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CtL House Rules

General House Rules

In general, we follow the rules in the book. You will not likely see a long list of house rules, and this is by design! One area that does need some ruling though is our time shenanigans.


Time Shards

Shards are explained in more detailed on our Setting page.

  • There are four stable shards in San Francisco.
    • Players are welcome to rp freely in these shards. 
    • There are numerous, less stable shards, but these are accessible only in ST-run scenes.
  • All shards reset on the 1st of the month (mostly for ST sanity). That said, time doesn’t necessarily flow at the same pace in a shard, or even in a new loop of the same shard. A month in the present could be a few days in a shard, or a year, etc.
  • Shards are fixed points in time. Changing something in a shard has no bearing on the present, and all changes reset when the loop does.
  • Players who stay during a stable shard reboot either wake up at the beginning of the new loop or find themselves in the Hedge – no harm no foul. Players who stay during an unstable shard reboot will find themselves in interesting times.
  • Any object brought into a shard is subject to the same rules as a person.
  • Being taken by the Gentry in a shard is the same as being taken outside one; try to avoid this!
  • The shards only span the city borders, occasionally they might creep into the surrounding areas, but there’s no going to 1960s LA.