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Downtime Actions

Down Time Action System & You

Your Character Thread on EN is where your character’s sheet lives, the place you submit requests for experience spends, and write bluebooks to explore your PC’s development. But your thread also serves another important purpose towards participating in the chronicle’s story, that being the place you submit your character’s Downtime Actions. Whether you would like your character to follow up on the events of a scene they took part in, or pursuing plot threads found through IC interactions, these fall under the umbrella of Downtime Actions.


For EN 3.0 we are using a Flat System for how many of these kinds of actions you may take at any given time. What this means is that players will be able to submit 2 actions per PC per week in their threads, with possible access to a 3rd action if the player cites an appropriate Merit (per ST discretion). For the purposes of this system a week counts as starting on Sunday.


Please Note: Listing multiple actions as one action doesn’t count as one action.

Example Action) I want to go to this location and investigate for clues. Then I want to check the internet for buzz about this location. Additionally I want to speak to a bunch of people regarding this.

  • This example post contains at least 3 actions.
    1. Go to the Location & Investigate for Clues
    2. Check the Internet for Buzz about the Location.
    3. Speak to a bunch of people regarding the information found.