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Universal Custom Merits

Military Tactician (● to ●●●●●)

Created by LifeWithinYourEyes


Prerequisite: Wits •••


Description: Task Force Valkyrie is known for their military approach to handling the supernatural. Some members of the conspiracy are better for front line operations, while others are calculating tacticians that excel in guiding their group to success through strategy.


Effect: At any time in a scene, your character may use an Instant Action to take in the situation before them to come up with a strategy. Your character can create a plan (CoD 100) with this Instant Action that is useable for the scene and may reduce the penalties for creating the plan by dots in this merit. You may only have one plan from this merit at a time but may abandon a strategy to create a new plan with changing circumstances at any time.

Oathbound (•••)

From Contagion Chronicle


Prerequisite: Two or more members of the group must purchase this Merit for it to function.

Effect: Members of the group have sworn an oath to stick with each other. Add +3 to teamwork rolls and rolls made to further common goals. Whenever the group successfully accomplishes a common goal, all characters gain a Beat as though they had fulfilled an Aspiration. The oath must have a goal with a resolution, and when it resolves, the Experiences spent on this Merit are refunded to all characters who were part of the oath.

Drawback: Betraying one’s oathbound siblings does not come easy. Roll for a breaking point when betraying the oath. Those who do not have breaking points suffer consequences at the discretion of the ST.

Overwatch (••)

Created by LifeWithinYourEyes


Prerequisites: Style: Drone Control •


Description: You cannot hide in plain sight, and drone sentinels are particularly hard to hide from. Represented in countless media, drones are a way to tilt the scales of any combat situation into your favor by keeping the knowledge of where all hostiles are in your pocket like a weapon.


Effect: So long as you have a drone in combat and the drone operator is in open communications or otherwise sharing the information, enemies cannot benefit from cover. Additionally, if drone detects enemies using Remote Immersion (Drone Control •) enemies may not act on surprise rounds or ambush the drone operator. This maneuver is impossible in small spaces, and the drone must have room to have eyes on the battlefield.

Custom Styles

Battle Buddies (• to •••••)

Created by Flybandito


Prerequisites: Wits •••, Dexterity •••, Firearms •••, Athletics ••.


Description: Being a Battle Buddy, at least to the US Military, is more than just two guys that fight side by side. They live, take care of, and watch each other back at all hours of the day. This level of synergy does, however, translate onto the battlefield and this is only amplified by continued training, practice, and maturity.


Partner (•): Designate one person, who also shares this style, as your partner. In combat you can swap places with your partner in initiative order at the beginning of each turn round.



The role of a battle buddy on the battlefield is the person that has your back, that you can trust to keep you alive and make sure that you make it back in one piece.


Bounding (••): Cover fire from your partner does not force you to drop prone, nor do you take damage from it. Your Partner, however, loses dice equivalent to the damage modifier of the weapon they are using for the Covering Fire to avoid hitting you. 


Moving from cover to cover is the standard motion of most fights while under fire. Adding in suppressive fire from another to keep the heads of the enemy down makes it even easier to do.


Spotter (•••): Roll Composure + Firearms, gain successes to your partner’s next Firearms Attack.


Sometimes an extra set of eyes will see something another can’t. Being able to accurately point out what is seen, so that a shooter can hit it is a skill that has to be trained strenuously. 


Bait and Switch (••••): If you and your partner have swapped Initiatives for the turn round, you both gain an additional bonus to defense based on half of your personal firearms, rounded down. Your defense can now be applied to ranged attacks until the next turn round. 


Sometimes it is about making the opposition look elsewhere than where they are supposed to. Sometimes that is a dangerous task that has to be done and exposes you to direct fire.


Designated Target (•••••): Either you or your partner designates a target, and a specific place to hit. Attempts made to hit this called shot are taken at a -4 to hit, but gain 4 Armor Piercing. This replaces a regular called shot modifiers. 


Whether it be the video game weak spot, or perhaps the structural weakness of a building, or a chink in the armor. Whatever it might be, being able to know where to hit the enemy to hit them hard is better than simply denting their armor.

Computer Whiz (● to ●●●●)

Created by Aeveth


Prerequisite: Intelligence •••, Computer •••, Wits •••, Hacking Specialty


Your character is an expert behind a keyboard and knows tricks about hacking that only the best can manage. Each dot of this merit allows access to a new technique.


