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Terms of Use Overview:

The Storytelling System, Beast the Primordial, Changeling the Lost, Chronicles of Darkness, Demon the Descent, Mage the Awakening, Vampire the Requiem, and Werewolf the Forsaken © 2014–2021 CCP hf and published by Onyx Path Publishing.

These Terms of Service, along with any and all posted policies for Eternal Noire, extend to the entire chat environment: the forums, website, email system, and chat platform which are associated with the site and the games run. In choosing to participate in the chat environment in any way (participating in the chat, submission of characters and/or character backgrounds/histories, submission of storylines or other ideas, posting to the forums or on the chat platform, etc) you agree that you have read and understood these policies and that your presence here is contingent upon abiding by them.

Any and all policies of Eternal Noire may be changed at any time without warning or notice. You agree that the most current version of all chat policies are the ones by which you are bound. We will announce when changes are made, but it is not our responsibility to ensure that you are kept up-to-date with these policies; rather, it is your responsibility to check our policies on a periodic basis to ensure that you are aware of any changes.

Copyright Notices

Eternal Noire is based on the creations of White Wolf and Onyx Path Publishing; we claim no ownership of any of White Wolf/Onyx Path Publishing copywritten materials and make use of them in strict accordance with the guidelines presented under the Fair Use Act (http://www.copyright.gov/title17/92chap1.html#107).

Artistic License

Eternal Noire may stray from the White Wolf/Onyx Path Publishing rules and settings as written in the telling of our stories. This is to allow for individuality, innovation, and creativity in our venues. We are not in any way committed to using anything and everything published for their properties.

The games on Eternal Noire are fictional adaptations of cities and geographical regions. We claim no authenticity in our representation of existing locations and have often taken liberal and artistic license with various landmarks, legends, and histories in order to create the fictional setting we use for the chat environment. Any resemblance to actual people is coincidental.

Mature Themes and Content

As a participant, you are agreeing that you are legal of age (18).

Eternal Noire is a chat in which mature scenes and storylines may be run, including adult themes such as violence and sexuality. If you are under the age of 18, you are not permitted to play at Eternal Noire. If you are not comfortable with adult content, inform an ST before a scene begins, but be aware that the ST has no obligation to change the content they’ve prepared; they will simply warn you if the scene will contain something to which you object. If you object to a scene with other players or a player-run scene, you may ask that the scene be toned down, but if an agreement cannot be reached, it is your responsibility to leave a scene that makes you uncomfortable. If you are acting in good faith, there will be no repercussions for doing so.

Use of Submitted Material

By submitting any material to Eternal Noire, you agree that we have the right to electronically store, copy, retrieve, alter, manipulate and use in any way necessary to maintain the storylines, plot continuity and operation of Eternal Noire. If you choose to leave Eternal Noire abruptly (for whatever reason) or are banned, we reserve the right to use your characters in any way we deem necessary to bring any storylines they are involved into a close, including the death of said characters.

Deletion of Submitted Material

The material you submit to Eternal Noire may be removed or deleted from Eternal Noire’s chat environment at any time if it is deemed offensive. Deciding what is or is not offensive is at the discretion of the Staff, and what may be acceptable IC may not be acceptable OOC. The following is an incomplete list of activities that could result in the removal or deletion of your material:

  1. Hate language, including racial, religious, sexual, or gender slurs or epithets.
  2. Discussion of OOC illegal activities, including downloading or offering pirated material, illicit drug use, rape, or any other criminal activity.
  3. Personal or sexual harassment, or remarks which are calculated to antagonize others
  4. Excessive profanity or vulgar language.
  5. Posting links to websites that are offensive or which are designed to obtain personal and/or private information from someone.
  6. Posting personal information either yours or someone else’s.
  7. Posting sexually explicit language in public and/or OOC rooms or forums.
  8. Solicitation of a minor or child pornography in IC or OOC rooms or forum.
  9. Any action designed to hack into shut down, or otherwise cause a problem with the chat environment.
  10. Any other action that we deem to be offensive, dangerous, or disruptive.

House Rules

These terms do not constitute the complete rules for the game system(s) utilized by game sites. Each gaming site follows additional rules; printed in the relevant gamebooks sold by The Onyx Path and White Wolf Games; declared as “house rules” by the volunteers who help to run the game sites. As a participant, you agree to learn those rules relevant to the game site in which you play and to abide by those rules as well.


You hereby agree to release and hold us harmless from any liability for anything that may be submitted, posted, or said anywhere on the chat environment of Eternal Noire, or for any situation which may arise in conjunction with Eternal Noire, except as prohibited by law. You also agree that you are liable for anything you submit to Eternal Noire and for any situations which may arise due to your own actions.

In addition, you understand that we are neither responsible nor liable for the accuracy of any externally-created content or materials which may refer to Eternal Noire and the chat environment. This includes, but is not limited to, player-created webpages and/or websites.