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Contagion Chronicle Rules Calls


No one Arcanum provides blanket license to affect every aspect of another kind of supernatural being or phenomenon.


The Counterspell Attainment and Prime dispellation spells only work on Awakened magic, but regular Clashes of Wills and various other spells will apply in some cases.

Interacting with the Begotten


Which Arcana can I use to study Beasts and protect against their powers?
Mind is your primary source of Begotten information here, they are not Goetia, but are of the Astral Realm. Mind Shielding protects vs Nightmares. Lair Traits follow their thematics.


Can I manipulate Satiety?
There are rules for this, and I will want to speak with Metztli about them as they are not so lenient as I was originally lead to believe, prior to reading.


Can Beasts provide Yantras?
Yes, within certain stipulations


Do Beasts have souls as the Awakened interpret them?
No, and Awakened magic can’t manipulate or remove a Horror as though it were a soul.

Interacting with the Lost


Which Arcana can I use to study Changelings and protect against their powers?
Interacting with most Fae phenomena is a combination of Fate and Mind.

  • Fate to interact with the Wyrd as a force of reciprocity and promises
  • Mind to interact with the Glamour that makes fae magic possible.
  • Active Mind or Fate sight will see through the Mask automatically (Unless Strengthened.)
  • Other Active Sights may see *partially* through the mien depending on the Arcanum in question. (Again barring reinforced.)
  • Fate Shielding can protect against Sealings and incoming Goblin Debt, (otherwise cheat the Wyrd is very Nebulous.)
  • Fate altering already present Oaths may require a Clash of Wills (will reach out to the Changeling Team on this.)


Can I manipulate Glamour?
Mind can manipulate Glamor (Weaving can move it around between vessels like fae beings, goblin fruits, and entitlement heraldry. Similar to Prime’s “Channel Mana” It can also remove it to use it as a Yantra bonus equal to potency of spell (Max +5)
The above spell can’t remove Glamour from people without a Wyrd rate, but Mind Patterning with Connjuntional Fate could.


What about Clarity?
Can be damaged or Healed with Mind Fraying/Unraveling (mild/severe respectively.) Or heal with Perfecting/Patterning Clarity Conditions are Mental Conditions for the purposes of spells like Clear Thoughts


Can I mess with Contracts? After all, they’re just Oaths, Right?
Most Contracts are Side Effects of Oaths the True Fae
As such, a mage might be able to mitigate them, but not fully end them. Affecting things like target, cost, range, and duration.
They can learn an active contracts by scrutinizing them, through Space or Fate, the Space spell ‘Correspondence,’ or the Fate spell ‘Interconnections.’


Do changeling’s have souls as the Awakened interpret them?
Yes – The count as Awakened ones for purposes of soul-manipulation magic, though Spells like ‘Soul Marks’ reveal the deep wounds a changeling’s soul bears from the Thorns.

Changelings have Connected Sympathy to their Icons, and mages can use an Icon as a tool Yantra with a +2 Bonus for Fate or Mind Spells that resonate with the Hedge


CLARIFICATION: Cold Iron vs Siderite

Siderite is the most perfect Iron that ever existed, this is true. However, Cold Iron specifically states that in order for it to be banal against the Fae that it cannot; be forged in bulk nor forged by magic.

  • You can summon it, wholly formed if it existed in the form it was summoned as, and still count as the bane.
  • You can use magic to find Naturally occurring Siderite and forge it mundanely to have it still count as the bane.
  • You cannot use the Matter spell that allows you to turn base Iron into Siderite and have it count as the bane.
  • You cannot use the Matter Spell Shaping to turn a hunk of Siderite into a usable form, and have it still count as the Bane.
  • You cannot simply Will Siderite into Existence, and have it count as the Bane.
  • Magically Manifested Siderite will still count as Iron for things like its immunity to Fae Magic, and cutting through defenses related to Fae magics.

CtL pg 102
PGttCC pg 14

Interacting with the Broken


Which Arcana can I use to study Deviants and protect against their Powers?
HAHAHAHA It varies, is the TL;DR


It brings up Forces being able to counter Deviant Telekinesis. Situations like this will require a Clash of Wills.


Do deviants have souls as the Awakened interpret them?

Yes, but they are too broken and unstable to steal. They are cut off from the collective soul of Humanity.


While it states that Death can heal or cause Instability, the Deviant Team requests that this isn’t done, due to the sheer amount of paperwork this would cause.

Interacting with the Hunters


Which Arcana can I use to study Hunters and protect against their Powers?

Hunters without Supernatural Merits or Magical Endowments are Sleepers.

Fate Magic reveals a hunter risking Willpower, in addition to experiencing exceptional/dramatic rolls.


What kind of demons does the Lucifuge get its power from?
Lower Depths some mages call the Inferno The Awakened know these beings as akathartoi.


Do Hunters have souls as the Awakened interpret them?

Yes. Slashers do not.

Interacting with the Vampire

Which Arcana can I use to study Vampires and protect against their Powers?

  • Death Primarily. Vitae is a phenomenon of both Life & Death.
  • Active Life sight registers them as Dead.
  • Scrutiny with Death or Life tells you Blush of Life is false.
  • Prime Spell “Pierce Deception” can also see that Blush is false.
  • Banes register to Arcana as dependent on the Bane. Also register to Fate’s “Interconnections” as Curses, the second Reach effect reveals those curses’ nature.

Mages detect blood sympathy ties and bonds as sympathetic links, they match up as follows:

Ghouls always have Strong sympathetic ties to their regnants.


Can I manipulate Vitae?
Death + Life Weaving with a spell similar to Channel Mana.


How about daysleep, torpor, or Frenzy?

  • Sleep of the Just would require Death to keep them awake during the day or asleep at night.
  • Trying to manipulate Torpor dreams does not require Death.
  • Waking a Torpid vampire requires Death+Mind Ruling, as does induce torpor (but requires Perfecting).
  • Death + Mind can manipulate a frenzy, as with Torpor, both are withstood by Composure.
  • Other magic that creates the usual frenzy triggers works, but Vampires can resist the frenzy as normal.


Do Vampires have souls as the Awakened interpret them?

Yes, Vampires have human souls that count as Awakened ones for the purposes of soul-manipulation magic, and “Soul Marks” reveals diablerists.