Rootkit (•): Your character knows how not to trip the security of a system to remain undercover while working through it, any attempts to detect his intrusion into a system suffer his computer skill rating as a penalty.

Breaching (••): Your character can take a look at a system and spot vulnerabilities in the programming, he may ignore up to his computer skill dots in penalties when attempting to breach a system.

Burn Out (•••): When your character decides to do without the subtlety he can hack like no other, enjoy the 8-again quality to rolls.

Drawback: This is an obvious attack on the system and he’s discovered just as he starts to use this technique, prompting a response (Contested roll) from the security of the system.

Backdoor(••••): Your character can spend willpower to apply the advanced roll quality to his computer rolls.

Dervish (Style • to •••••)

Created by Nomadic


Prerequisites: Dexterity •••, Athletics •• or Expression ••
Style Tags: Brawl, Flexible, Light Melee, Movement (Agile), Psychic


Effect: Most people in knockdown and drag-out fights are focused primarily on standing and hitting their opponent as few times as they can before they fall down… For you, a battle is an art form, a beautiful dance between you and your partners (who must have at least 1 dot in this style), that keeps your opponents guessing on where you’ll strike from at any given moment and eventually adding your own supernatural flair. You can only use one movement per turn.


Dance Partner (•): At this level, you’ve only begun to learn the intricacies of the battle dance. At the beginning of combat, you may designate someone as your dance partner. When you and your partner focus on one opponent, treat that opponent as prone when planning your combat pools.

Whirling Defenses (••): While working with your partner in tandem, it’s difficult to pinpoint you for assault. Opponents attacking you or your partner do not reduce your defense pools. In addition, you can spend a WP to increase your partner’s defense by 2.

Flourish (•••): With a flourishing dance, your character distracts an opponent for a cleaner, more effective follow-up strike. For example, if Flourishing with a two damage weapon with three successes, the attack causes no damage, however, your next attack ignores five points of Defense and causes three extra points of damage. Alternatively, you can provide a ‘dance partner’ with an opening; causing their next attack to ignore defense.

Staccato (••••): Perfectly in tune with your partner now, you two don’t seem to split your attacks, much to the chagrin of your opponents. At this point, you may use the higher of the initiative between you and your dance partner if attacking the same opponent, with the innate propensity for dual striking, your attacks gain Armor Piercing 2. Alternatively, you may give up your own strike so that your partner ignores mundane armor for the next attack.

Two Bodies, One Mind (•••••): You have reached a point with your dance partner that most people don’t know is possible between two people. During the scene where you are both active, you both benefit from each other’s supernatural merits. Allowing you to activate your partner’s abilities using your own Willpower. If your partner lacks a supernatural ability, they may instead use two movements of this style per turn.

Disabling Tactics Style ● to ●●●

From Dark Eras


Prerequisites:  Strength •••, Weaponry ••

Tags: Flexible, Heavy Melee, Light Melee, Pole Weapons


Effect:  Your character has training in disabling opponents, making it easier to bring people back alive.


Breaking the Branch Your character is skilled at striking arms and legs in the midst of combat. Reduce the penalty for making an attack specifically at the arm, hand, or leg by two.

Cast Like Sand •• :  Your character can send enemies flying by encroaching on their space during a fight. When she successfully hits and deals damage with her weapon, you may spend a point of Willpower to inflict the Knocked Down Tilt on the subject.

Strike the Rising Dog ••• :  Your character knows that the best way to keep someone out of the fight is by keeping them on the ground, and she’s trained in doing so. When someone within her striking distance tries to rise from a prone position, you may spend a point of Willpower. The character makes a reflexive Weaponry attack against the subject. If successful, in addition to any damage from the attack, the subject also fails to rise.

Ruinous Impact (● to ●●●●●)

Created by Flybandito


Prerequisites: Strength •••, Stamina •••,Weaponry •••, Heavy Weapons •••, Weapons of size 3 or greater: (Swords, Axes, Mauls, Maces, Hammers.)


Martial Cadence (•): So long as you are wielding an appropriate weapon you can lower the weapons Initiative penalty up to your Strength dots.

Versatile Grip (••): While wielding an appropriate weapon, you can sacrifice -2 to your defense, your weapon attack gains Armor Piercing Rating 1, and you can impose the Knocked Down Tilt on a successful attack where the damage done is greater than the target’s stamina.

