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Custom Merits

Luxury ( • – •••••)

Created by Nomad


Prerequisites: Resources •••••


Fluff: You are bordering on disgustingly rich, for many people there’s an upper limit on what they can purchase in a month. You have, through diligent investments and knowledge of how others view the power of money, ensured you’ll never want for anything again.


Mechanics:  Due to the sheer level of financial capability you have, you’ve gained some fiscally overwhelming benefits.


  • Gain Social Benefits from Equipment equal to Luxury rating divided by 2 rounded up.  This can go beyond the Equipment max of 5
  • Increasing this Merit increases your disposable Wealth, while you cannot have Resources beyond 5, you can improve your buying power (1 dot increases your unlimited purchases from 3 to 4, 3 dots increases your unlimited purchases from 4 to 5, 5 dots allows you to make one purchase a month beyond your resources rating without effectively lowering your Resources for the month.
  • Once per Session, if you exceptionally succeed on a social maneuvering roll, while using your wealth as an appropriate leverage (proper clothing for situation, bribery, etc) and the defender loses, you immediately open Doors equal to Luxury rating.

Elder’s Mastery (•)

Created by: Dom


Prerequisites: Blood Potency •••• or Elder

Effect: When you purchase this merit select a discipline you possess at five dots. You may purchase an additional dot of that Discipline.

For physical discipline (Celerity, Resilience, Vigor or Praestentia) you gain all relevant Passive effects. You may gain the Active benefits of the Discipline rated at 6 dots by spending an additional Vitae.

Meanwhile, Non-Physical Disciplines gain +1 die and 9-again to any activation rolls for the Discipline or Devotions that have it as a prerequisite; your character may spend an additional Vitae when activating it to increase this benefit to +2 dice and 8-again.