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General Custom Equipment


Information Blackout Virus (●●● to ●●●●●)

Created by Aeveth


Type: Mental

Effects: It’s as the name suggests, a virus, what does it do? it scrambles any data from the moment of activation until it has run its course or it has been purged from a system, it prevents the recording of any data on any medium not protected against it, it infects any data storage device with any kind of inalambric connection around the user, wifi, Bluetooth, etc. within range of a smartphone after a successful Intelligence + Computers roll, high-quality computers or smartphones bonus apply to this roll but the virus doesn’t offer any bonus on its own, an antivirus can protect against it if it’s rating is higher than the virus, otherwise in order to purge it from a system an extended action is needed, taking at least 1 hour of work and needing twice the virus Availability rating in successes. Until it is purged no data is recorded in any way, this doesn’t prevent a camera from working so anyone making use of them can see through them, but if it’s infected then no recording is made of what the camera sees.


Professional UAV

Created by LifeWithinYourEyes

These larger devices represent a range of larger professional and industrial flying devices available on the consumer market. The largest commercial drone on the market is Size 5 (5.4’x4.9’x2.49′), DIJ’s M600 Pro, used for cinematic videography, mining, chemical delivery in agriculture, and more. Professional UAVs are essentially highly specialized devices, which can avoid many obstructions by moving more freely through space. Unlike the smaller Consumer UAV, these models have improved flight performance and better loading capacity. Pre-installed arms and antennas reduce time required for setup, and the system’s modular design makes it easy to mount additional modules. The airframe is equipped with the latest technologies, including a Pro flight controller, HD transmission system, Intelligent Batteries and Battery Management system. Several Ultra HD cameras and gimbals are natively compatible and full integration with third party software and hardware make these UAVs ideal for professional aerial photography and industrial applications. These models are highly functional, and often come with Audio/Visual, Fine Manipulator, and/or Signal Extender Mods already pre-installed depending on the professional or industrial use for these drones.

While these models are larger, they are usually slower. Even with modifications these drones are made for precise work rather than speedy deliveries. These drones cannot move faster than their Size in Speed. These drones are heavier duty, and when sufficiently modified, they can lift objects one higher Size than their own.


Name: Professional UAV
Dice Pool Mod: -3
Size: 4 or 5
Durability: 8
Structure: 8
Speed: 4 or 5
Range: 200
Availability: 3 or 4

Drone Mods

Mining Kit

Created by LifeWithinYourEyes


Availability: 2
Size: 1

This modification fits the drone for underground purposes.

Stealth & Aerial Reconnaissance Equipment

Created by LifeWithinYourEyes


Availability: 4
Size: 3


This modification adds Stealth and Aerial Reconnaissance Equipment to the drone. With this modification, the UAV is equipped with an electro-optical/infrared sensor and an active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar mounted in its belly fairing. To “go invisible” to electronic sensors and mostly to the naked eye, the Drone takes its size as a negative to the roll (Wits+Computers-Drone Size). The success on this roll acts as the stealth roll for the drone. These drones come with the Audio/Visual Modification already installed.

Note that this is civilian available equipment that won’t draw immense scrutiny from regulating commissions. Military drones operate with classified technology not available to the public, and this drone modification will not work on UAVs larger than Size 10. They’re beyond the scope of this modification.


Secondary Dice Pools: This mod adds communications intercept equipment (Dex+Computers+5) as well as highly sensitive hyperspectral sensors capable of detecting very small amounts of radioactive isotopes, as well as chemicals which may indicate the existence of nuclear weapons facilities (Dex+Computers-5).

Weapons Systems

Created by LifeWithinYourEyes


Availability: 3
Size: 2


This version uses non-explosive weapons, such as a SMG, and uses the secondary pool of (Dexterity+Firearms+2), following the Large SMG rules on p. CoD 268 with Autofire.