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De-sanctioning Policies & Processes

De-Sanctioning Process

It happens. You’re playing a character that you just don’t enjoy anymore or the way you envisioned you would when you started playing them. We understand that this situation is one that players can find themselves in.

Our Story Tellers also put a lot of work into integrating player stories into their plots so we have policies in place to ensure that the transitions are fair and infrequent.

De-sanctioning Policies:

  1. Waiting Periods: 
      1. For the De-sanctioning PC – There is a mandatory 24 hour waiting period for de-sanctioning.
      2. For a New PC – There is a mandatory 1-week waiting period to sanction a new PC after voluntarily de-sanctioning a character.
  • In a Venue at Cap – For characters that voluntarily de-sanction when a venue is at cap, the Player MUST rejoin the waiting list with a new character and do not “hold” their spot in the venue.
  • Story Teller Veto – As mentioned in our Code of Conduct, we take In Character Actions = In Character Consequences seriously. Your Venue ST Team can choose to refuse to allow your de-sanctioning if they believe it to be in an attempt to avoid consequences.
    1. Storytellers may allow you to de-sanction if avoiding consequences, but it may be a permanent de-sanction and may result in a PPS.
  1. Idle De-sanctioning: If players do not post in their thread once a month, they may be idle de-sanctioned by their Venue ST Team. In venues with a cap, this ensures that players who are looking to join have an opening to make a character.
    1. This process is optional unless the venue is at or near cap.

Requesting De-sanctioning:

  1. Post in your character thread your request to de-sanction.
  2. Story Teller starts a 24 hour waiting period. 
  3. Story Teller de-sanctions the PC as requested. 
  4. After waiting 1 week, submit a new PC as desired. 

Idle De-Sanctioning

  1. ST will post a warning when no post has been made in the thread in a month. 
  2. After 7 days, if the player doesn’t reply then the ST may de-sanction the player. 
  3. The player loses their spot in a capped venue, but can rejoin the waiting list to be re-sanctioned upon request in thread for re-sanctioning.

Death of a Character

Please see our Death Experience Policy regarding Death of a character.

  • Characters in a venue at cap that die during play do not surrender their spot to the wait list. They may use the Death Experience to build a PC in the same venue.