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One of the bigger shifts between EN 1.0 and 2.0 is the move away from a cold war crossover limited setting to a more interwoven and cross over optional/friendly one. If you’ve been with us for a while then you might not be sure how to handle cross over so let me give you some tips.


The Difference between Crossover and Gothic Super-Friends, A Primer:

One of the things you may see that is complained about in crossover settings is “oh it always becomes ‘Gothic Super Friends’ or ‘League of Extraordinary Monsters.’” While there is nothing inherently wrong with that type of chronicle it is not the one we are telling here.  


Now the line between the two can be a hard one to find and stay on the right side of; It’s a lot about feel. ‘Gothic Super Friends’ tends to ignore the secrecy that is inherent in the individual splats, and tend to call in other supernaturals to help with all their issues. It’s a trope that works better in table top instead of a chat game because it requires a ST to know most of the rules across every game line fairly well.


Cross over preserves the mysteries between the splats and keeps them mostly insular about their own problems. It also focuses more on making sure that mortal NPCs are kept out of the know and an awareness of the possibility of being overheard. It’s marked by continuing to use coded language to see if you’re in the know. It’s a lot like queer flirting without apps, needing to subtly check for cues that the other party is in the know, using coded words to describe your self, and that desperate hope that the other monster is both in the know and accepts you, because sometimes there are prejudices between monsters too. 


An example of what this means is say you’re doing a crossover light “coffeeshop” RP scene. Instead of going up to another player and saying “Hello yes i’m a Deviant”  it would be conveyed through little cues like “I’m just a broken soul” or “Yeah sometimes things can get weird in this city”


Once you confirm someone is in the know and comfortable with you then how much you share depends on location(ie the room you’re in not which SPLAT you are)  if your in a public/general room that is not supernaturals only, like the Tea Room, you should assume mortal company even if there are no mortal PC’s in the room with you at the time. New York is a crowded city and the Mortals out number all of us so they are always there. 


If you are in an open room that is either established as supernaturals only or you have made one out of say “rented back room at a nightclub” then you can assume there are no mortals present and maybe consider dropping the coded language. 


Conflict of Interest & You

Now with crossover comes a greater potential for COI or Conflict of Interest issues. How we view conflict of interest is that your characters can not benefit from interactions with other characters that you have a close relationship with in another Venue. For example, Bob’s PC 1 is in a Motely with Mary’s PC 1, as such Bob should limit interactions between his PC 2 and Mary’s PC 1. 


In practice this amounts to keeping it light and “coffeeshop” level between them and not engaging or attempting to say form a Kinship tie in Beast with members of your characters motley form Changeling.


Another example of a conflict would be information or plot sharing. To return to Bob and Mary, Bob’s Beast PC 2 is in a scene with Mary’s Changeling PC 1, Bob shares Beast plot info or even Site wide plot info with Mary. Now because of the motley relationship Bob has created a conflict because he has effectively shared information with himself because he’s put Mary into a position that if she shares this info with her Motley then they are trapped in the COI situation.  


Closing Reminders

We are a crossover friendly chronicle, though we do have some site policies in place to help with that.  

  • Please make sure you read the tags on any ST scenes on the calendar, if an ST is running a crossover or crossover friendly scene that will be called out. Don’t just assume that because you have an IC best friend that told you all about there problems that you’re invited to a CTL only scene. However, if that PC does invite you to a non-crossover friendly scene it may mean consequences IC. Check with the Venue ST regarding these situations.
  • If you engage in any crossover scene then site policy does require that you submit logs for that scene within 7 days of the scene taking place. 
  • Have fun and make friends, Hang out with the Beasts IC, just keep location in mind when you choose to share your own supernatural abilities.