry of Steel (••••): Like a boxer’s assault, your blade dances out like a bladed wind.  Brutalizing and carving through your opponent with a multitude of hits. This technique is exhaustive, as you are pushing your body to move faster and hit harder without any recovery time.  It can only be used safely once per combat, any further attempts come with a heavy toll. This technique grants you a +5 to your next attack, however the user takes a -1 penalty to all physical actions for the rest of the scene. This penalty goes to a -3 upon this technique’s second use in the scene, and goes to a -5 upon third use, and so on.

Total Cover (•••••): While wielding a blade, a master of this style gains a bonus to defense equal to their Weaponry or Athletics, whichever is lower.  Their Defense now applies to Bows and Crossbows at any range, as long as they are aware of the incoming attack.

Sporting Chance (Style • to ••••)

Sporting Chance (Style • to ••••)

Custom content created by Nomad.


Prerequisites: Resolve •••, Integrity <7 Firearms •••, Survival •••

Style Tags: Pistol, Rifle, Tactical (Hunter)

Effect:  You are adept at hunting the most dangerous game, Man.  This applies equally to the various creatures that take the shape of mankind, they all seem to react the same to stimuli, the same weaknesses when it comes to how their bodies are formed and move, and the instinct to survive that often forces them to take options that are far too obvious not to be traps, at least within your mind’s eye.

The Most Dangerous Game (•): Mankind has always been a resourceful lot, quick to adapt to a situation or find an advantage that might help them turn the table on their predators.  Unfortunately for them, you are not only like them, but you’re also better.  While hunting someone who ‘looks’ human you may reduce the penalty of Called Shots or the penalty granted by Cover, by dots in this merit.

Now, Now, That’d be Cheating (••): So many evolutionary paths of mankind, each of them developing wild adaptations and methods to avoid their own demise.  You don’t play these kinds of games.  Spend a Willpower, When you do, you may lower the defense of your target by your dots in this style.  This specifically works on those adaptations that nullify a Firearm’s ability to ignore Defense.  If this would cause a Clash of Wills, you would use your Resolve + Firearms.

I Don’t Need a Spotter (•••): It’s been said that you perceive things more swiftly, that’s not true, you simply predict how your prey moves.  You’ve learned through years of experience how to lead your targets so that you can draw a line on them far swifter than your peers.  Every turn you spend Aiming gives you two dice towards your Aim maximum.

This is a Gentleperson’s Sport (••••): All too often, your prey tries to run away, or fight in some sort of uncouth way that is simply inappropriate.  Since you are simply better than them, rather than call out this sort of disruptive behavior, you assist them by removing the potential.  When causing the Arm Wrack or Leg Wrack Tilts while hunting, you may treat the target’s Stamina as three dots lower.

Supernatural Merit Styles

Blink (Supernatural Fighting Style • – ••••)

Custom content created by Nomad.


Prerequisites: Resolve •••, Apportation •••••, Sojourner •••

Style Tags: Agile, Erratic, Concealed


Effect: Most of the time, Apporters travel great distances focusing on greater and greater jumps, with this style?  You turn your ability to make longer jumps into a more rapid-fire staccato in an extremely localized area.  Apporting repeatedly within a radius of one to two meters during combat.


Now You See Me •: Ambush is the name of the game, it’s so much easier when the typical methods of tracking you are fundamentally useless.  Surprise is your best friend, at the start of combat, your opponents must make a reflexive Perception roll, vs your Reflexive Resolve+Occult.  If they do not beat your successes, for the first round of combat you may lower their defense by 2.


Now You Don’t ••: It’s not true invisibility, however, given that your movements don’t follow any sort of logical sense?  You are capable of rolling stealth while in combat and while observed as an instant action.  There’s a -2 Penalty to your pool due to your opponent’s combat vigilance.  Attacking after this stealth maneuver will have your attack count as a surprise attack.


Can’t Keep Up? •••: Your ability to fold the personal space around you has gotten to the level where it’s instinctive.  You may use the higher of your Wits or Dex for your Defense.

