GUIDE: Earning Beats

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Earning Beats on Eternal Noire

A Beat is a point gained for performing certain actions. Five Beats becomes an Experience, which can then be used to purchase new traits, such as Attributes, Skills, Merits, or supernatural powers.


On Eternal Noire, you submit a request for your beats in your character thread. The player is responsible for submitting this request, and the Storyteller is responsible for reviewing it for approval and adding the XP to the character’s sheet.


You gain Beats when your character fulfills one of the criteria below. The WoD Codex also has a Beat Earning Guide Here, but ours is edited based on what we use on Eternal Noire. On Eternal Noire, Venue-Specific beats (like Arcane, Pack, and Practical/Group Beats) are not in use. Instead, they grant regular beats to those specific supernatural characters.