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Custom Content Policy

On Eternal Noire, we try to keep the rules and the content submitted here as close to the books as possible. However, we also encourage custom content submission that enriches the story and makes the game more creative, fun and story-driven for all players and STs. With EN House Rule # 1 in mind always, the submission of Custom Content is accepted at the sole discretion of the Venue ST Team it is submitted to.


For Universal Custom Content, this takes a lot more time for review and official adoption since all Venue STs have a right to review it and provide feedback. All Custom Content is subject to being altered, changed, modified, and removed at the Venue ST’s discretion.


If submitted by a player, we will display the Player’s name as the content’s author by default, though you can ask us to remove it anytime.


Each Custom Content Submitted qualifies for at least 1 and up to 5 beats for Contributing to the Setting, at ST Venue Team discretion.


To prevent extra work and fatigue from Staff, Custom Content should only be submitted for the group you are playing in. If you are not a part of the group that would use the custom content, then you may not submit the custom content for play. This is to prevent custom creations from being farmed for beats but never utilized IC, by any players.

Custom Content Submission Process

  1. Submit Custom Content after sanctioning to your Venue ST via your character thread.
  2. Your Venue STs will discuss the custom content and then discuss any changes with you.
  3. If Universal Custom Content, it will then go to the staff for review.
  4. Your Venue ST will then let you know if your content is approved and add it to our knowledge base if it is.