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Custom Bloodlines


Parent Clan: Ventrue
Nicknames: Stalwarts, Children of Midas
Source: Ventrue: Lords Over the Damned, p. 104
Disciplines: Animalism, Dominate, Resilience and Protean
Bloodline Bane: Whenever the Stalwart spends Willpower, they also need to spend Blood, so linked is their body and spirit. Each time the Adrestoi spends a dot of Willpower, they must also spend a point of vitae. This vitae does not serve any game effect – it cannot be used to fuel Disciplines or add dice for Physical Intensity.



Adrestoi Devotions

Bestial Endowment (Animalism ••, Protean •)
When the Adrestoi seeks a beast to be their servant, they rarely let well enough be. Instead, they seek to perfect their servants, to be the ideal tool to them. This devotion allows the Kindred’s vitae to alter the beast – any animal which has fed on the Kindred’s vitae becomes larger and stronger. Increase the animal’s size by one, and add two to the animal’s strength.
This Devotion costs 1 Experience

Aurum ad Sanguinem (Protean •••)
Taking after the bloodline founder’s namesake, this Devotion allows the Adrestoi to transform their very vitae into material wealth. By ritually draining vitae into a mold, the Adrestoi may then transmute the substance into pure gold. Upon spilling the blood, the Kindred rolls Presence + Science + Protean, with a penalty equal to the amount of vitae expended. Success creates an amount of gold equal in Resources to the vitae expended. An exceptional success doubles this amount of gold for a second purchase. A dramatic failure in turn inflicts an aggravated wound as the Kindred’s vitae in their body turns to gold instead.
This Devotion costs 2 Experiences.

In Vitae Veritas (Dominate ••, Resilience ••)

Members Adrestos’ brood are frequently confronted with the blood of other Kindred during the early nights of their Requiem. Those who survive often develop this ability to gain strength from such encounters. By forcing their blood to remember the taste of another, the Kindred gains advantage. By spending a willpower point, the Kindred may roll Stamina + Academics + Dominate penalized by the Blood potency of a Kindred whose blood they have tasted. For the remainder of the scene, the Adrestoi, if successful, adds the victim’s blood potency to all rolls against them.
This Devotion costs 2 Experiences.

Lash The Hound (Animalism •, Dominate ••, Resilience •)

The Stalwart must be King at all times, and a master of others. What good is a subject who loses their composure? Through effort, the Adrestoi may wield his Dominate discipline against a Kindred lost to Frenzy. The Adrestoi may target the frenzied Kindred normally, however, every use of Dominate causes a number of levels of Lethal damage equal to the Frenzied Kindred’s blood potency. This damage may only be reduced with Resilience.
This Devotion costs 2 Experiences.


Parent Clan: Daeva
Sobriquet: Pushers
Source: Bloodlines: The Hidden, p. 20
Bloodline Disciplines: Celerity, Majesty, Vigor and Auspex
Bloodline Bane: When feeding on a target without at least one hit of and opium-based drug in their system, the Anvari receives only one Vitae per two Lethal Damage inflicted on the vessel



Anvari Devotions

Blessed Drowning (Vigor ••, Majesty ••, Celerity ••)
The Pusher provokes a potent overdose on her target capable of killing mortals and severely crippling even a vampire’s ability to properly function, all with a mere touch.
Cost: 2 Vitae
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Medicine + Majesty vs. Stamina + Blood Potency
Action: Contested, resistance is reflexive
Success: Mortals take the vampire’s Blood Potency in lethal damage as their heart and respiratory system fail them. Vampires and surviving mortals also receive a penalty to their dice pools equal to the Anvari’s Stamina. Exceptional Success: The Anvari feeds on the power of her Beast over another drug-addled victim. She regains one willpower.
This Devotion costs 3 Experiences.


Fragrance of the Hal Gil (Auspex ••)
The Anvari survive from drinking of those who are addicted to substances. Their most basic Devotion allows them to feel the ebb and flow of vice in his vicinity. By spending 1 Willpower an Anvari can detect drugs as if they were vitae to other vampires, and he can do so at a range of 30 yards from him, even if they are within someone’s system. Using this power may provoke a Clash of Wills if the Obfuscated creature has drugs in her system.
This Devotion costs 1 Experience.

Inflict the Empty Soul (Majesty ••, Vigor ••)

This power allows an Anvari to instantly strip himself or another of the effects of an addictive substance, including blood addiction and the Vinculum. The Anvari must be able to see the subject with the naked eye to use this power.
This Devotion costs 2 Experiences.


Crave the Caress (Majesty •••)
This power stimulates a powerful desire in the subject for a hit of a specific substance — usually a narcotic, but not necessarily — as chosen by the Anvari. Nothing more than a gaze in person is necessary to inflict this desire.
Cost: 1 Vitae
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Subterfuge + Majesty vs. Composure + Blood Potency
Action: Contested; resistance is reflexive
Success: The target loses a number of dice in all actions equal to the overlapping successes obtained by the Anvari for a number of turns equal to the Pusher’s Blood Potency. Exceptional Success: The target becomes afflicted by the Tasked Condition until she experiments the substance in question.
This Devotion costs 2 Experiences.


Parent Clan/Covenant: Gangrel
Sobriquet: Rabble
Source: Requiem 1e, p. 235
Bloodline Disciplines: Majesty, Protean, Resilience and Vigor
Bloodline Bane: The Bruja are ever hungry, and always walking a fine line of losing control. Penalties from Hunger and Starvation apply to all actions, not just frenzy resistance. Additionally, Bruja may never control or direct a Hunger Frenzy.


Bruja Devotions

Curbstomp (Vigor ••)
Bruja understand that armor alone can’t protect you. A Bruja with this Devotion adds an active power to their Vigor Discipline allowing them to spend 1 Vitae to ignore any and all mundane armor an opponent is wearing for an attack.
This Devotion costs 1 Experience.


Ironclad Motherfucker (Resilience •••)
The Bruja are stronger together. By spending 1 vitae a Rabble may roll to resist any mind-influencing supernatural power for anyone in her gang, even if she doesn’t realize one is being used, as the Beast moves to protect the pack.
This Devotion costs 2 Experiences.


Feed the Hog (Vigor ••, Resilience ••)
A Bruja’s ride is their kin. With this Devotion, the Bruja can mix their vitae into the fuel tank, effectively ghouling their vehicle. For as long as that fuel lasts the vehicle doubles its top and safe speeds, and adds the Bruja’s Resilience to its Structure (allowing it to survive the gruesome pressures of traveling at those speeds). A minimum of 3 points of Vitae must be mixed into a full tank of fuel, and the tank cannot be refilled until it is completely empty.
This Devotion costs 2 Experience.

Blood-Soaked Leather (Vigor • OR Resilience •)

Bruja have to be able to protect their own. This Devotion allows a Bruja to bestow their awesome physical might unto their human ghouls and thralls. By coating their own leather biker jackets in their Vitae, they can grant the use of either their Vigor or Resilience (or both, if both versions of the Devotion are learned and paid for) to a ghoul or thrall for a scene. The Bruja must spend at least 1 Vitae on coating the leather jacket, but may spend more, and the recipient of the leather jacket may spend that Vitae to use the active effects of the Discipline imparted. The Bruja must also be the one that puts the jacket on the subject in a pseudo-ceremonial moment. The Bruja loses access to the Discipline during the scene in which the recipient wears the jacket.
This Devotion costs 1 Experience, and can be bought twice to represent Vigor and Resilience.