Friction Burn ••••: At this stage, of their development, the apporter has clearly reached a level where rapid-fire teleportation could cause some damage if they weren’t already inured to it.  However, physics dictates that energy is never truly destroyed.  You are fully aware of this energy and how to apply it to your assault should you need to.  Spend a Willpower before you attack after an apportation if you do, increase your weapon damage by half occult rounded up (Maximum 3)

Charmed Combatant (Supernatural Fighting Style • - ••••)

Charmed Combatant (Supernatural Fighting Style • – ••••)

Custom content created by Nomad.

Prerequisites: Resolve •••, Damned Lucky •

Style Tags: Agile, Redirection


Fortune’s Favor •: Fortune favors the bold, or so the saying goes, and the Fortunate are nothing if not brash in the face of certain death.  At this base level, their luck factors into guiding their defense.  Take a -1 to Offensive Actions to use the Higher of Wits or Dex for Defense Rating*


Glancing Blow ••:  The chance to strike a lasting blow on one of the Blessed is rare, whether through surprising items used as armor or sudden cover, opponents’ blows rarely seem to find their true mark.  Lower your Defense by 2 Points for the round, if you do, you may reduce the amount of damage your opponents can do to you by the same amount.  


Displaced Fortune •••: Luck is more than just your own talent, it’s all about situational awareness, whether or not you are actively aware or subconsciously riding the waves of it, doesn’t matter.  Once per turn, when you beat an attack by dodging, your opponent must reroll the attack against another opponent of your choosing.

Divine Kismet ••••: You are so in tune with your source of grace that you are able to shrug off the most grievous of conditions.  Though using this ability is not something you may do frequently, it definitely puts you on tier with Miss Fortune herself.  Once per Combat, you may act as though you have the Charmed Condition (MtA 2E p 315)

Supernatural (Quarter) Template Merits

Dreamer Merits

Mission Directive (•)

Mission Directive (•)

Custom content created by LifeWithinYourEyes.
Prerequisites: Subliminal Conditioning, The Treatment, Professional Training 2+

Effect: The dreamer’s body has been optimized by the treatment with little regard for the health of the dreamer. When activating The Treatment, a dreamer may choose to temporarily move one of their Asset Skills to the skill being bolstered by The Treatment. This lasts for the duration of The Treatment.

Drawback: If a Dreamer utilizes this ability, at the end of the Treatment they take an additional 1 Lethal Damage.

Lost Boy (Neverlander) Merits

Basic Augments

Augmented Dexterity (•• or ••••)

Augmented Dexterity (•• or ••••)

Custom content created by Nomad. Prerequisites: Protocol at an equal level Effect: At Two dots this grants a +1 to Dexterity, at Four dots it grants a +2. This affects all derived traits. This can take your character above her normal Attribute limits. Deprived: You may use your Dexterity for calculating Defense, and retain your Defense vs Firearms
Ghost in the Machine (•• or ••••) 

Ghost in the Machine (•• or ••••) 

Custom content created by Trish.


Prerequisites: Protocol at an equal level

Effect: At Two dots this grants a +1 to Wits, at Four dots it grants a +2. This affects all derived traits. This can take your character above her normal Attribute limits.

Deprived: You use your Wits for calculating Defense. If you have Ghost in the Machine and Augmented Dexterity, you can choose the higher of your Dex or Wits to determine defense

Upgrade ( • - ••• )

Upgrade ( • – ••• )

Custom content created by Nomad.

Prerequisites: Protocol at an equal level

Effect: You have a favored tool in your arsenal, when you first purchase this select a piece of equipment, which cannot be armor.  When using this tool, you gain the 9-again quality to all rolls using it.  Each dot in this merit can be used to apply bonuses or reduce penalties built into the equipment (Initiative Penalties, Equipment Tags, et cetera.)

Deprived: While deprived your equipment draws on your potency, gaining the 8-again quality to all rolls and you may use it to channel other touch effects such as from Pulse Generator.

Wired Reflexes (•• or ••••) 

Wired Reflexes (•• or ••••) 

Custom content created by Nomad. 


