How To: Make a Wiki Page

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How To: Make a Wiki Page

Making a Player Wiki Page:

Credit for this article submitted by a player; MoonKitten.

  1. You go to the wiki here >
  2. At the top on the right hand side is a little box, click that.
  3. There should be an option for signing in/creating an account, create a wiki account by using the same name you use on the EN forums.
  4. Once you have an account you can make a copy of the venue Wiki Template. Copies of them can be found on the Forums here. (If the link does not take you to the post, Click on Technical Discussion, it is the first topic in the list, Wiki PC Templates.) Or on each Venue’s PC List on the wiki. You can copy it to a google doc, or note pad.
  5. Below are links to each venue’s wiki template:
    • Beast
    • Changeling
    • Deviant
    • Hunter
    • Vampire
    • Mortal
      • Once on the template page, click the button ‘Actions’ in the top right.
      • Then click ‘View Source’ on the menu that pops up.
        • This will take you to the page with the wiki source code.
          • Click anywhere in the white box with the code in it. (Don’t worry you won’t mess it up or anything like that.)
          • Then ctrl+a to select it all, and then ctrl+c to copy it.
  6. Fill in the copy you have made, the template tells you what you need to fill in on it, and if you have any questions you can always ask in chat.
  7. Once it is filled out, you can create a page, by typing in your character name in the search bar on the left hand side. For example, Brittany Spears. And then it will bring you to a page for the search results.
  8. There will be a ‘Create the page “Brittany Spears” on this wiki. The name would be your character name, of course. Click the text of the name. It will take you to a blank page.
  9. In that blank page, you would copy/paste the template you filled out there. And then save it. You can also use the preview button to see how the wiki will look, before you save it, too!
  10. You should now have a wiki page! Yay!
  11. To upload photos, you use the link ‘Upload File’ that is in the Tools menu on the left hand side of the page on the wiki.