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CtL Custom Conditions

Custom Conditions

Here is a list of our current Custom Conditions for our 3.0 Changeling game. Please submit any via character thread post-sanctioning, and please check out our Custom Content policy.

Host of Xenia (Persistent)

Host of Xenia (Persistent)

Credit: Miirili

Your character ate Xenia seeds, and now the seeds feed off their breath and blood; unless the seeds find a more suitable place to sprout, your character will die exactly one year after gaining this Condition. Symptoms are subtle—fatigue, air hunger, low body temperature—until the seeds sense danger. Whenever your character fails a Stamina-based roll, the plants’ roots dig in, restricting breathing: in the early stages (first six months), your character wheezes and coughs, suffering a -2 on physical actions until your character succeeds on a Stamina + Resolve roll or spends one turn to catch their breath; in the late stages (last 6 months), your character coughs up blood (and shrubbery) and suffers a -4 on physical actions until they succeed a Stamina + Resolve roll or spend one minute to catch their breath.


When your character is dying (during the last week of this Condition’s duration or whenever more than half of their health boxes are filled with Aggravated damage), they must roll Resolve + Composure; failure compels them to withdraw to a dark corner of the Hedge or Arcadia. Upon death, the Xenia shrub bursts forth from their body. The only way to avoid this grisly fate is to find more ideal grounds (someplace dark and home to Hedge ghosts) for the seeds to sprout, then convince the seeds it is safe; this process entails sleeping in the chosen spot every night for one week without receiving damage (to Health nor Clarity) or being attacked (physically nor in dreams) while sleeping. Once the seeds are convinced, they will sprout harmlessly outside your character’s body.

Source: Eating Xenia seeds.

Resolution: The seeds sprout, one way or another.

Beat: Fail a Stamina-based roll and suffer the consequences, as above.