Coup De Grâce (•••): When attacking an opponent who is suffering the Knocked Down Tilt; If you make an All out attack on that opponent the opponent suffers a penalty to their defense equal to the size rating of the weapon, and the +2 to attack is instead 2L as weapon damage.

Forceful Strikes (••••): The user of this style can spend one willpower and lose defense equal to the size rating of their weapon, to add that rating to it’s damage rating.

Defy Pain (•••••): Whenever the user of this style has their defense reduced by a maneuver in the style or an all-out attack, they gain armor equivalent to the defense lost, up to the size rating of the weapon. (Example: All out attack loses 6 defense, wielding a Size 3 weapon would yield 3/3 armor)

Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast (● to ●●●●)

Created by Flybandito


Prerequisite: Firearms •••, Composure •••, Dexterity •••, Does not possess: Fight, Flight, Freeze.


The best laid plans break upon first contact, and it is those that keep their cool under high-stress and high-threat situations where bullets are striking right at their feet. This merit fighting style is built around surviving and thriving in the chaos of firefights and in close-quarters with firearms, and represents characters who have trained or are training in such situations: Veteran Soldiers, SWAT / Veteran Police officers, FBI agents, Professional / Corporate security, Gangsters / Cartel members etc.


Pistol Whip (•): When in close quarters, sometimes firing the gun is too dangerous to the fighter or their allies. To subdue an opponent, your character may make a melee strike using their firearm as the weapon. The strike is calculated with Firearms + Strength against the target’s defense, and does Bashing damage. (This replaces the Core Mechanic of Improvised Crowbar as the weapon type).

Rapid Acquisition (••): In intense firefights and close quarter firefights it is near impossible to sit and wait to take precise and carefully aimed shots. There are only mere moments to strike. Your character may make an attack with an additional aim bonus of Half of Composure (rounded down). This bonus lasts for one round, can only be used 1 + Composure per scene, and prevents the character from benefiting from any cover rating greater than Barely Concealed (-1) until the character’s next turn. Note: This bonus does not coincide with the usual Aim bonus, and is to be considered a separate action to the Aim Action.

Keep Moving (•••): Circumstances sometimes prevent the ability to take cover in a firefight, either by lack thereof, an ambush, or the need to push forward an assault. Your character may choose to spend 1 Willpower to apply Keep Moving to their dodge action. In doing so they add Composure to the dodge pool. This can only be done Once per scene.

Advanced Drills (••••): Either through real world experience or extensive additional training, your character has become distinguished in keeping their cool when under intense pressure and fire. Each previous dot gains additional effects:

  • Pistol Whip: The strike is now calculated with Firearms + Strength + Weapon Size. The size rating is applied as Auto Damage.
  • Rapid Acquisition: Your character may now benefit from cover up to rating: Partially Covered (-2)
  • Keep Moving: Your character may now do this Twice per scene, each time spending 1 Willpower.

Sporting Chance (Style • to ••••)

Created by Nomad


Prerequisites: Resolve •••, Integrity <7, Firearms •••, Survival •••
Style Tags: Pistol, Rifle, Tactical (Hunter)


Effect: You are adept at hunting the most dangerous game, Man. This applies equally to the various creatures that take the shape of mankind, they all seem to react the same to stimuli, the same weaknesses when it comes to how their bodies are formed and move, and the instinct to survive that often forces them to take options that are far too obvious not to be traps, at least within your mind’s eye.


The Most Dangerous Game (•): Mankind has always been a resourceful lot, quick to adapt to a situation or find an advantage that might help them turn the table on their predators. Unfortunately for them, you are not only like them, but you’re also better. While hunting someone who ‘looks’ human you may reduce the penalty of Called Shots or the penalty granted by Cover, by dots in this merit.

Now, Now, That’d be Cheating (••): So many evolutionary paths of mankind, each of them developing wild adaptations and methods to avoid their own demise. You don’t play these kinds of games. Spend a Willpower, When you do, you may lower the defense of your target by your dots in this style. This specifically works on those adaptations that nullify a Firearm’s ability to ignore Defense. If this would cause a Clash of Wills, you would use your Resolve + Firearms.

I Don’t Need a Spotter (•••): It’s been said that you perceive things more swiftly, that’s not true, you simply predict how your prey moves. You’ve learned through years of experience how to lead your targets so that you can draw a line on them far swifter than your peers. Every turn you spend Aiming gives you two dice towards your Aim maximum.

