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Character Creation

Step One: Choose a Venue

PC SLOTS: At this time, you may have one character per venue on Eternal Noire. 

We currently are offering FIVE independent venues with their own Settings.

In addition, Mortals are also being accepted in all venues.

In the future, we may add more venues depending on book availability and expanding our Story Telling team! If you’re interested in seeing a venue we don’t currently have in play, please feel free to apply for staff!

Step Two: Obtain a Character Sheet

  1. Click one of the following links to access the appropriate character sheet. 
  2. To make a sheet, copy the sheet into your own Drive account so you can edit it. 
  3. To fill in the dots, simply type a ‘.’ in the box and it will automatically fill it. 
  4. See the ‘Help’ tab for other options such as changing the dot color to reflect free dots, etc.

Step Three: Creation & House Rules

On Eternal Noire we are using Chronicles of Darkness (nWoD 2e) for our setting, with the following exceptions: 

Otherwise, we will be using the basic creation rules located in the core Chronicles of Darkness pages 24-60. Each venue will be using their basic creation rules in their respective books, but to summarize: 

  1. Name & Concept 
  2. Anchors: Vice/Virtue (or equivalent, if any)
  3. Attributes: 5/4/3 
  4. Skills: 11/7/4 
  5. Specialties:
  6. Merits: 10 (even for mortals)
  7. Starting Integrity: 7 (or appropriate level for your character type)

Step 4: Add your Template

Once you have a basic sheet ready, you’ll need to add your template. Each venue has its own creation-specific rules, so you’ll have to check their creation sections below.

Step Five: Add Bonus XP 

At Chronicle opening, we are offering 15 Bonus Starting XP that you may spend in any way that complies with each venue’s creation rules. This is to help flesh out your PC so that you can give it more of an individualistic feel. 

Additionally, we allow up to 3 starting XP in the ST Giftbox. Please reference the ST-Giftbox Rules here for more information. 

You may also have additional bonus experience or additional floor experience based on venue experience rules. check the Venue Experience Pages for more information.

Step Six: Background & Questionnaire

Writing a background can feel a bit daunting, especially when you don’t know what to expect from the staff. At Eternal Noire, we want to encourage PCs to be as creative and thorough with their backgrounds as possible. We encourage tie-ins to the setting, and our Story Telling staff will read your background thoroughly no matter if it’s a bullet list, or a well written short story to set your PC up for how they ended up in the here and now of sanctioning. We don’t expect a ton of justification, but if you have any outliers on your sheet in terms of very high or very low dots, it’s a good chance to explain how that happened to our team here. 

Sanctioning is a conversation. Our Staff is here to help you make your creative ideas work within the game and setting we have prepared. 

OUR PROMISE: WE WILL READ YOUR HISTORY, and we will USE the story hooks and ties you give us. 

What we Require from Backgrounds: 

  • Questionnaire Answers 
    • These are personalized for each venue, and they’re usually short questions that the STs will be looking for to assist in the sanctioning process.  
    • Check the individual Creation Pages for your venue for more information. 
    • These are the MINIMUM requirements to help flesh out your characters. 
  • Character History: A Bullet Pointed List, or short story/novella about your PC.  It can be as long or as short as needed to describe your character’s history to your Storyteller team.
    • Required Content Warning – We understand that many people use roleplay to explore events in their lives they may have or may not have experienced themselves. Certain topics, can be upsetting to others not prepared to be reminded of them, especially for Trauma Survivors. For this reason, use of these sensitive topics in your character background/history is allowed but limited as follows:
      • The following topics must be warned about in a “content warning” at the top of your character history.
        • Abuse, Self-Harm, Sexual Assault, Rape, Suicide
      • Per our Code of Conduct, there is to be no detailed descriptions of rape/sexual assualt of any kind in character backgrounds. You may allude to it, and mention it, but it may not in any way be described in any kind of detail. This is considered breaking our Code of Conduct and is PPSable.
      • If you feel these topics are a critical part of your characters background please do keep the discussion of it as brief as possible, one word or phrase ideally, to avoid accidentally finding the line between necessary motivation and description.
  • 3 “Story Hooks” for your character. 
    • These will help the team tie your personal character into the storyline and get you involved in the ongoing plots more quickly. 
    • These also give the story tellers a chance to give you personal story arcs, along with the overarching venue arcs. 
    • These are NOT “Role-play” Hooks, these are PLOT and SETTING hooks. 
    • No more, and no less than 3. 
    • Examples: “New to NYC”  or “Daughter of So-n-So NPC”  
  • End-Game Goal(s) for your character. 
    • These can be IC or OOC goals for your PC.  At least 1, no more than 3. 
    • Anything from “Get to Status 5 Government” or “Find my parent’s killers”, or even “Be Batman”.  
    • These help YOU get a good idea for your Character’s direction and helps the STs know what kind of things to help nudge your towards. 

Step Seven: Make a Character Thread 

Make a new character thread in the appropriate venue’s Awaiting Sanctioning thread.


There is also a helpful article called GUIDE: How To Thread.


Step Eight: Await Sanctioning

Logging on during an ST’s available time is the fastest way to get Sanctioned. Some teams may also prefer to do this via Forum Private Messaging (FPM), especially if there is a scheduling conflict.