Created by: Capybara


Parent Clan: Daeva

Nicknames: Fairest Ones, Golden Apples

Disciplines: Majesty, Vigor, Celerity, Protean

Bloodline Bane: Vanity of Narcisse – Given the opportunity to look at oneself in a mirror, those of this line /must/ spend a point of willpower or look at themself, represented by taking the Insensate tilt.


For some beauty is only natural, for others, it’s simply an aspect of life, or rather unlife to attain mastery over. Those of this line have found the keys to beauty, even in the face of true sight, they still retain that radiant perfection. Living up to the name of the one who was set to claim Circe’s golden apple, instead of the apple, those in this line have learned how to become the Fairest Ones.


It’s origins start with those in the Crone, followers of Circe, a goddess of knowledge, having a deep understanding of alchemy and magic, and a goddess known for female empowerment. Using the powers of Cruac to create the bloodline, it’s original members of the line believed their newfound powers to be gifts from their Patron.



Touch of Beauty (Majesty 2, Protean 2)

As part of the characters ritual in waking up and getting ready for the evening, they may spend 1 Vitae and 1 Willpower and gain the effects of Striking Looks 2 for the evening. Or if they have Striking Looks 2 already they instead gain 8-again on social rolls.

This devotion costs 2 experience to purchase


Mirror, Mirror (Majesty 2, Protean 3)

By spending 1 vitae, the character may drastically alter their appearance, even going as far as changing their sex. They can make themself look like anyone they have seen, or make themself look like someone totally new. This power doesn’t alone give any bonuses to impersonate someone, aside from looking like the person they are trying to impersonate. The vampire can buy Alternate Identity for their new forms and their new forms can even fool other vampires.

This devotion costs 2 experience to purchase


Fury of Hades (Protean 4, Vigor 2, Majesty 4)

In a burst of wrathful energy, the Calliste take the form of a terrifying Fury, giving themself an unnatural combat form. They gain a bonus equal to their Majesty dots that they can spend between their Strength, Stamina, Dexterity and Size.While in this form, they also gain Rote action on all Intimidation rolls. You also gain the effects of Wings and Horrid Talons when taking this form. Using this form is always a Masquerade Breach if seen by Mortals, as it’s a clearly supernatural event. This form takes four vitae to assume, and is an instant action.

This devotion costs 5 experience to purchase

Childer of the Morrigan

Parent Clan: Gangrel
Nicknames: Morrigans, Stormcrows
Source: Circle of the Crone, p. 172 [Note: Due to changes in the origins of the Circle of the Crone in Vampire the Requiem Second Edition, the origins of the Stormcrows have changed accordingly; so far as any in the Circle know, Mairead ‘Mother Maggie” Daly is the founder of the line.]
Bloodline Disciplines: Animalism, Protean, Resilience and Vigor
Bloodline Bane: Whenever a Stormcrow’s permanent Blood Potency changes, she loses attachment to all her Touchstones. These are not permanently lost, but remain unattached until the Stormcrow successfully defends her attachment (Vampire: The Requiem p. 88). Upon waking each night, the Stormcrow must make a Humanity roll for each unattached Touchstone; On a success there is no effect, but on a failure the Storyteller replaces the Touchstone with a new attached Touchstone of their choosing.



Childer of the Morrigan Devotions

Badhb Catha’s Talons (Protean ••••)
This Devotion turns a Stormcrow’s Horrid Claws into blackened, gnarled instruments of sacrifice. Whenever she strikes a vampire, her foe bleeds one vitae, and then blends another point the next turn. The spilled blood may be used for Crúac if a sorcerer is performing in the vicinity, and for as long as she bleeds, the victim suffers from the Distracted condition as the underworld calls to her.
This Devotion costs 2 Experiences.

Her Sister’s Keeper (Resilience ••)
In times of great duress a Stormcrow cannot be everywhere. The vampire spends one vitae to anoint the forehead of a target; when the one so marked is attacked, the Stormcrow may make herself the target of the attack, even if the Stormcrow isn’t physically present at the location of the attack. The Stormcrow may activate Resilience as normal to mitigate the blow, but the phantasmal damage ignores any mundane armor.
This Devotion costs 1 Experience.

Cloak of Nemain (Vigor •••)
The Morrigan Requiem is an eternal crucible, and in agony there is enlightenment. This wisdom feeds her tortured body, allowing a Stormcrow to reap the suffering she wreaks. The vampire spends two vitae and immediately falls into frenzy (although she may attempt to ride the wave); for the remainder of the scene any blood shed by her claws – one point per lethal damage dealt to living creatures, and one point per vitae lost by Kindred she assaults with the Badhb Catha’s Talons devotion active – may be ‘spent’ reflexively to heal the vampire’s wounds or to fuel Physical Intensity, as if this vitae had been spent from her own reserves. This does not count against her limits per turn.
This Devotion costs 2 Experiences.

The Cockscomb Society

Parent Clan: Nosferatu
Nicknames: Gents/Gals
Source: Nosferatu: The Beast That Haunts The Blood, p. 106
Bloodline Disciplines: Nightmare, Obfuscate, Vigor, Majesty
Bloodline Bane: Members of the Cockscomb are far less human than they pretend; they do not possess a Mask, and any effect which relies on their absent Mask substitutes their Dirge in its place



Cockscomb Society Devotions

Unflappable Monster (Nightmare ••, Majesty ••)
It would be gauche to allow the influences of other Kindred to impact them! Whenever a Cockscomb Kindred Lashes Out against another Kindred’s Dread Presence, or Awe, add the Cockscomb Kindred’s dots in the respective discipline (Majesty for Awe, Nightmare for Dread Presence) to the roll.
This Devotion costs 2 Experiences.

Tea with the Devil (Obfuscate •••, Vigor ••)

Bloodline legend states that their founder was shocked into pursuing his humanity after an encounter with his beast over cups of blood. While this remains unsubstantiated, members of the Bloodline often describe gaining wisdom from socializing with their own Beast. Once this Devotion is purchased, the Kindred’s own Beast counts as apermanently-attached Touchstone attached at Humanity 1. However, the Kindred’s Humanity is permanently capped at 5 dots.
This Devotion costs 5 Experiences.

Inner Circle (Majesty ••, Obfuscate ••)

Born in some of the most elite circles of society, all Cockscomb Gents and Ladies consider these rarefied heights their birthright. If a Gent feeds on someone who possesses the Status or Mystery Cult Initiation merits, they may blend in to the group; the Kindred spends a number of Vitae equal to the dots they wish to fake, up to the amount possessed by that vessel, and roll Manipulation + Socialize + Obfuscate – the rating of the merit being copied. For a number of nights equal to the successes rolled, the Kinded is considered to have the relevant merit. Those who naturally possess the merit at a lower than the Kindred’s fake dots automatically accept them as a part of the group, those of an equal or higher level may make a clash of wills with their relevant Status or Mystery Cult Initiation dots plus their Supernatural Tolerance. A vampire may only borrow a given merit from an individual once – if they wish to prolong their stay, they must feed on another.
This Devotion costs 2 Experiences.

