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Custom Conditions



As you traverse the Hedge, it tears away your character’s hold on reality. She may believe herself to be in Arcadia, or think she’s wandering the Supernal World. Roll Resolve + Composure. On a failure, the character spends the next scene convinced she is in a different place or time, and interacts with her environment accordingly.


Possible Sources: Reaching a breaking point; getting lost in the Hedge or somewhere that the other reality has invaded our own.


Resolution: Leave the Hedge; regain all lost Clarity.


Beat: Choose to fail the Resolve + Composure roll; take lethal or aggravated damage while under the delusion.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (Persistent)

Created by LifeWithinYourEyes


Description: Something horrible and traumatic happened to your character, or was witnessed by your character, in which has affected your character to the very core. When this condition is taken, the player chooses a relevant trigger related to the incident that caused this condition and a related persistent condition approved by your Storyteller. When your character faces their trigger, they are affected by the related condition for the rest of the session (day on EN), or until they receive therapy, whichever comes first. For Example, Soldier Sam is triggered by explosions, his related condition is Fugue (persistent).


Beat: Anytime this condition triggers your character, and you roleplay through the effects of the condition, you may take a beat.


Resolution: Your character works to create an emotional toolset to work through this condition using counseling and therapy. You may also take a beat when you resolve this condition permanently.


Your character has the essence of a bio-mechanical monstrosity running through her veins. She suffers an increasing sense of delirium and fatigue that impedes on daily life. She no longer regains Willpower points through rest, and must spend one Willpower point per day or suffer a –2 penalty to any roll involving Mental or Physical skills. When the character’s Willpower is reduced to zero, her player must roll Resolve + Composure. On a failure, the character falls into a deep sleep.
Possible Sources: Suffer damage from the Thorns, Gain Instability within the Hedge
Resolution: Succumb to a deep sleep for at least 24 hours; destroy a fae creature; undergo a major blood transfusion, Heal the Instability gained.
Beat: Your character suffers a hallucination or an attack of fatigue that heightens the immediate danger she faces.