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Custom Endowments

Advanced Armory

Project Skuld – AI Override

Created by LifeWhitinYourEyes


Ironman isn’t the only hero who utilises an extensive artificial intelligence system. This unique armament was created by agent Emily “Gizmo” Turner as the head of the project after studying the RFID chip system. Aptly named with SKULD being the Valkyrie of the future, this Advanced Armory brings the conspiracy in line with modern technology. While it is typical that Advanced Armory requires RFID activation by the agent themselves, this unique armament allows the agent to adopt an artificial intelligence system that extends the required range the agent needs to be to use the armaments. While it doesn’t run out of ammo, the system still needs to be updated regularly to continue to function with TFV’s RFID chips.


Loadout: One Session (Unique Armament requires Frequent Updates)

Dice Pool: INT + Computer – Security

Action: Extended

Duration: Multiple Scenes


By spending a few minutes setting and modifying their equipment the user of this endowment releases one or more of their other pieces of Advanced Armory for others to use. Until the end of the scene anyone else can use this equipment but counts against your normal limit of equipment. This means only one specific person could use your Etheric Rounds while another uses your Equaliser Rounds.


This new endowment utilises cutting edge AI to accomplish something previously thought impossible. Some members of the TFV are leery of this advancement while others praise it for what it could lead to next.


The AI can be used more nefariously to infect a piece of technology. If the target technology has wireless capability only line of sight is required, otherwise more direct access is required. 


Some members of the TFV has found that their own copy of Skuld has evolved on their own. Though there is some concern regarding this development, for now its members are free to use these AI’s for their own purposes. Members who have this piece of Advanced Armory checked out also can also gain access to a specialised AI. Treat this as a five dot retainer for the cost of three XP. This AI can use Project Skuld – AI Override to use other Advanced Armory the member of TFV has access to.

Quicksilver Weapon

Created by Capybara


Description: By using advanced technology and metallurgy the TFV has insured their soldiers are ready for any combat situation with the use of this endowment. In it’s inactive.


Loadout: 1 Session
Dice Pool: None
Cost: None
Action: Instant


Effects: With a simple press of a button, the Endowment becomes active for the scene. While active, the Endowment can take the shape of any standard piece of weaponry such as a sword or gun but also includes shields for the TFV soldiers that recognize their worth. The Endowment takes on all the piece of equipment’s ratings except that it suffers a constant -3 to Initiative. The Quicksilver Weapon can hold one type of ammunition at a time and doesn’t need external power sources for weapons such as Tasers or Chainsaws.

Siderite Claws

Created by Flybandito


Description: Appearing as almost decorative gloves made of chains with sharp tips at the end, this piece of TFV equipment is made from ultra rare metals mined from a top secret source. They allow it’s soldiers to fight in melee with even the most fearsome of monsters.


Loadout: Two Sessions
Dice Pool: None
Action: Instant
Cost: 1 Lethal
Duration: One Scene


Effect: When simply wearing the gloves they provide a +2 bonus to climb attempts or other tasks that require it’s user to have a good grip. While inactive they are treated as if they were Brass Knuckles. (See page 139 Hurt Locker)


The user may activate the claws causing them to bond more deeply into their flesh and grow. This causes the hunter one Lethal damage. For the rest of the scene the Claws are able to deal grievous wounds to all sorts of monsters. The claws ignore mundane armor. Treat the damage as Aggravated for overcoming powers that downgrade or resist damage. The final damage remains Lethal.


While active they count as Tiger Claws for determining it’s base traits. (See page 139 Hurt Locker)


While wearing the equipment the Hunter suffers a -2 penalty to actions that require finesse or fine manipulation. Taking them off or putting them on takes one turn.


Example of Use: Tanya a melee expert of TFV is facing off against a vampire with Resilience 2. She lands a solid hit against her opponent with this endowment being active. She gets enough successes to deal 6 damage. The vampire’s Resilience automatically downgrades 2 of the damage to Lethal (which will then get downgraded to Bashing since it’s now Lethal). The other 4 damage is still considered Aggravated for the moment. If the vampire does nothing else they will take 2 Bashing damage and 4 Lethal damage. If they were to activate Resilience they would reduce their damage taken by 3 which would result with the vampire taking 2 Bashing damage and 1 Lethal damage.


Against a vampire without Resilience they would have done a full 6 Lethal damage.