Ennui (Nightmare ••)

Despite their obsession with their Humanity, members of the Cockscomb Society are easily bored and occasionally indulge in desperate and degenerate acts in an effort to entertain themselves. With this Devotion, any time a member of the Bloodline causes a Breaking Point in another person (vampire or otherwise) or suffers one themselves, they gain an additional beat and regain a point of Willpower.
This Devotion costs 1 Experience.


Parent Clan: Nosferatu
Sobriquet: Pretties
Source: Bloodlines: The Legendary, p. 51
Bloodline Disciplines: Nightmare, Obfuscate, Potency, Majesty
Bloodline Bane: Once per week the Galloi must use the Taurobolium Devotion on themselves and they must spend vitae equal to their Blood Potency. They must still bathe once every 7 days, even if they spend more than 7 vitae on the bath. Failure to bathe results in the Pretty’s beauty inverting – they lose 10-again on appearance-based social rolls and gain the Madness condition, due to the stress of losing their beauty, until the night after their next bath.



Galloi Devotions

Taurobolium (Majesty ••, Nightmare •)
The Galloi bathes the subject in a mixture of vitae, perfumes, exotic herbs and spices, and purified water. The bather, which can be the Pretty themselves, bathes in the mixture for an hour, spending as much time submerged as possible – coming up for air is permissible but the majority of the bath must be spent submerged. Once the character emerges from the bath, they must let the mixture dry on their skin before washing it off. Once the mixture has been cleaned away, the bather takes on a stunningly beautiful, if unsettling, countenance. The target gains the benefits of either the Air of Menace merit or the two-dot version of the Striking Looks merit, chosen when the ritual is started. If the character already possesses the benefit, you receive 9-again on top of the benefit. The benefits from the bath last a number of nights equal to the vitae spent.
An advanced version of this Devotion exists, requiring requires Majesty ••••, Nightmare •••• and both Air of Menace and Striking Looks ••, and gives the rote quality on the benefit of these merits as well.
This Devotion costs 2 experiences, the advanced version costs 4 experiences


Transgression of Attis (Obfuscate ••, Vigor ••, Majesty ••, Nightmare ••)
Beyond simple appearance of youth and androgyny, this most potent of the Galloi’s gifts allows them to actually alter the primary and secondary sex characteristics of a subject. By submerging an adult in a mixture of the Galloi’s vitae equal to the target’s Size+1, the Galloi may bring about this change. An extended roll of Wits + Occult + Majesty (unwilling victims may resist with Resolve + Supernatural Tolerance). Each roll represents one minute, and a number of successes equal to the target’s Stamina must be achieved. As the target must remain submerged in vitae, it is possible for them to drown before the ritual is completed, and the risk of swallowing the vitae of the Galloi is not insignificant.
When the ritual is complete, successful or not, the vitae becomes inert non-typed human blood. If successful, the subject takes on the primary and secondary sex characteristics of the Galloi’s choice for a number of weeks equal to the Galloi’s Blood Potency. Should the Galloi wish, they may sacrifice a permanent dot of Willpower to make this change permanent.
This Devotion costs 4 Experiences.


Enliven the Flesh (Majesty ••, Obfuscate ••)
This bathing ritual reverts a mortal’s physical age and appearance. By bathing a mortal in a mixture of vitae and oils (at least a two vitae must be expended), and rolling Presence + Medicine + Majesty (contested with Stamina + Supernatural Tolerance if the subject is unwilling) the Galloi may effectively remove 5 years of physical age per success, down to a minimum age of eighteen. This effect lasts for one month per dot of Blood Potency the Galloi possesses, and may be made permanent if the Galloi spends a DOT of Willpower. At the end of the duration, the subject reverts to their natural age and also takes an immediate level of Bashing damage for every five years they have ever had restored through this devotion. As a perk, for the first night of the ritual, their newfound youth grants a +1 modifier on all Physical and Social rolls.
This Devotion costs 2 Experiences.


Beautiful Curse (Majesty ••, Nightmare ••)
A Galloi’s ghoul is a thing of beauty, but that beauty is never natural. Once purchased, the effects of this Devotion are permanent. Any ghoul fed vitae by the Pretty gains the Nosferatu Bane (utilizing their Integrity Score in lieu of Humanity), but also is a distraction. All mortals in the company of the Ghoul subtract a die from all Wits and Composure based rolls. This effect is cumulative for multiple ghouls, up to -5.


Mark of Obscurity (Obfuscate •••)
Unusual for the Galloi, this Devotion makes one less noticeable. By marking a target with vitae (one point), which is absorbed mystically, and rolling Manipulation + Stealth + Obfuscate, the target becomes unseen in recordings and reflections until the next sunrise.
This Devotion costs 1 Experience.


Scale: Blessing of the Captive Eye
Prerequisite: The Warm Face (Ascendant 2)

One bane that often gets overlooked is the curse of Lost Visage. While many see this as a boon, the ego of the Pretties chafe at this limitation.

Procedure: The Pretty drinks from a mortal, taking 1 vitae in the process. They then anoint or bathe the mortal in their own blood, spending a number of vitae, up to their Blood Potency.

Outcome: The Galloi transfers the Lost Visage to the mortal for a number of nights equal to the vitae spent. The mortal suffers from the Spooked condition for the duration of this transfer and the Broken condition thereafter. A mortal cannot be the target of this scale until they resolve the Broken condition, and multiple uses are hard on a mortal’s Integrity.


A bloodline original founded on the principles and philosophy of enlightenment that has gone down dark and twisted paths to achieve their goals and power.



Though the history of alchemy is thousands of years old the origin of this bloodline begins several centuries ago in an area that is now Austria close to the border of Germany. Spanning several mortal family and fairly expansive Kindred Dynasty the family fell into infamy after the rise of the Nazi party and the family (and it’s Kindred members) affiliations to the Reich.


The family survives to this night as one of prominence with a dirty past with its main bastions of power in Central Europe and spreading around those borders.


The Founding Vampire

There is some debate as to who actually began the bloodline. Some insist that it began over a thousand years ago in the distant East by a philosopher vampire studying internal alchemy and seeking enlightenment through this study. This origin is derided and discouraged by more modern members of the bloodline stating that their noble blood is firmly rooted in their current homeland (and thus fear that some foreign vampire is responsible for their existence). 

Modern Geheim points to  Lord Lothair von Habsburg, the oldest known member of the Bloodline who insists his Sire was the founder. 


Possibly as a result of their blood, power or their Requiem most Geheim tend to be lazy, hedonistic gluttons. However from time to time some members become obsessed with achieving and searching for something greater to themselves and insist the use of their Blood Alchemy in some way changes them on a fundamental level perhaps pointing to the more heretical bloodline origin.


In The Danse

As a relatively small bloodline it’s rare for a domain to have more than one Alchemist claiming it as home outside of Europe. In and around their homelands they act as landlords, scholars and councillors in the courts of the undead. In further lands the members must be more adaptable and have taken far ranging roles by acting as fixers and occult consultants as some of their more common roles


In The Covenants

The Dilettantes tend to thrive in the Ordo Dracul who appreciate their occult and scientific focus even as they dismiss the bloodline’s particular brand of alchemy as an oddity and ‘neat’ trick. A dead end as far as advancing the Great Work is concerned at any rate.


Among the Invictus they feel at home in their orderly hierarchy of power. Many Invictus however tend to notice that the members of the bloodline squander their powers and opportunities it provides.


Some Geheim join the Lancea et Sanctum or Circles of the Crone for reasons such as the search for greater power but more rarely in search of something greater than themselves.