Prerequisites: Protocol at Matching level

Effect: This augmentation increases the speed at which the Lostboy’s body responds to threats of danger utilizing the user’s own subconscious reflexes to jerk them out of the way. At Two dots; this translates to a +1 Defense, At Four; boost the Defense by 2 instead.

Deprived: Retain your Defense vs. Surprise Attacks

Upgraded Augments

Advanced Targeting Protocol  (•• or ••••)

Advanced Targeting Protocol  (•• or ••••)

Custom content created by Nomad.

Prerequisite: Protocol at Rating and Uncanny Perception

Not every augmented individual goes full bore into being built for brutality in an up close and personal way.  Some are infiltrators and there are even a few snipers that rely less on their aggression and more on their precision and finesse.  This particular branch typically goes well with Recon and Espionage-designed Neverlanders.

Effect:  At each purchased level of this augment the Neverlander may reduce the time it takes to perform the aim action.  At two dots; the time to aim for total bonuses is reduced to two rounds; at four dots, a total aim bonus is achieved in one round of aiming.  (Still requiring you to fire on the *second* round.)

Deprived:  Take a Lethal your attention to detail and precision allows you to find the chinks in anything that might provide a hardier surface in your targets.  Reduce the armor of your target by Half Rating before taking applying damage, from your own shots only.

Reinforced Structure (•••)

Reinforced Structure (•••)

Custom content created by Nomad.

Prerequisite: Protocol at Rating and Augmented Resilience

Some Neverlanders eschew external tools in their time to Hunt, better not to rely on anything in case one of their prey manages to catch them unawares.  To this end, all of their natural strike points are laced with tungsten or some other high-density material while their shock absorbers are provided with a more efficient system to limit their self-destructive impacts.

Effect: Once this protocol is installed a Neverlander uses lethal force unless they purposefully intend not to.  All strikes from natural weaponry; Hands, Elbows, Knees, Feet even their foreheads do Lethal Damage, This includes strikes modified or presented by Fighting Styles as appropriate.

Deprived:As the Neverlander runs hot these reinforcements push the limits of their softer exteriors, straining the flesh slightly; take a lethal, for the rest of the scene your natural strikes (listed above) do an additional damage (+1L) and gain Armor Piercing 2

Transport Interface Adaptation (•••)

Transport Interface Adaptation (•••)

Custom content created by Nomad. 

Prerequisites: Protocol at the rating and Implanted Interface

Neverlanders are frequently faster than the average mortal, but in comparison to supernaturals, their speed is limited.  For those who find themselves chasing after more mobile targets or those who simply prefer their augments to be more fyborgian than the cyborg, this augment allows the Neverlander to properly interface with their vehicle.

Effect:  Interfacing with your Vehicle gives a number of benefits; 

  • Gaining a Defense (Determined by the lower of Dex or Wits + Drive though other augments may adjust this)
  • The benefits of the Parkour Style now apply to Driving – Reduced Environmental Penalties, Wall Ride, and Reflexive Roll – Treating your Drive Rating as a rating in Parkour to access them.
  • Your Vehicle gains the [High Acceleration] If it didn’t already have it.

Note: If your personal Equipment from your Upgrade merit is a vehicle, add 10-speed and adjust the Maneuverability bonus by 2 for Free.

Deprived: Take a Lethal, for the scene your vehicle doesn’t require a fuel source, you win ties in chases and you gain exceptional success on acceleration at 3 successes.

Universal Translator (•••)

Universal Translator (•••)

Custom content created by Anonymous Author. 

Prerequisites: Protocol at Rating & Implanted Interface.

Originally a custom upgrade by a Neverlander Hacker based out of Miami, this translation algorithm built into Neverlander’s neural net is more software than hardware.

Effects:  Through a comprehensive database of languages combined with an advanced translation algorithm, the Universal Translator Protocol allows a user to understand and speak any language known to man (effectively granting the benefits of Multilingual to all Human languages.)  It does not, however, enable the use of Spirit Speech, High Speech, or any other language of supernatural origin.

Deprived: You gain the effective use of the Language Merit, instead of Multilingual, allowing you to read and write all human languages, fluently.