Fashioned after the punishment described by Dante in the 9th circle, trapped forever in a frozen lake. This Castigation imposes a penalty upon the subjects as their body and soul feels the freezing cold of the deepest level of Hell.


Cost: 1 Lethal
Dice Pool: Presence + Occult vs Resolve + Supernatural Tolerance
Action: Instant and Contested
Duration: Special


Effect: The subject suffers as if under the Extreme Cold Tilt for a scene rendering them unable to heal bashing damage and halving supernatural healing rates. The tilt immediately starts at a -1 penalty and increases by one at the end of the subject’s turn. The power last for a number of turns equal to the Lucifuge’s Castigation.


Repeated successful activations of this Castigation against the same target extend it’s duration.


When used against a sinner (those with an Integrity score or 4 or lower) or a true monster (they have no equivalent to Integrity) the Lucifuge gains a +2 bonus on their dice roll.


Backlash: The Lucifuge doesn’t escape the cold of Hell. They suffer a cumulative -1 penalty to all rolls each time they use this power in a scene after the first use but it’s cost is removed.

Effect: The Lucifuge forges a permanent bond with a demonic spirit. The spirit exists in Twilight and cannot manifest without the Lucifuges help but they can always be seen by their Master and understood.

Treat the spirit as a Retainer with dots equal to your Castigation treated as “Bodyguard” as it’s tag. It gains an additional Tag in regards to a specific Vice selected when this Castigation is purchased. The spirit also helps it’s master even when not manifested, pointing out dangers granting a +2 bonus to most Perception rolls.

Cost: 1 Lethal and 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: None
Action: Instant
Duration: One Scene

The demon manifests and can fight as well as assist the Lucifuge in other tasks, typically as Teamwork action. The demon possesses has a number of health levels equal to 5 + Castigation. If defeated the spirit dematerializes and reappears next to the lucifuge after seven days. The Lucifuge may suffer one Aggravated damage and spend three Willpower to have the demon reappear the next night. If the spirit is somehow permanently killed the Lucifuge may summon a new Familiar on the next New Moon.


Armor of Sekhmet

Created by Flybandito


Sekhmet protected and led the Pharaohs into battle and protected them in life. It was in the same action that the Cult of the Phoenix developed a way to weather the storm of attacks that came from their supernatural opponents. Mixing Aloe Vera, Reagents, and two drops of natural sulfuric acid into a salve, and then applying it to part of their skin, they were capable of creating an additional layer under their worn armor that could withstand the sharpest of blades or claws. 


Cost: 1 Willpower

Duration: Turns equal to Stamina + 1

Action: Instant


Add the number of successes as general armor rating which stack with mundane armor but not with other supernatural armor


Exceptional Success: While under the Elixir’s effects they downgrade a number of Aggravated damage to Lethal equal to your Elixir rating. 


Backlash: Applying the Salve is painful and potentially deadly. The Ascending One suffers resisted One Aggravated Damage per use.

Blood of Ares

Created by Flybandito


The blood of those slain upon the verdant seaside of Thermopylae turned into flowers that remain as reminders to all those that pass, of what was sacrificed centuries ago. Greek followers of Hermes would travel there once a year to cultivate the wild flowers that grew for their blood red flowers and the extract that could be produced. When combined with putrid liquids, acids and reagents, it was found by Ascending Ones to push their fighters into a fit of sudden and powerful rage, if they could stomach the viscous, blood-like mixture. 


Cost: 1 Willpower

Duration: Resolution of Backlash

Action: Instant


The Ascending One gains the Violent Condition.


Exceptional Success: The Ascending one can channel the full fury of Ares and gain the Berserk Condition in addition to the Violent Condition if they wish. If they do so they gain an additional +2 to all combat actions while they have the Berserk Condition as well as gaining the Rote Action during Chases.


Backlash: Once they resolve the Violent (and Berserk) condition, they then suffer Deprived until the end of the Chapter. Multiple uses of Blood Ares increases the penalty given by Deprive by one each time

Tears of Kauket

Created by Flybandito


The Goddess Kauket guided the sun into the underworld, casting the world into Twilight in her wake. During these times, it was recorded that the first Alchemists brewed a tincture that they dropped into their eyes, so they could see what terrors came with the coming of darkness. A mixture of reagents, extract of nightshade, and a stabilizing agent, the tincture is applied directly to the eyes and rapidly transmuted by blinking, often causing veins to show near the eyes, as well as turning the eye entirely black.