This is a Gentleperson’s Sport (••••): All too often, your prey tries to run away, or fight in some sort of uncouth way that is simply inappropriate. Since you are simply better than them, rather than call out this sort of disruptive behavior, you assist them by removing the potential. When causing the Arm Wrack or Leg Wrack Tilts while hunting, you may treat the target’s Stamina as three dots lower.

Subduing Strikes ●

From Dark Eras


Prerequisite:  Weaponry ••


Effect:  Your character is practiced at striking enemies in a way that leaves them breathing, even when using otherwise deadly force. When pulling her blows with a weapon, she can deal bashing damage instead of lethal without spending Willpower.

Thrown Weapons ●●●

Created by Brickwarrior


Full Force Throw ••• : Your character can throw using the power of her entire body. Add her Strength dots to the dice pool for throwing the weapon.

Drawback: The character is considered a still target and may not employ her Defense during the turn in which she uses this maneuver.

Custom Supernatural Merits


Charming ●

Created by LifeWithinYourEyes


Prerequisite: Atariya, See the Flow


Effect: Once the Atariya has gained the ability to change the luck of others around them, they can leave more lasting impressions for those they give favor in their endeavors. Once per scene, an Atariya may grant the Charmed condition (MTA 2E 315) to a benefactor they have given bonus dice to in the same scene. The Charmed condition resolves as normally.

Fortune Donor ●

Created by LifeWithinYourEyes


Prerequisite: Atariya, Nine Lives


Effect: When another character should die in a scene when you have access to your Nine Lives, you can sacrifice a dot of it to save them instead of yourself. This still removes a dot of it normally, and it can still not be purchased further.

Drawback: When cheating death for another, you lose access to the merit yourself for the rest of the scene. This merit’s also subject to Sanctity of Merits when Ninve Lives runs out. The recipient of the luck, for 7 days, also see Mr. Lucky when the Atariya does, and during this time they have Swooning Condition towards the merit holder as they feel they owe her for their luck.

The Lost Boys

Augmented Dexterity (•• or ••••)

Created by Nomadic


Prerequisites: Protocol at equal level

Effect: At 2 dots this grants a +1 Dexterity boost, at 4 dots it grants a +2. This affects all derived traits. This can take your character above her normal Attribute

Deprived: You may use your Dexterity for calculating Defense.

Neverlander’s Best Friend (••• – •••••)

Created by Nomadic


Prerequisites: Protocol •, Animal Ken ••
Effect: While not a true augment, this merit allows a Neverlander to take an Animal Retainer (per the Retainer rules as Written in Geist the Sin Eaters.) This retainer may take merits usually restricted to Lostboys, with an effective Protocol rating equal to the rating in Neverlander’s Best Friend – 2.
Deprived: Your Best Friend is deprived when you are with all perks and drawbacks relative to their merits.

Transport Interface Adaptation ●●●

Created by Nomadic


Prerequisites: Protocol at rating and Implanted Interface

Neverlanders are frequently faster than the average mortal, but in comparison to supernaturals, their speed is limited. Those who find themselves chasing after more mobile targets or those who simply prefer their augments to be more fyborgian than cyborg, this augment allows the Neverlander to properly interface with their vehicle.

Effect: Interfacing with your Vehicle gives a number of benefits;

  • Gaining a Defense (Determined by the lower of Dex or Wits + Drive though other augments may adjust this).
  • The benefits of the Parkour Style now apply to Driving – Reduced Environmental Penalties, Wall Ride, and Reflexive Roll – Treating your Drive Rating as rating in Parkour to access them.
  • Your Vehicle gains the [High Acceleration] If it didn’t already have it.

Note: If your personal Equipment from your Upgrade merit is a vehicle, add 10 speed and adjust the Maneuverability bonus by 2 for Free.
Deprived: Take a Lethal, for the scene your vehicle doesn’t require fuel source, you win ties in chases and you gain exceptional success on acceleration at 3 successes.

Universal Translator (●●●)

Created by Nomadic


Prerequisites: Protocol at Rating & Implanted Interface.

Originally a custom upgrade by a Neverlander Hacker based out of Miami, this translation algorithm built into the Neverlander’s neural net is more software than hardware.

