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We are all volunteers on Eternal Noire, and save for me who is married to this chat in way of financial obligations (it’s not free), all of our staff members dedicate as much as their free time as they can to the chat. Some of our staff dedicate 8 hours a day, and some manage about 8 hours a week. Regardless each team has different availability and because of this the admin team have some reminders for what to expect as far as responses from their various team members.

General Expectations:

  • Know and follow all Site Policies. You agree to them by playing on EN.
  • Don’t be a Jerk, and be friendly to all players and staff. This is a game.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to staff if you have questions or need help.

New PC Submission:

  • New PC submissions take about 24-48 hours to be viewed by a staff member. 
  • Logging into the chat on an unsanctioned login will likely help shorten this waiting period.
  • Once viewed, staff members will either ask you to make corrections in the thread or pick a time to meet and talk on the chat.
  • The entire process can take time, but the initial response should be within 48 hours.
  • To shorten this time please be prompt in replying to any questions/requests made of you by your ST team.
  • Once Sanctioned, please check your forums to make sure the ST added you to all appropriate groups and make a wiki. 

Thread Activity:

  • The Staff are required to check threads once a week which typically is about 4 times a month. If staff do more than this, they are giving more than is required of their time.
  • If your thread has sat longer than 7 days, with no communication from Staff as to why on the forums, it is your responsibility to bump the request. We are all human, and staff will miss things, so if you are waiting on something you think may have been missed please bump it.
  • If your thread sits longer than 14 days for any reason, please elevate the concern to the admin team through appropriate methods of feedback submission. 

Getting Involved in Plot:

  • It is your responsibility to chase stories offered to you. Please see the Rights & Responsibilities pulled from the Chronicles of Darkness books and quoted here on our Rights & Responsibilities page.
  • All major plots are kept on the individual wiki plot tracker pages:
    • Crossover Plot Tracker
    • Beast Plot Tracker
    • Changeling Plot Tracker
    • Hunter Plot Tracker
    • Mortal Plot Tracker
    • Vampire Plot Tracker
  • GueST Plots are able to be advertised in 4 places:
    • GueST Forum
    • Crossover Forum
    • Your individual OOC & IC Venue Forums.
    • The Wiki Venue Plot Trackers
  • Read the setting and wiki pages! There is a LOT of information scattered in there that might help you in finding new leads in plots.
  • Go IC and get involved with other players. Share the information given to you.
  • Follow up in your thread with any actions you want to take outside of an ST-ran scene.
  • If you feel out of touch with the plot, reach out to your Venue Team members. 
  • (Unlike other places, on EN Staff DO NOT PLAY in the venues we run. This ensures our PLAYERS are our MAIN CAST.) We want you to be involved, we cheer and root for you to beat the baddies, and most of all we write your PC in the main metaplots and run personal plot designed just for you.
  • There is ALWAYS something you can do, so don’t hesitate to approach your team with a “Hey, I’m lost. Let’s talk”.

Staff Behavior

  • Please see the site Policies & Procedures for full expectations of Staff. 
  • Please see the site Rights & Responsibilities for full expectations of Staff.
  • Staff have profiles that are updated often. Please check them for a Staff member’s availability as well as the Staff Leave Announcement Thread.
    • Some STs will also cross-post in their venue forums so check there too for announcements.
    • Staff leaves and Scenes will always be posted on the Calendar as well.
  • Staff will always interact in a Professional Manner.
    • Requesting a conversation with an Admin or Staff member will always be handled professionally.  Discussions may occur in the Lobby, Staff Office, or in PM’s but staff will always interact with you in an official capacity, by default.
    • Ask permission if contacting a staff member off chat if you can chat with them about the chat. This is per site policy “Right to Time Off/”Play Time”.

FPM Responses:

  • FPMs have a 48 hour expected turn around. Please be patient if it is under this time, as sometimes it may take longer.
  • If you submit something to the admin team, please submit to ALL of the admins for quicker response.
  • Feedback Submission:
  • Feedback Forms will receive a response somewhere between 48 hours and 1 week. If you need a quicker response, please FPM the admin team.
  • FPM feedback will receive a response as the same with all FPM responses.
  • Chatting with Admins or Staff on chat have the fastest response rate, but sometimes require the staff to chat with the rest of the team. You will hear back from us as soon as we can.
  • Please DO NOT interrupt a Staff member running a scene with non-scene related PMs. Please wait or FPM them instead.
  • NOTE: “Lobby Griefing” is against site policy, and is NOT an appropriate form of feedback submission. Don’t be a jerk, tell us how we can improve and we will do our best to improve things for you.

Staff/GueST Applications: 

  • New Applications will receive a response somewhere between 48 hours and 1 week. If you need a quicker response, please FPM the admin team.
  • All interviews will be between 1-2 hours in length, please prepare for this.
  • Usually you will have a response about the interview within a couple days. Sometimes we can give them immediately depending on the team’s availability to give feedback.
  • All Staff are required to pick a new ST name.

What Staff Wants from Players:

  • We want you to be involved.
  • We want you to make new friends.
  • We want you to be the main stars of the plot.
  • We want you to enjoy making mistakes, facing problems, and being excited about plot. 
  • We want to write a story with you.
  • We want you to have fun.