Bloodline: Lynx

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Bloodline: Lynx


Credit for this bloodline goes to Baldur.


Clans: Mekhet

Nickname(s): Operators, Spiders, the Chained (among themselves)

Favored Attributes: As with parent clan

Bloodline Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Majesty, Obfuscate

Bloodline Bane (The Disconnected Curse): The Lynx’s attachment to connections is a double-edged sword. While they have an advantage when it comes to groups and networks, they lack the personal ties other Kindred rely on. In addition to the Mekhet bane, a Lynx must always have at least two attached Touchstones. If not, he gains no bonus to detachment rolls.


Distant Relations: The Lynx and Connected seem to share a common bloodline somewhere in their past. As a result the Lynx may purchase dots in the Interface discipline as an out of clan discipline if they have a sponsor from the Connected to teach them. This requires a drink of Vitae each time they wish to increase their dot rating. The Connected on the hand can do the same for Lynx only merits and Devotions paying an additional XP.

Bloodline Merits

Sense Connection (••)

Sense Connection (••)

Prerequisite: Must possess the Dream Vision merit


The Lynx instinctively gains a sense of where someone belongs. When using the Dream Vision merit they automatically know all of the following regardless if their Blood Potency rolls succeed or fail; The targets highest social merit including Herd, strongest Blood Sympathy in the city, highest Social skill and preferred Feeding Grounds.


Lynx may purchase this merit for 1 XP.

Web Of Secrets (••)

Web Of Secrets (••)

Prerequisites: Auspex 2 and Lynx


This merit enhances the Uncanny Perception power by using the Lynx’s innate understanding of connections.

When the vampire asks a question using this power an echo of sort occurs that links a person to the answer. 

For example when asking about “What is this person’s mood” and getting a flash of red indicating anger Web of Secrets might show an image of the Prince explaining that they are the source of that anger.

This merit only reveals such connections and as such not all uses of Uncanny Perception will be enhanced by Web of Secrets.

Ghost In The Machine (•••)

Ghost In The Machine (•••)

Prerequisites: Lynx, or Auspex 4 and Computer 2


The Lynx are a new Bloodline and some don’t even consider them as such. There is some speculation that they’re blood is still fluctuating or unstable and this particular merit might give some credence to that theory.


Those with this merit are able to tap into any networked device they can see such as wi-fi enabled devices or a computer connected to the Internet for example. By spending a willpower and taking an Instant action they may interact with the devices as if they had it in hand. 


They do not have the ability to ignore passwords or other security but their insight grants a bonus to rolls to interact with the device equal to their Blood Potency. This merit continues to function until the end of scene or until the device is no longer in sight

Bloodline Devotions

Strumming The Strings (Auspex •, Majesty •)

Strumming The Strings (Auspex •, Majesty •)


The vampire picks a connection she wants to stir in her victim, either heightening them to a fevered pitch or blunting them until the target is completely desensitized. The Kindred doesn’t create new emotions; she may only amplify or dull emotions already present in the target, either naturally or created through some other power. In this way, a vampire can inflame mild irritation into quivering rage or atrophy true love into casual interest.

 Cost: 1 Vitae

 Dice Pool: Manipulation + Empathy + Majesty vs. Composure + Blood Potency

 Action: Instant

 Failure: Nothing happens.

 Success: A current emotional state is severely dampened or blown out of proportion, inflicting a Condition upon the target as suggested below. The effects are artificial and only last a scene.

 Exceptional Success: The effects last a night.

Possible Conditions:

  • Anger may be turned into Tempted or Spooked.
  • Fear may be turned into Scarred or Inspired.
  • Disgust may be turned into Fugue or Obsession.
  • Happiness may be turned into Steadfast or Jaded.
  • Desire may be turned into Wanton or Jaded.

This Devotion costs 1 Experience.

Access Denied (Majesty •• and Obfuscate ••)

Access Denied (Majesty •• and Obfuscate ••)

The Lynx denies a target access to a target’s network.

Cost: 2 Vitae
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Subterfuge + Obfuscate vs Composure + BP
Action: Instant. Contested.
Duration: One Night

The Lynx must touch their target. If the power is successful the target suffers failure at every turn when dealing with a chosen network which the Lynx must be aware of. Valid networks include, for example, Allies, Herds, Status groups, subsets of communities, and even the Internet. All rolls the target makes in regards to that network suffer a penalty equal to the Lynx’s Obfuscate and lose the 9 and 8-Again and Rote Quality. 


This devotion costs 2 XP.

Alternate Bloodline: The Neo-Lynx

It’s true. The Lynx are already changing from what their founder created. Perhaps as a result of the world changing so quickly, the Lynx’s own habits and their Beasts or something else at work. 

It’s perhaps understandable and even predictable that this would happen. A Bloodline whose founder was so obsessed with the Internet and the connections of the people using it. It’s a thing that changes so quickly along with the world with the people in it. These days most relationships exist solely in the digital world with their technology. Everywith with their eyes glued to a screen barely looking up.


They aren’t really considered a separate Bloodline, they are too new even by the standards of the Lynx. Instead they are a variation, a quirk, an aberration, an omen of things to come.


These Kindred are fairly similar to their elders but with a few small changes.


Bloodline Bane: Despite being obsessed with connections they take this obsession online just as their founder did. They haunt forums, chat sites, and all the apps. Connected by separate leading them to be disconnected from the people. 


*Use the bane from the Connected

Strumming The Strings (Auspex •, Majesty •)

Befriend Sprite (Majesty 2)


The Neo-Lynx is able to coax and convince a piece  of technology to do their bidding.

Cost: 2 Vitae
Dice Pool: 
Action: Instant. Contested (If held or controlled by someone)


 Any piece of technology they can touch is a valid target for this power. On a successful roll it can be commanded to perform any function it’s normally capable of regardless of passwords and security. 


If they possess the Ghost In The Machine merit they no longer need to touch the device just see it.


If the vampire marks the device with some of their blood they may leave a lingering command that can be activated later in the night allowing it to be triggered. For example, it would be possible to tell a phone to make a call or send a text at a specific time or if it’s user dialed a specific number. The triggered must be some observable phenomena.


Kindred who are not a Lynx may learn this Devotion by adding Auspex 4 to it’s requirements and paying an additional 2 XP.