Members of the Bloodlines rarely join the Carthian Movement for many reasons but usually because of their more chaotic and unstable nature. Carthian Movements that move to more communists or autocratic politics are more likely to attract a member.


Requirements: Joining the Bloodline requires a basic understanding of alchemy both scientifically and magically but more importantly it requires infiltrating the nepotistic and somewhat insular family of the Geheim.

Parent Clan: Ventrue

Nickname(s): Dilettantes, The Alchemists or derogatively The Hedonists

Bloodline Gift: Members of the Bloodline gain the Distinguished Palette merit upon joining the Bloodline as well as access to Blut Alchemy discipline.

Bloodline Bane: The Hedonist’s Curse

Members of this Bloodline are more susceptible to Vitae Addiction, perhaps as a result of their experimentations with their blood. They suffer a -1 penalty to rolls to resist Vitae Addiction and suffer an additional -2 to resist Frenzies related to hunger if they are hungry

Disciplines: Auspex, Blut Alchemy, Dominate, Resilience


Blut Alchemy

Literally meaning Blood Alchemy, the power of the Geheim is a unique one. Stemming from their founder’s obsession with alchemy. It grants them the power to transform objects and blood. The beliefs of alchemists throughout the world paralleled each other in their search for the true nature of the divine and the soul by studying creation. In some ways that tradition continues in modern science as mortals search for answers to all of life and existence questions.


For the typical Geheim that isn’t true. They might say they are philosophers but they revel in the power their blood gives them and frequently are tempted to explore easier and darker avenues to power it grants them.


Whatever their pursuit their blood carries with it this innate understanding of the properties of matter and the Blood.


Blut Alchemy is a unique Bloodline Discipline with its own set of powers and Devotions.


Deconstruction (Blut Alchemy 1)

The most basic power available to the Geheim might also be their most important. It forms the base of their philosophy and understanding. With it they break down an object and explore its nature down to its most basic and fundamental form. It becomes a part of the Dilettantes forever.

When provided with a sample of a substance, no matter how complex, the Blut Alchemist can break it down to its base parts to better understand its composition. The sample is destroyed in the process but the Kindred can determine all sorts of information regarding the sample.

Cost: 1 Vitae

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Science + Blut Alchemy


Action: Instant. This power requires an hour of work and basic equipment


The sample collapses into a pile of ash, sludge or inert blood regardless if the power succeeds or fails.



Dramatic Failure: Not only does the character fail they also lose half their remaining vitae

Failure: The character fails.

Success: The Geheim can ask one question per success related to the nature of the sample. (See below for examples)

Dramatic Success: The Storyteller may provide information that was unasked for but is pertinent.


Sample Questions:

Where was this created?

How long ago was this created?

Do I know who this sample came from (and who if they do)?

What is the sample’s purity and what are its impurities?

Who last handled this object?

*They can ask follow up questions to previous questions, not requiring the Geheim to determine their questions before getting an answer.


Possible Modifiers:

Fresh or pure sample +1 to 3

Ample quantity of sample +1

The sample is blood +2

Appropriate Library +1 to +3

Laboratory +1 to +5

Damaged, tainted or tiny quantity of sample −1 to −3

Strange or unique (Such as a sample of ephemera or a magical object) −1 to −5

When using Fabricate  – (Sample’s Durability)


Recreate (Blut Alchemy 2)

Having internalised the nature of an object and it’s substance a Geheim eventually can recreate it using the nature of his blood.


The Blut Alchemist can create any substance or object that they have successfully used the Deconstruct discipline on in the past by using Vitae to fuel the process and create the matter. This process can only create one substance at a time and so you couldn’t make a complex object like a gun or a computer but could create a blade or baseball bat.

This power cannot recreate the magical properties of an item, it can recreate a given vampires Vitae however but it costs a willpower to do so. Objects created in this fashion are usually destroyed at sunrise.


Cost: 2 Vitae. +1 WP (When creating Vitae or making an object permanent)

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Craft + Blut Alchemy

Action: Instant. This power requires an hour of work and basic equipment


Dramatic Failure: Not only does the character fail they also lose half their remaining vitae

Failure: The character fails to create the object and waste their Vitae.

Success: The object is created and can be made permanent by spending one Willpower

Exceptional Success: The Geheim creates a superior quality item. It’s Availability, Durability and equipment bonus is increased by one. The object created can be made permanent without the need to spend Willpower.


Possible Modifiers:

Simple or Uniform Substance (such as water, gold or diamonds) +2

Appropriate Library +1 to +3

Laboratory +1 to +5

Quality/Rarity  – (Objects Availability)

The object has strange or unique properties (such as it being radioactive) -1 to -5

Vampiric Vitae  – (Vampire’s Blood Potency)

Large object -1 per Size above 5 (Maximum of Size 12)


Internal Athanor (Blut Alchemy 3)

The philosophers of the Geheim Bloodline eventually turn their search inwards applying what they’ve learned to themselves.


Having successfully analyzed a sample of their own vitae, spilled since the last sunset, with Deconstruct, the character may perform a series of rituals and meditations to increase the potency of their own blood.


Cost: 1 Vitae and 1 WP


Dice Pool: Intelligence + Occult + Blut Alchemy

Action: Instant, but the procedure requires an hour of work and access to basic equipment.


They gain all the benefits and drawbacks of their increased Blood Potency, however since this power never lasts more than a month it doesn’t not affect torpor length in most circumstances. Recalculate the Geheims torpor once this power ends. A character can only be under the effects of one instance of this power at a time. Attempting to use this power while already under its effects fails. A character can never have a blood potency over 10 with this power. This power cannot be ended voluntarily. Using this power costs a Geheim in blood.

For each Blood Potency increase beyond the first the vampire must spend an additional Vitae each night to rise. Finally this power can not be used to more than double a Geheim’s Blood Potency.



Dramatic Failure: Not only does the character fail, but they immediately lose half their Vitae(round down), and must check to resist frenzy

Failure: The character fails to affect their blood potency

Success: The character’s Blood Potency increases by 1 for one night. Additional penalties may be taken to augment the duration and/or potency of the power.

Dramatic Success: The power functions exceptionally well. The Geheim needs to spend one less additional vitae than normal to wake each night to a minimum of one.


Possible Modifiers:

+1 Successfully meditates before using power

+1 to +3 Appropriate Library

+1 to +5 Laboratory

-2 Per additional BP to increase

-1 power lasts two nights

-2 power lasts four nights

-4 power lasts two weeks

-6 power lasts a month

-1 Has frenzied in the last month

-3 Has frenzied in the last week

-5 Has frenzied within the last day


Bloody Bezoar (Blut Alchemy 4)

Although not the true pinnacle of path of an alchemist it’s the closest members of the Bloodline have achieved to date. The creation of a lesser Philosopher’s Stone.


The character can concentrate vitae in a small translucent red stone that serves as a kind of lesser philosopher’s stone. The process for creating the stone involves feeding vitae into an animal, letting it process in the creature’s digestive tract over the day, and cutting it out after sunset, a process which kills the animal. A character can never have more bezoars at a time then they have dots in Blood Potency. Using any of the bezoar effects destroys it, as does direct contact with the sun.


Cost: 3 Vitae

Dice Pool: None

Action: Special

It takes an hour to prepare the beazor in the night, but only a few minutes the next night to retrieve it from the now dead animal. Once it has been created it can be used to gain any of the following effects.


