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EN 2.0 Chronicle’s Experience Policy

    • Auto XP: Our chronicle will start with a flat automatically awarded 2 XP a month to all active/sanctioned PCs.
      • This Auto XP is awarded in the last week of the month, or the first week of the next month. 
      • As in 1.0, the Staff will revisit the state of the game every 4 months, and evaluate whether we need to adjust Auto XP.
    • Beats Earned: Players may earn beats in any scene they are in, whether or not an ST is present. This is based on the honor system, and you must report beats earned in your thread in order to claim them. Your Venue ST will then award beats after verifying their validity. 
      • In an ST-ran scene, you will be able to earn on average 3-8 beats for the scene separate from other beats you document yourself.
      • See our Earning Beats Guide for assistance on what counts as a beat on Eternal Noire.
    • Death XP: Our Death XP Policy is being changed from 1.0. We will now allow 100% Death XP or Floor for character creation; whichever is higher. Please refer to the Death XP Policy for when character death may result in use of this policy.
    • XP Caps on Total XP on PC Sheets: These limits are designed so that the gap between PCs does not become so large that it discourages new character creation in our 2 year game chronicle.
      • Auto XP and Beats both count against cap.

    EN 2.0 XP Schedule