Effects: Through a comprehensive database of languages combined with an advanced translation algorithm, the Universal Translator Protocol allows a user to understand and speak any language known to man (effectively granting the benefits of Multilingual to all Human languages.) It does not, however, enable the use of Spirit Speech, High Speech, or any other language of supernatural origin.
Deprived: You gain the effective use of the Language Merit, instead of Multilingual, allowing you to read and write all human languages, fluently.

Upgrade ( • – ••• )

Created by Nomadic


Prerequisites: Protocol at equal level
Effect: You have a favored tool in your arsenal, when you first purchase this select a piece of equipment, which cannot be armor. When using this tool, you gain the 9-again quality to all rolls using it. Each dot in this merit can be used to apply bonuses or reduce penalties built into the equipment (Initiative Penalties, Damage bonus, et cetera.)
Deprived: While deprived your equipment draws on your potency, gaining the 8-again quality to all rolls and you may use it to channel other touch effects such as from Pulse Generator.

Wired Reflexes (•• or ••••)

Created by Nomadic


Prerequisites: Protocol at Matching level

Effect: This augmentation increases the speed at which the Lostboy’s body responds to threats of danger utilizing the users own subconscious reflexes to jerk them out of the way. At two dots, this translates to a +1 Defense, At Four; boost the Defense by 2 instead.

Deprived: No added bonus to Defense, but add Full Defense vs Firearms.


Halo ●

Created by Nomadic


Prerequisite: Psychokinesis •••, Psychokinetic Combat •

Description: Your corona expands, wreathing you in more of an ambient aura that has a visual aesthetic that fits your character’s elemental ideals. Some may have literal halos while others may display a fiery aura, or a conductivity of the flesh, et cetera.

Effect: Spending a Willpower to activate your Psychokinesis now extends the duration to Scene long. (As with Telekinesis)

Plant Empathy (•)

Created by Trish


Prerequisites: Biokinesis •+

Effect: Your character’s attunement to living things provides them a “green thumb” of sorts, allowing them to cultivate plants and other flora more easily. Any role relating to the cultivation of plant life gains bonus dice equal to the character’s Biokinesis rating, as does any roll to put such plants to use (such as mixing herbal substances or cooking a meal with freshly gathered plants). In addition, plants under their care grow (1+ their Biokinesis rating) times more quickly than normal.

Phantom Limb ●, ●or ●●●●

Created by Raeres

: Appropriate Condition and Mortal or Hurt Locker 2E Template

Ghost Eyes : Requires Blind.  Your character can see Twilight as though she were sighted and loses Blind in the Underworld.

Ghost Ears : Requires Deaf.  Your character can hear Twilight as though she were not deaf and loses Deaf in the Underworld.

Ghost Leg •• : Requires Leg Wrack. Your character can kick open Avernian Gates:  Picking the Lock (GtS p 199) becomes an Instant Strength + Stamina + Phantom Limb (Highest rating only) Action with no time requirement.  Her ghost leg can interact with ghosts in Twilight.  In the Underworld or Twilight, your character loses Leg Wrack.

Phantom Arm ••: Requires Arm Wrack.  Your character has full control of her ghost arm and can touch and manipulate things in Twilight.

Multiple:  Each instance of this Merit represents a different phantom limb.  You may not have more than one instance of the same phantom limb.

Psychokinetic Aegis ••

Created by Nomadic


Prerequisite: Halo • & Psychokinetic Resistance •

Description: Your halo shields you from assault, providing you with armor against all attacks, instead of simply those caused by your element.

Effect: While your Halo is active gain Armor 2/1 (if Psychokinesis •••) or Armor 3/2 (if Psychokinesis •••••) This counts as magical armor.

Psychokinetic Duality ••••

Created by Nomadic


Prerequisites: Halo • & Psychokinesis •••••

Description: Those who have tapped into their psionic abilities to affect the elements find that they are more able to entwine a second into wholly new and unexpected ways.

Effects: This Merit allows you to have a second Element with Psychokinesis, raising your Psychokinesis base damage by 1L for a total of 3L Weapon Modifier. If you also have Psychokinetic Aegis, you may add 1/1 to your Armor while Halo is active.

Psychokinetic Mastery ••••

Created by Nomad


Prerequisites: Resolve ••••, Halo •, & Psychokinesis •••••


Description: Steadfast determination and dedication to your craft have brought you to this point, your elemental creation is unyielding, capable of pushing into the territory of being a Bane to those who might be affected by such things.