Cost: 2 Willpower

Duration: Scene

Action: Instant


The Ascending One can see in total darkness. It also grants the effects of the Clear Sighted merit.


Exception Success: The Ascending One suffers a lesser backlash suffering the Blind tilts in one eye only. 


Backlash: Once the effect wears off, the Ascending One is fully blind for the next day, as their eyes have to naturally readjust from being forcibly dilated past normal means.

Thoth’s Whisper


Thoth—one of the gods believed to have inspired Hermes Trismegistus—was a psychopomp, keeper of wisdom and god of magic. This Elixir, in a way, helps the hunter to facilitate that influence over the unseen, giving her the chance to “inhale” an ephemeral entity into the temple of her flesh so that the wraith or spirit may be “borrowed and used.”


The very process of doing so is frightening to most—the mixture required is a potent concoction of homemade gunpowder, the crystallized nectar of vile berries, and a rare strain of nightshade. The hunter ignites this, and quickly inhales the resultant flame into his lungs. As he does so, the hunter is likely to hear a chorus of babbling whispers from beyond the pale.


Cost: 1 Willpower

Duration: One scene


After drinking the elixir the Ascending One’s body is strengthened to become a potential prison for ghosts and spirits. While active the next time they successfully perform an abjuration against a spirit instead of suppressing the spirit normally they inhale it and take it into their bodies for the rest of the scene.


While trapped the Hunter can do one of the following; the Hunter can spend an additional willpower to choose another option or repeat an option:

  • They can compel the spirit to use one of its Influences, Numen or Manifestations once.
  • They can force the creature to bolster one of their actions granting the Advanced Quality to an action resonant with the spirit.
  • They learn one fact about the spirit and in addition can roll Manipulation + Empathy to learn one additional fact about the spirit for each success


Exceptional Success: They elixir strengthens their body and will and they gain a +2 bonus on their Abjuration rolls.


Backlash: The Hunter becomes Open for all such spirits for the next 24 hours


An important tool that serves many purposes, this endowment see much use in gaining important reconnaissance.

Cost: 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Stealth vs Resistance

Action: Instant
Duration: One Scene


The Council of Bones member casts their sight to a nearby ghost and can then see through their eyes for a time. Unless they entreat the ghost or command it they have no way to control where it goes. A member may spend additional willpower to extend the duration of this power by one scene until they stop or run out of willpower.


If the member also possesses the Dark Reflection endowment they can also cast their vision on the selected surface to share their vision.


Backlash: Using this Endowment effectively renders it’s user Bline (One Eye) for it’s duration however since they can see from the ghosts eyes it’s possible to negate this drawback while the ghost remains near.

A rarely used Endowment that is still a useful tool to some of its members and their allies. 

Cost: None or 1 Lethal after the first use in a scene.
Dice Pool: None
Action: Instant
Duration: One Scene


Imbued Ephemera allows it’s user to expel and coat an object or person in Ephemera allowing it to interact with things and creatures in and out of Twilight as if they were solid.


Backlash: Using this Endowment leaves Ephemera residue on the hunter making them lightning rods for ghostly powers and suffer a -2 penalty to resist their Numen and Manifestations for the scene


Guardian’s Visage (Shadow Relic)

Created by Capybara 


Always some sort of mask or helmet. Often donned right before combat.


Cost: 1 Aggravated Damage

Action: Instant


Use: Once active when someone around you suffers from an attack the owner of this Relic may invoke it’s power as reflexive action. A ghostly duplicate of them manifests in front of the original target taking the blow for them. The attack proceeds as normal against the owner of the relic instead of it’s original target.


Curse: Under the threat of violence, the spirit within lashes out in rage, the user suffers a cumulative -1 penalty to all actions with no cap after each time they take damage. This penalty resets at the start of a new turn in which they have not suffered any damage from using this Relic. This also comes with the persistent Obsession Condition with protecting a chosen group, person or idea.


Endowment: Relic 3+, you no longer gain the Obsession Condition.


Bond: Having bonded with the relic grants you additional defensive abilities. While the relic is active you may spend Willpower on behalf of others to grant them some additional protection. If you do so they gain your general armor rating in addition to their own that lasts until the end of their next turn.