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Character Death Experience

Death/Loss of Character Policy

  • STs have the right to deny any and/or all death XP if the player does not act in accordance with site policies when their PC dies. Don’t be a jerk, follow the site policies at all times.
  • Players will be given 100% of their former PC’s total XP as build XP for a new character, if it is higher than the current XP floor.
    • This does not include the 10xp given to all new PCs at creation.
  • Players will have the option to spend anywhere from none to all of that XP at Character Creation.
    • Players must spend that initial XP according to the site’s Character creation rules.
    • Any banked XP may be spent after sanctioning with appropriate justification.

De-Sanctioning due to Volunteering as Staff

  • The same policy applies if a player needs to de-sanction a PC as a result of volunteering and joining staff for that PC’s venue (ST Position).
    • If a player chooses to do this and uses the XP gained on a new PC, the de-sanctioned PC will not be eligible for re-sanctioning at any time.
  • In the event that the player steps down from Staff, they must wait three months before they can play a PC in the venue they staffed for.