  • Gain +3 on a single use of any devotion or Discipline roll.
  • Allow the Geheim to use the Recreate or Deconstruct Discipline power over one turn instead of one hour and without the need for equipment.
  • Allows Recreate to makes up to Size 15 objects
  •  Swallow the stone to turn their vitae into vile poison for a scene. Kindred who feed on the character during the scene suffer one aggravated wound for every point of vitae taken.
  • Cure any poison, disease or affliction, even those that can affect the kindred. If consumed on the same turn that the character is poisoned the poison has no effect. If consumed at a later time any future effects of the toxin, disease or affliction immediately end.
  • The stone is poison to any other kindred who consumes the stone, any who do so immediately lose Vitae equal to the creator’s blood potency at the time of the stones creation, and take an equivalent amount of aggravated damage. Resilience can reduce this damage as normal.
  • Allow the creation of complex objects (guns, cellphones, motorcycles, etc) with Recreate. All other limitations of the power remain unchanged.
  • Empower Cauldron of Blood so it may target any target within a number of yards equal to BP times Blut Alchemy


Cauldron of Blood (Blut Alchemy 5)

The Geheim transforms the blood (Viscera or any sort of equivalent) of the target into a horrible mixture that burns and explodes. For most this is a death sentence killing them in a horrific fashion. This power requires the Geheim to touch their victim.


Cost: 2 Vitae

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Occult + Blut Alchemy – victims’s Stamina

Action: Instant and Resisted


Roll Results

Dramatic Failure: The Blut Alchemist loses half their vitae (rounded down)

Failure: The power fails to function.

Success: If successful the subject’s blood begins to burn and boil. They take one Aggravated damage per success.

Exceptional Success: The victim gains the Agony Tilt.


Agony (Personal)

Description: You are in utter overwhelming pain screaming at you. It all you can think about; red pain


Effect:  You suffer a -3 wound penalty regardless of your health levels (and stacks with normal wound penalties).


Causing The Tilt: Be hurt terribly and cruelly


Ending The Tilt:  Heal the damage caused by the attack



Magnum Opus (Blut Alchemy 5, Auspex 2)

Public/Private: Public


The pinnacle of their craft, skilled Geheim can increase the potency of the magic stones they produce to more closely resemble the philosopher’s stone of legend. By using some of the reanimating power of their blood on the animal used in the procedure the stone becomes stronger and more pure.


Cost: +1 Vitae and 1 WP


Dice Pool: None


Action: None


This power augments the Bloody Bezoar discipline power. Stones made using Magnum Opus have all the same limitations and powers of the Bezoars but gain these additional abilities. (They also count against the normal limit of stones they may possess)


  • Gain +3 on a single use of any Blut Alchemy Discipline or Devotion along with the Rote Action.
  • Gain a +3 bonus on any roll.
  • Allow the Geheim to use the Recreate or Deconstruct Discipline power over one turn instead of one hour and without the need for equipment. The created object is permanent without the need to spend additional Willpower
  • Turns the vitae into poison for a whole night instead of one scene.
  • The stone can be swallowed to restore 5 Vitae or one point of Willpower.
  • If consumed before Daysleep it will heal one Aggravated damage.
  • The Geheim may administer the Bezoar and soften its poisonous effect on others allowing them to enjoy the benefits of the stones powers.
  • Empower Cauldron of Blood so it may target someone within a number of yards equal to BP times Blut Alchemy and causes a small explosion. The damage rating of the explosive is equal to the damage the initial target took (they do not take damage again), the Force rating equal to 5, it’s blast area equal to the Geheim’s Blood Potency. It also gains the Knockdown and Stun tags (as well as Deafening as normal for any explosive).


This devotion costs 3 XP


Geheim Merits


New Merit: Fabricate (2 dots)

Prerequisite: Blut Alchemy 4

When using Recreate the Geheim can spend an additional Vitae to create complex objects (Guns, cellphones, motorcycles, etc) The power still has all the other limitations of Recreate. If the Geheim consumes a Bezoar they can still use Recreate enhanced by this merit as normal.


Source: OnyxPath Blog


Parent Clan: Mekhet

Nickname: Asps

Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Obfuscate, Vigor


Quote: “You say you know the darkness. You know it like a child that’s read a fairy tale. I know it, because it’s part of me. It’s in my blood. My eyes. My seed. My spit. Unless you know me, you don’t know the darkness. And nobody knows me. Nobody still standing, at least.”



The Khaibit gift of Obtenebration expresses their affinity for the darkness within their blood. In addition to the ability to control and shape shadows, Khabit can temporarily become darkness and travel through the darkness. Lastly, they can wield the shadows as a weapon against otherworldly forces. This makes them invaluable against the Strix.


All Khaibit gain the first Devotion, the Udjat, upon joining the bloodline. Additional Devotions have prerequisites as normal, and cost 2 Experiences each. For those that have never seen Obtenebration, it can inspire deep, instinctive fear. The first time a character experiences a clear manifestation of Obtenebration, he must succeed at a Resolve + Composure roll or suffer the Shaken Condition.



This most basic gift of Khaibit heritage gives them perfect sight in even the utmost darkness. Khaibit never suffer penalties from darkness, and see subtle shifts in heat and movement where others would be blind. They are unaffected by blindness induced by injury or supernatural forces.


By focusing her attention and spending a point of Vitae, a Khaibit can attune her senses to the unseen. This allows her to see spirits, Strix, angels, and other immaterial beings for the scene. This includes beings in Twilight. While she has her senses so enhanced, she’s immune to the Strix’s possession.



By opening a vein, the Khaibit can release the darkness within her blood as an instant action, blanketing the area in darkness. With the expenditure of a single Vitae, the cloud of shadow extends out from the wound in a radius a number of yards (or meters) equal to the vampire’s Blood Potency. The Khaibit can expend more Vitae to expand the cloud further from its center. Alternatively, the Khaibit can expel the cloud from her mouth instead of an open wound.


Shadows touching those the Khaibit has created with the Tyet become hers to shape. She can manipulate their forms, absorb them into the cloud, and otherwise mold them to her liking. While the shadows have no physical presence, they can be used to divert, trick, and distract.


Prerequisite: Vigor 2



This signature gift of the Khaibit allows her to draw the shadows into a palpable form with the expenditure of one or more Vitae and an instant action. She can use this to coat simple tools or weapons. Weapons so coated cause 1 additional lethal damage to physical targets (including Kindred), but cause her Blood Potency in lethal damage to noncorporeal entities, including spirits and Strix. Coated objects add her Blood Potency as Durability, and the number of Vitae spent as Structure. If she possesses Tyet as well, she can manipulate the item coated with Pseshkf as if she were touching it with her hands.


Prerequisite: Vigor 2



Khaibit can draw shadow to themselves, and become one with the darkness. To use the Ba, the Khaibit must be touching a shadow at least as big as herself (this could include her own shadow in many cases, or shadow created by the Tyet). She spends three points of Vitae, and at least one instant action, or more if her Blood Potency means she cannot spend the entirety in a turn. Once she’s become shadow, she’s immune to anything short of fire, sunlight, the Pseshkf, or things that specifically hurt ephemeral entities. Other ephemera can affect her normally. She is immune to abjuration.