Effects: Spirits and other creatures with applicable Banes now consider your element as a supernatural source of damage. You also increase your Psychokinetic base damage by 1L and if you have the Psychokinetic Aegis, you may add 1/1 to its armor rating.

Psychokinetic Tempest •••••

Created by Nomad
Prerequisites: Psychokinetic Duality •••• or Psychokinetic Mastery ••••
Description: The scale of your elemental reach is expanding on an exponential level, though this takes you a bit more time than your usual capabilities, through meditation (which can be prepared in advance if you have the Meditative Mind Merit) you can call forth a tempest of your element’s power.
Effects: Meditate upon your Element to summon your tempest, an Environmental Tilt per two Base damage your psychokinesis can cause. The Severity is based upon the Willpower you spend during the preparation phase, on a one-for-one spend. Regardless of whether or not you have the Meditative Mind Merit, this ability may only be used once per Chapter.
Note: The Tilts must make sense in relation to your Element(s) that you have Psychokinesis in.

Psychokinetic Transit ●● or ●●●●

Created by Nomad


Prerequisite: Halo • 


Description: Those bolstered by the elements are able to do things faster than their peers, frequently proving how they go beyond the ken of normal mortals. When wreathed in their element, they move into the realm of Superhuman.


Effect: At •• – While your Halo is active, gain a bonus to Speed Equal to your dots in Psychokinesis. At •••• – You may select a secondary effect of your movement that fits with your elemental aesthetic. This list is not exclusive, and can be added to. You can purchase additional effects at the cost of 1 experience if in Element, 2 experiences if out of element.


Skating – Doesn’t matter how slick a surface is, you maintain your balance. Any penalties to moving on slippery surfaces are ignored. This is before any reduction of environmental penalties by Parkour
Hoarfrost – You’re so capable of swiftly laying down your own pathway, you may run/skate across open water for a number of feet equal to 5 per dot Psychokinetic Merits you have.


Alacrity – You surge with potential and seek pre-emptive connections in combative situations, gain a bonus to Initiative based on your Psychokinesis dots.
Arc – A sudden impulse of current and you are sent rocketing towards your destination, You may double your strength for the purposes of Jumping.


Mirage – You are difficult to nail down, as your heat shadow distorts your actual location. Gain the benefits of Partially concealed Cover against melee and ranged combatants.
Smokescreen – Smoke erupts from your feet and swiftly conceals you, giving you the chance to roll stealth even while observed, enjoy the benefit of Exceptional Success on 3s if you do so.


Blur – Light is the fastest known element, after all, it travels at the speed that matter cannot begin to hit… however you’re able to tap into that potential… Double the bonus to speed granted by this merit’s base.
Transparent – Light isn’t slowed by many things, you may pass through windows or gates that are large enough to contain you. This costs an additional Willpower.


Echo – Sound emanates from where you want it. While you are stealthed, people trying to track you by sound suffer a penalty equal to your Psychokinesis rating and no longer gain 10-again on the roll.
Sonic Boom – Light may be faster, but sound is more impactful, this is most important when they’re looking to escape a terrible situation. You can cause Knock Down to all opponents within three yards of you. This technique costs an additional Willpower.

Weather Control (•••••)

Created by Trish


Prerequisites: Occult or Science ••••, or Psychokinesis •••••

Effect: Your character’s connection to the natural forces of the world is palpable, and by taking time to bring themself in tune with the area, they can alter and manipulate the weather in minor ways. This will never cause weather of an Extreme Environment of more than level 2, and won’t cause changes that are entirely unreasonable for the location and season (such as snow in Death Valley). As well, any changes are centered on a small area (such as a small town or portion of a city) and take a few minutes to hours to come into effect, appropriate to the type of weather being sought out.

The character must successfully Meditate, and then make a Wits + Occult roll, with a penalty equal to the extent of the changes being made, as listed below. On a success, the changes will come into effect and will last about as long as is typical for that sort of weather in the area. An exceptional success may make the effect last longer or bump up its severity without a further penalty.

Suggested Modifiers: Minor changes in line with current weather, such as rain on a dark and cloudy day (-0), producing weather different from the current conditions but not entirely opposed, such as a sunny day turning into mild rain or snow (-2), producing or removing dramatic weather, such as storms causing an Extreme Environment (of up to level 2) or appropriate Tilt, like Heavy Rain (-4).