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Third Eye Wide


There is too much in the world, the things that go bump in the night have all but taken over. The light that the Vigil provides only illuminates the sheer amount of darkness dwelling denizens and the proof of how much humanity still has left to uncover.  Welcome to Third Eye Wide, a group that gathered together to push the upward limits of human potential, without giving in and letting the Darkness take over them; Mind, Body, or Soul.




The members of the Third Eye Wide Club (read cult) don’t force any sort of mysticism from their past.  They gain power through looking inward and finding it within themselves.  That said, there are several cultures over the multitudinous eras of mankind that have come to understand these same or similar principles.  And found themselves more than able to call on the gifts that Humanity all too frequently ignores.  Many of these cultures assigned the source of their gifts to a Third Eye that sits slightly above the center of the brow.  Anatomically speaking this falls superficially to where the vestigial pineal gland sits, thought by scientists to be a bygone tool that humanity hasn’t needed for millennia.


Regardless of how they view it, scientifically or mystically, the club has access to a relic or relics (if we’re going to have it expanded nationally or internationally) They all depict the same sort of understanding, The Eye is at the center, with rays emanating from it in a way that suggests that it is looking outward.  Beyond these rays are a border or boundary, this exterior edge is never a perfect sphere nor is it a rigid shape, but rather seems to move towards the rays or be kept back from them at various points, depicting the Darkness attempting to snuff the Eye’s light and perception.




In order to join the Third Eye Wide, there are some fairly stringent requirements.

Demonstrate, to the best of your ability, having evolved some sort of Psychic Phenomenon.

Have a Strong force of Will.

Have a keen desire to push yourself to the limits of your capabilities.


Have at least one Supernatural Merit 

Willpower 6+

Must have an Integrity Score




• Basic Training – Now that you’ve opened yourself up to the Cult, they are willing to help you idealize your own talent.  Gain a Specialty in Occult relevant to your Preferred Psychic Power, or gain the Area of Expertise Merit for the Specialty if you already have it.


•• Mind over Matter – The Third Eye makes us all the more capable of gazing outward, but inward as well.  Allowing those who move further into the Club to find that outside influences no longer hamper them in seeking their own Wisdom.  Gain the first dot of the Meditative Mind Merit.


••• Personal Growth – As you continue along the path of personal growth and evolution, your mind quietly rewires itself to be ever more efficient in bringing its amazing capabilities to bear.  Gain a Dot of Occult representing this mental efficiency.

•••• Self-Reliance – The Dark consistently seeks to blind you, to force you down to its level.  But, you’ve ignored the Siren’s song for so long, that doing so becomes second nature to you.  Gain Three dots of Supernatural Tolerance.


••••• Pinnacle of Psionic Achievement – This is it, the threshold of Humankind’s personal achievement through the development of their psionic capabilities.  There is nothing holding you back anymore, just you and your own Will.  You may now apply dice tricks to Supernatural Merit activation, This level of capability also gives you a flat 9-again on Supernatural Merits on its own, as well as allowing your successes to be truly potent (Exceptionally Succeed on 3s for Activation Rolls)