In this form, she cannot directly affect her environment. However, she can activate the Pseshkf if she possesses it, and can assail spirits and other ephemeral creatures. While in this form, fire, sunlight, and other forms of harm cause her two additional levels of damage. She travels at half her Speed, and must travel along solid objects. However, she’s not constrained by anything that wouldn’t stop light.


Prerequisite: Obfuscate 2



With this gift, the Khaibit can travel rapidly through shadows. She dissolves into one part of the shadow, and emerges anywhere along the same patch of shade. This can be shadow created by the Tyet. Spend a Vitae reflexively, and the character fades into and out of the shadow instantly. If using this as part of a Dodge action, roll her Dodge with the rote quality once per scene.


Prerequisite: Celerity 2


Parent Clan: Mekhet
Nicknames: Operators, Spiders, the Chained (among themselves)
Bloodline Bane : The Lynx’s attachment to connections is a double-edged sword. While they have an advantage when it comes to groups and networks, they lack the personal ties other Kindred rely on. A Lynx must always have at least two attached Touchstones. If not, he gains no bonus to detachment rolls.
Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Majesty, Obfuscate


Lynx Devotions


Strumming The Strings (Auspex •, Majesty •)
The vampire picks a connection she wants to stir in her victim, either heightening them to a fevered pitch or blunting them until the target is completely desensitized. The Kindred doesn’t create new emotions; she may only amplify or dull emotions already present in the target, either naturally or created through some other power. In this way, a vampire can inflame mild irritation into quivering rage or atrophy true love into casual interest.

Cost: 1 Vitae
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Empathy + Majesty vs. Composure + Blood Potency
Action: Instant
Failure: Nothing happens.
Success: A current emotional state is severely dampened or blown out of proportion, inflicting a Condition upon the target as suggested below. The effects are artificial and only last a scene.
Exceptional Success: The effects last a night.

Possible Conditions:
Anger may be turned into Tempted or Spooked.
Fear may be turned into Scarred or Inspired.
Disgust may be turned into Fugue or Obsession.
Happiness may be turned into Steadfast or Jaded.
Desire may be turned into Wanton or Jaded.

This Devotion costs 1 Experience.


Access Denied (Majesty ••, Obfuscate ••)
The Lynx denies a target access to a target’s network.
Cost: 2 Vitae
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Subterfuge + Obfuscate vs Composure + BP
Action: Instant. Contested.
Duration: One Night

The Lynx must touch their target. If the power is successful the target suffers failure at every turn when dealing with a chosen network which the Lynx must be aware of. Valid networks include, for example, Allies, Herds, Status groups, subsets of communities, and even the Internet. All rolls the target makes in regards to that network suffer a penalty equal to the Lynx’s Obfuscate and lose the 9 and 8-Again and Rote Quality.

This Devotion costs 2 experiences.


Befriend Sprite (Majesty ••) [This devotion requires the merit ‘Ghost in the Machine (see below)]
The Neo-Lynx is able to coax and convince a piece of technology to do their bidding.
Cost: 2 Vitae
Dice Pool:
Action: Instant. Contested (If held or controlled by someone)

On a successful roll, any piece of technology the Lynx touches can be commanded to perform any function it’s normally capable of regardless of passwords and security.

At Auspex •••••, the Lynx no longer needs to touch the device to control it, it must simply be in his line of sight

If the vampire marks the device with some of their blood they may leave a lingering command that can be activated later in the night allowing it to be triggered. For example, it would be possible to tell a phone to make a call or send a text at a specific time or if it’s user dialed a specific number. The triggered must be some observable phenomena.

This Devotion costs 2 experiences.


Lynx Merits


Merit: Sense Connection (•)
Prerequisite: Lynx, Must possess the Dream Vision merit
The Lynx instinctively gains a sense of where someone belongs. When using the Dream Vision merit they automatically know all of the following regardless if their Blood Potency rolls succeed or fail; The targets highest social merit including Herd, strongest Blood Sympathy in the city, highest Social skill and preferred Feeding Grounds.

Web Of Secrets (••)

Prerequisites: Lynx, Auspex ••
This merit enhances the Uncanny Perception power by using the Lynx’s innate understanding of connections.

When the vampire asks a question using this power an echo of sort occurs that links a person to the answer.

For example when asking about “What is this person’s mood” and getting a flash of red indicating anger Web of Secrets might show an image of the Prince explaining that they are the source of that anger.

This merit only reveals such connections and as such not all uses of Uncanny Perception will be enhanced by Web of Secrets.


Merit: Ghost In The Machine (•••)
Prerequisites: Lynx, Auspex 3 Computer 2
The Lynx are a new Bloodline and some don’t even consider them as such. There is some speculation that they’re blood is still fluctuating or unstable and this particular merit might give some credence to that theory.

Those with this merit are able to tap into any networked device they can see such as wi-fi enabled devices or a computer connected to the Internet for example. By spending a willpower and taking an Instant action they may interact with the devices as if they had it in hand.


Parent Clan: Venture
Nickname: Lunatics
Source: VtR 1e Core
Disciplines: Dominate, Resilience, Nightmare, Auspex
Bloodline Bane: Take a Persistent negative Mental or Social condition. This Condition can never be resolved.


Reading the Madness (Auspex 2)
Once per Chapter, the player may ask to glean a single piece of information about one of the current plots, this information is coated in the madness that only a Malkovian can understand. And is to be presented like a strange puzzle to unravel.

This costs 2 XP

More Devotions Pending.


Created by: Flybandito


Cousins to the Eupraxus; Where the traditional nobles of the First Estate lead lives of respectability, the Senscion’s live their unlives with practicality in their leadership and have the understanding that the Plebians are the source of true power. Birthed of an offshoot of bloodlines that hail all the way back to the time of the Camarilla, much of their current Kindred can trace their lineage back to many of the Mediterreans royalty. Ranging from the late-Etruscans, Myceaneans, Carthage, Iberia. This ability to straddle both the will of the people, and the will of the establishment leads to a strange relationship between many of the Covenants, but also effective seconds to a leader: The Hands to the Kings and Queens.


Parent Clan: Daeva

Nicknames: Princes & Princesses, Lord / Lady Hand. 

Source: Custom, Based heavily off of Eupraxus from Night Horrors: Immortal Sinners

Bloodline Disciplines: Celerity, Vigor, Nightmare, Majesty

Bloodline Bane: Besides being slaves to their Vices like other Daeva,  the  Senscions, like the Eupraxus  cannot  seal  wounds  with  a  lick, like  other  vampires.  The  pleasure  of  the  Kiss  remains, however, which is probably what makes the wound that much more horrific for those who suffer from their pre-dations… waking up with a bloody gash on your person is definitely not something you’re going to forget. Each vampire Embraced by the bloodline bears the wound somewhere on his person for the rest of his unlife. 


Bloodline Devotions


Bow to Your Queen (Majesty ●● / Nightmare ●●)

The Hand is a capable reminder that bending the knee is often a smart decision. Turning the grotesque Nightmare of her aura and mixing it with the awe-inspired by her Majesty, she can compel even the most stubborn to bend the knee to herself, or those that she serves. Spend an instant action to compel a character to cease hostilities, and inflict either Charmed or Beaten Down upon them, whichever is most fitting. This does not stop Frenzy and other such states.

