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House Rules

House Rule #1

Eternal Noire will not make any house rules unless…

  • A clarification is needed for a rule that is vague or coming into question often
  • A power or rules balance is needed to ensure a fair game
  • A rule enriches the setting, story, or fun on Eternal Noire.
  • This rule is here to protect the integrity of the books and system as a whole.

Adding New Rules

Any Rule or System changes made during the course of the game will be posted to the players for constructive feedback, after the staff has their own discussion and BEFORE a new rule is implemented. A finalized rule that has gone through this feedback process will then be announced officially when it is implemented into play.

General House Rules


  • Scene: 1 scene
  • Session: 1 day
  • Chapter: 1 week
  • Story: 1 month
  • Chronicle: Game length in entirety

Custom Items/Powers

Any custom created items or powers must be submitted to your Venue ST Team for approval by your character thread. You MUST receive approval before you can use the item in any IC scene, or you would be breaking our Code of Conduct.


  • Striking Looks: The bonus to dice rolls does NOT count towards the maximum allowed equipment bonus (+5).
  • Fighting Style – Light Weapons: These maneuvers may only be used with one-handed weapons with a BASE (meaning unmodified by tinkering or magic) damage rating of two or less.