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Chat, Forum, & Wiki Policy

All of the following are expanded on the other Site Policies and are meant to work together with them. Please contact any member of staff, or submit feedback for any questions.

Chat Policy

  1. Lobby Etiquette
    1. Please keep all discussion in the lobby friendly and welcoming at all times.
    2. REMEMBER: Welcoming people and being a good community member can earn you a beat.
    3. Topics to generally avoid:
      1. Real Life politics, religion, sports.
      2. Sharing sensitive IC information in the public lobby.
      3. “Lobby Griefing” is not a proper feedback submission avenue. Please send an FPM to the relevant ST or to the Admin team if you have any feedback.
    4. Profile Pictures: Much as with our Wiki, these are images that need to follow our Safe For Work guidelines.
  2. Public/General Rooms
    1. All public rooms are open to all players at any time.
    2. It should be assumed if you are in a public location that there are usually NPCs around.
      1. If in a public place such as a mall or park, there are likely mundane mortals around..
    3. A ST may drop in on any public room at any time, whether or not drop in hours are scheduled on the calendar.
      1. You have a right to alert the ST of limited time and they will work with you.
    4. General/Crossover Rooms
      1. Per our setting, these rooms are open to all players and STs at all times.
        1. All rooms are considered “Dangerous” at all times.
  3. Protected/Passworded Rooms/Groups
    1. ALL players AND STs MUST have permission from players BEFORE entering these rooms or dropping in on the players within.
    2. Room Clears: Staff will clear these rooms often, but feel free to request it as well after use if you would like it cleared sooner.
  4.  Crossover Roleplay
    1. Crossover roleplay is allowed, and is highly encouraged!
    2. All Crossover Roleplay that happens on the site MUST be submitted to your ST team in a scene log and alert them to any venue crossover involved. These logs should be submitted in your character thread no later than 7 days after the scene completes.
  5. Adult/Erotic Roleplay
    1. Please keep this to the non-public rooms at all times.
    2. For resulting pregnancies, please see our policy on that.
    3. You should not submit logs of Adult/Erotic Roleplay to the ST team.
  6. NPC/Staff Roleplay
    1. Yes, you may use NPCs and Staff that are on your sheet passively in scenes.
    2. This NPC is not a secondary character for you. Keep all RP passive and minimal.
    3. Keep the interaction to a minimum. Remember they have their own wants and needs.
    4. Child NPCs
      1. You may never roleplay any child NPCs (even your own).
      2. Only STs may use these NPCs in official scenes to drive plot and story.
  7. *NEW* Automated Message Logging: Our chat program automatically logs all data collected through it, including but not limited to direct messages, protected room logs, and messages sent between players. Administrators have the ability to check these records when necessary. Players should not assume to have privacy in regards to the messages being transmitted in any portion of the chat.
    • Please Note: Administrators limit this access, and will normally only access these logs when investigating a complaint about a player or ST.
  8. *NEW* Petition System: Our chat program has a ticketing report system built-in. This allows players to make complaints about player and staff behavior at the time it happens in a quick and easy way. This option time stamps and records the reported message as “evidence” and submits it for review.
    • Please note that while the admin team can act on and enforce our site policies using this petition system, it should not replace submitting feedback. While this system is good for reporting singular messages, it does not replace the full feedback system for general feedback and issues between players or between players and staff. Submitting feedback helps to ensure no feedback is lost or missed.
  9. All other behavior must follow our general site policies as well. Also make sure to check our Chat FAQ page for more information!

Forum Policy

  1. Registration
    1. Anyone can register for a user account on our OOC forums.
    2. To become a Player and see the IC forums, you’ll need to follow the information on the How to Register page to be assigned to the player groups.
  2. OOC Posts
    1. All posts must be in line with our typical code of conduct.
    2. “Don’t be a jerk”! Keep all communication friendly and welcoming.
    3. You MAY NOT post IC information in the OOC forums.
  3. IC Posts
    1. These posts may be antagonistic, but keep in mind; IC actions = IC Consequences.
    2. All information posted in IC forums is privileged IC information.
      1. Spread the information ICly, not OOCly.
  4. All other behavior must follow our general site policies as well.

Wiki Policy

  1. PC wikis are required once you’re sanctioned.
    1. You must make a player wiki before you go IC.
    2. If you want help with this, staff can assist you!
  2. Imagery & PC Portrayal (From our Code of Conduct Policy)
    1. All character images used on our website, or linked to externally from our website, must be of models that are able to be confirmed at least 18 years of age at the time the image was taken.
    2. All “play by” models must be credited on your character wiki. Your MAIN picture should be a picture of a real person (photograph), credited to that model. However, we allow realistic CGI renderings or generators (such as ) as long as the artist or generator used is credited. Finally, if you are using artwork, drawn, or non-photograph image, for additional images on your wiki please credit the artist or where you found the artwork. (This is for Creative Commons purposes.)
    3. No image may display nudity, explicitly or implied, and MUST be considered Safe For Work (SFW). If you are choosing someone who has a lot of Not Safe For Work (NSFW) pictures in a simple google search, please warn your fellow staff and players on your wiki when you credit your model used with the tag (NSFW). The easy litmus test is this: if you can get arrested for indecent exposure wearing it in public, then you may not use it as a character picture. Depictions should be artistic rather than leaning toward pornographic, as the site is mobile friendly.  The short of it being that if you wouldn’t want your Boss/Traditionalist grandmother seeing what was on the screen, it should be reconsidered or cropped. We do not know what everyone who plays here’s situation is, and it is better to err on the side of caution than not. Examples of NSFW content: Nipple pasties but otherwise full breasts exposed, nipples showing through shirts, pubic hair visible, genitalia exposed but cleverly covered with a fig leaf, ect.
    4. Now what does this mean? In terms of style? So long as the model is wearing garments intended as external wear, and not specifically looking like they are peeling themselves out of them? You are fine. Like the difference between bikinis and lingerie, the difference lies solely in intent and perception. Both are equally important. 
  3. No Wiki “Vandalism”
    1. “Vandalism” can be…
      1. Changing anything on a player’s wiki that you do not have permission to change. (Images, text, ect.)
      2. Re-adding removed quotes (See IC Quotes) or other content.
      3. Making changes to any setting or NPC pages you do not have permission to change.
  4. IC Quotes
    1. IC Knowledge: If you leave a quote on a character wiki, that quote becomes IC knowledge.
      1. Using quotes to find out information about a character you have never met is metagaming and will be treated as such.
      2. Quotes containing venue specific information are assumed available ONLY TO THAT VENUE.
    2. Editing Quotes: Quotes left by other characters cannot be edited beyond formatting and/or spelling or grammatical errors.
    3. Removing Quotes: Quotes can be removed by the wiki owner, but not if it has already been responded to IC. Once the quote is removed it cannot be responded to IC, and it is treated as though it never happened. If a quote is removed in such a manner, reposting the same or similar quote will be considered wiki vandalism.
  5. All other behavior must follow our general site policies as well.