Action: Instant (Contested)

Dice Pool: Manipulation + Persuasion + Majesty vs Composure + Tolerance

Cost: 1 Vitae

XP: 2


Red Wedding (Majesty ●●●●● / Nightmare ●●●●●)

Sometimes, a room filled with plebians is of no use to the Queen, and it is up to the Hand to remove the headache. How better than to have them do it for you? Letting her Nightmare fill the minds of everyone in a space, and commanding them with a single, Majestic word; The Hand can watch in apathetic bliss as the problem deals with itself, clawing, biting, killing until nothing is left. Spend an instant action to compel anyone who can see you, and is under the influence of your Awe, into a murderous rage represented by the Berserk condition. Your character is both immune to the condition, and is not considered a target for any within the room. The resolution to the condition can only be achieved once all viable targets are dead. 

Action: Instant (Contested)

Dice Pool: Manipulation + Socialize + Nightmare vs Composure + Tolerance

Cost: 5 Vitae

XP: 5


Peel the Flesh (Celerity ●● / Vigor ●●)

They say that it is hard to gauge someone’s intentions without getting to the meat of a conversation. Sometimes, it is much quicker to figure out what is in the meat by removing the flesh. With a dazzling and violent display, the Hand can figure out what another is made of, leaving them with gaping, bleeding wounds. On any turn that the character activates Celerity OR Vigor, they may spend vitae to Peel the Flesh that same turn. The Next successful melee attack inflicts Aggravated damage equal to their dots in vigor and renders the Bleeding Tilt, which applies even to supernaturals that normally do not bleed.

Action: Reflexive

Cost: 1 Vitae

Duration: Turn

XP: 2


Fury of The Hand (Nightmare OR Majesty ●● / Celerity ●●●)

Outraged by a slight to themselves or whom they serve, the Hand is swift to act. Crossing the room in an instant and delivering swift, and often deadly, retribution. By spending Vitae, the Hand can instantaneously cover ground, moving faster than the Mortal eye can see to deliver a single powerful strike. This strike gains the benefit of the Kindreds Blood Potency, as well as Celerity, as extra die to attack and can count as a surprise attack for ignoring defense. Should the one who caused the fury survive, they received the Frightened condition. 

Action: Instant

Cost: 4 Vitae

XP: 3


Parent Clan: Daeva
Sobriquet: Patrons, Artistes
Source: Vampire: The Requiem 1st Edition, p246
Bloodline Disciplines: Celerity, Dominate, Majesty, Vigor
Bloodline Bane: The Toreador are obsessed with perfection. Whenever somebody excels at their chosen field, Toreador are enraptured; when somebody fails at their chosen field, they are enraged to the point of frenzy. At character creation, a Toreador selects a skill that they have at least three dots and a skill specialty in. Whenever somebody else achieves an exceptional success in that same skill and skill specialty, the Toreador must reflexively roll Resolve + Composure to avoid becoming fixated on the act or work. If the Toreador becomes fixated, she is unable to take any action other than watch or listen to the source of the fixation, and must spend a point of Willpower, take damage, or have the performance or object removed from sensory range. Additionally, whenever somebody rolls a dramatic failure in the Toreador’s skill and skill specialty, she must roll to resist anger frenzy.



Toreador Devotions



Source: Requiem 2e; Night Horrors, Spilled Blood Pg. 50-53


Heheha. There’s more to unlife than living it. We gotta break some taboos, smash faces, make some fucking noise. The old guard are crusty fucks with everything to lose, so why not make ’em lose it all?


Clan/Covenant: Daeva or Nosferatu(Yes, both)

Sobriquet: Tempters, Enablers, Devils, Taboo-breakers(supposedly derogatory, but something the Vilsedruire take pride in)

Disciplines: Majesty, Nightmare, Obfuscate, Resilience

Ablative Curse: The Vilseduire struggle to keep up with the times. They know they have decades, if not centuries, to enact their plans, and mortals are little more than pawns. They shrug off attachments to their old life like ill-fitting clothes, embracing their new selves with malicious abandon. The Vilseduire may never have more than one attached Touchstone. Additionally, Vilseduire treat all breaking points as though they occurred at half their normal Humanity, rounded down (minimum 1). What would be a Humanity 5 breaking point for most Kindred would therefore be a Humanity 2 breaking point for those suffering the Ablative Curse.


Vilsedruire Devotions


BeautifulTransgression (Majesty 2, Nightmare 2)



Parent Clan: Nosferatu
Nicknames: Boyars, Vozhds, Pretenders (post-1917; disrespectful)
Source: Bloodlines: The Chosen p. 105
Bloodline Disciplines: Dominate, Nightmare, Resilience, Vigor
Bloodline Bane: (The Curse of Bielobog): The Boyars honor the gods of the land, and they must answer for all disrespect. A Yagnatia’s Humanity caps any dice pools or traits used to resist the Numina of ephemeral beings. This also applies to Strix Dread Powers and Embodiments.


New Crúac Rituals

The Yagnatia practiced blood magic long before the Circle of the Crone rose from fractious pagan cults. Though there are dangers here in this foreign land and the backing of the circle is required to ensure the boyars safety among this spiritual landscape. Boyars with Circle of the Crone Status and access to Crúac can purchase the rituals below, or choose them as their free Ritual when raising Crúac or their Themes. Other Acolytes  can learn these Yagnatia rituals, but they must have a Boyar teacher
to do so.


These rites tend to call upon and command spirits, and any Yagnatia who doesn’t pay proper deference is sure to make some strange enemies.


Boyar’s Caul (•) (Transmutation •)
Target Successes: 4
The ritualist spreads the sacrifice over her face as she casts this ritual, then enters daysleep. By the next dusk, the blood will have congealed into a ghastly mask made of ectoplasm, sculpted by spirits of prophecy into the face of someone important to the vampire’s current schemes.


The Yagnatia can make an Intelligence + Occult roll to interpret the meaning the spirits wished to impart on her. On a success, she can ask a number of yes/no/maybe questions about the face equal to the rite’s Potency. If she knows Auspex, she can also use The Spirit’s Touch to ask questions from the list for Uncanny Perception, but only once in the night.


Wearing the caul grants a +3 on Investigation rolls to identify or locate the face’s owner. At the end of the night, it falls to ash.


Divine Right (••) (Protection ••)
Target Successes: 5
The vampire takes on the mantle of her gods, blessed by spirits of divine glory. At the time of her choosing, but before the end of the night, anyone who openly questions or defies her authority automatically fails the action. The victim gains the Guilty Condition, lamenting her challenge to such a holy being. This effect applies a number of times equal to Potency; after that, the rite ends.


The Mother’s Blessing (•••) (Protection •••)
Target Successes: 8
While Yagnatia can Embrace without this rite, it’s considered poor form. With the Mother’s Blessing, a Boyar consecrates another vampire with a loyal childe, one who enters the night stronger than her rivals.


If the ritual is successful, the subject is blessed by a spirit of procreation. For the next 24 hours, any childe created while under the effect of this ritual enters the Requiem with a two step blood bond to her sire, which does not expire until the sire chooses to release her from vassalage. However, the childe is immune to any other blood bond, as long as her tutelage lasts.

Furthermore, the childe gains the 8-again quality on all rolls to  initiate or detect blood sympathy with members of the Nosferatu.


The effect of this ritual only applies to a single Embrace, and a vampire can only be blessed this way once per lunar month.

A vampire cannot cast this ritual on herself, and it only works on Boyars.


Hawthorn Barrier (•••) (Transmutation ••• Destruction ••)
Target Successes: 7
The vampire summons spirits of protection to her aid. By setting a barrier of hawthorn branches before an aperture, she can create an invisible ward made of Essence. Unless given permission by the vampire, mortals cannot cross this barrier, and any Kindred attempting to cross must succeed on a Resolve + Blood Potency roll, minus the ritual’s Potency. On a failure, they must resist fear frenzy. Anyone who succeeds and then crosses without permission takes lethal damage equal to the Boyar’s Crúac dots, as the spirits still take umbrage to the violation. This ward lasts 24-hours from the time it was cast.


The vampire can apply this spell to multiple apertures in a single casting, but she must have enough branches, and she must be within line of site.


If the hawthorn branches were taken from mandragora (HalfDamned, p. 115),  the casting roll gains the 9-again quality.


Awaken the Dukh (••••) (Transmutation ••••)
Target Successes: 9
The vampire makes a bargain with the spirit of an object, offering Vitae via the sacrifice in exchange for service. The object can be no greater than Size 5. If successful, the spirit gains limited control over its physical representation in the world of flesh: It can perform simple tasks, and even move under its own power. For example, a toy car could roll around the house on patrol, whereas a carpet could furl and unfurl itself, or twist around a leg. The object gains a dice pool to affect the world equal to Crúac + Size + Potency, but the Storyteller has final say over what kind of actions the being can take.


This effect lasts a week, but the vampire can renew the pact with an appropriate oblation before the duration expires: burning something for a fireplace, cleaning a space for an
animate broom, etc.


Boyar elders warn neonates to be cautious with this rite. While spirits often enjoy their time in the world of flesh, they’re not under any compulsion to follow the vampire’s orders. Mindful Yagnatia make offerings to these spirits, or promise to fulfill a task. That said, the ritualist has some inherent leverage, and can cease the rite’s effect by spattering it with Vitae before the duration expires, shunting it back to the Shadow.


Vessel of the Dukh (•••••) (Transmutation •••••)
Target Successes: 9
By sacrificing a fresh human corpse, no more than a night dead, the vampire can form vessels for animalistic spirits of the land.


To perform this ritual, the vampire undertakes a horrific surgical rite, summoning a primordial spirit as she mutilates the corpse and coaxes out hidden horrors in its flesh. If successful, she can create a Brief Nightmare, as defined on p. 143 of Chronicles of  Darkness. The strength of this creature is determined by Potency: A Minion requires no extra successes, a Horde requires an additional three, and a Lone Terror requires five. The Storyteller is the final arbiter of Dread Power choices for this creature, depending on what kind of spirit inhabits the body. Only Firestarter is barred. The vampire can continue accruing successes if she wishes to create a more powerful monster, but the number of rolls is still limited by the usual extended action rules.


Horrors are vulnerable to fire in the same manner as Kindred, and are animalistic but loyal to the Boyar. They can regain Willpower by drinking Vitae or human blood, and exist for a month. The vampire must cast the ritual again before the duration expires to maintain the creature’s existence, repaying all costs. Some Yagnatia keep these creatures as pets for many years, even granting them names them for faithful service. Casting this rite to create a new Horror is a breaking point at Humanity 2 and higher.


Yagnatia Devotions

Mission from the Gods
(Dominate •••)

Being a prophet of the gods’ will can be a difficult task. Sometimes, you have to push people in the right direction before they’ll get the message.

This Devotion costs 1 Experience to learn.

Cost: 1 Vitae
Requirement: The vampire uses Entombed Command on the victim, then activates this Devotion.
Dice Pool: None
Action: Reflexive

Instead of a full-blown order, the vampire implants her victim with an obsession. It worms around in the back of his mind and won’t leave him alone until he does something about it. For the duration of Entombed Command (or until he resolves it), the victim suffers the Tasked Condition. As long as this Condition lasts, anyone who tries to manipulate the victim into fulfilling this goal exceptionally succeeds with three successes instead of five.

The Zelani (Daeva)

See Carthians Covenant Book


Background: The background remains the same as that found in the Carthian Covenant Book

Requirements: None

Clan: Daeva

Nickname: None

Bloodline Bane: Every third failure becomes a Dramatic Failure. (Note the ST may hold this over the Zelani’s head and not invoke it on the third failure)

Bloodline Disciplines: Celerity, Majesty, Serendipity, Vigor

Bloodline Gift: Serendipity


Discipline: Serendipity

The Zelani enjoy a sort of heightened awareness on a different level of reality. They can feel the flow of probability and the universe. Or at least that’s what they claim when talking to other Kindred about the blessing their Blood gives them. It’s hard for others to argue this when faced with the powers afforded by this Discipline which grants uncanny insight and the ability to react to them.


This discipline functions similarly to the other Physical discipline granting a constant passive power at no cost. Serendipity also grants a slew of Active powers as well. The first dot in the discipline always grants the Confidence In Motion Active power. Each additional dot in Serendipity grants an additional power from the list of Active powers chosen at the time of purchase.


Passive: User’s of Serendipity gain +1 Initiative and +1 to Wits + Composure rolls to detect impending ambushes.


Active: By spending one Vitae the Zelani can choose one of the following benefits they have purchased.


Active Serendipity Powers 


Confidence In Motion: This power allows the Zelani to reroll any Instant action dice roll in which they have failed. They may invoke this power as many additional times for the same action but further rolls use only a chance die.


Uncanny Dodge: +1 Defense per dot of Serendipity against one attack.


Pushing Your Luck: When using this power the Zelani’s next roll ignores penalties to the roll equal to your Serendipity dots and you additionally ignore untrained penalties.


Luck Shines Through: The Zelani’s dice roll gains the Rote action to a skill roll. This power can only be applied if they have more than or equal to dots in Serendipity than they have dots in the Skill.


Near Miss: The Zelani may activate this power only when using the Dodge action. If the attacker misses they may use Near Miss. On the following turn the attacker loses Defense equal to the Zelani’s dots in Serendipity.


Bloodline Devotions

Tough Luck (Serendipity 2 and, Celerity or Resilience 2)

Cost: 2 Vitae

Action: Reflexive


While using the Dodge action if they are the target of a supernatural power they may activate Tough Luck. If they do so they may add their Serendipity dots to their Resistance trait against the power.


This devotion requires the Near Miss power from Serendipity.


This Devotion costs 2 XP to learn.


Prescience (Serendipity 4 and Auspex 2) 

The Zelani enters a deep state of meditation and stretches their senses into the future gaining fleeting glimpses of what might be. With this knowledge at hand they may use it to thwart a future they do not wish to pass.


Cost: 2 Vitae and 1 Willpower

Dice Pool: None

Action: Instant (Which takes one hour)

Duration: Up to one week


After activating this power the Zelani describe a rough scenario they have glimpsed with the use of this power such as being attacked at Elysium by a specific rival. (The description should be about this in general). Should this scenario come to pass the benefits of this devotion become available.


They immediately gain a pool of temporary willpower dots equal to their dots in Serendipity (This can bring them over their normal limits and go over 10). If the Zelani uses these temporary points of Willpower to attempt to avert the scenario they gain a number of bonus dice equal to their dots in Serendipity instead of +3.


These points of Willpower disappear at the end of the scene as do the effects of Prescience.


The Zelani can only look into one possible future at a time. Using this devotion before it’s duration ends erases the benefits of prior uses. If the vision has not come to pass before a week this power also ends.


This devotion costs 3 XP to learn.