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FAQ: Chat

Chat Basics

This is the exact username you use on the forums. It is a required field because you are required to make a forum account on EN.

  • Our Chat program only allows for one unique e-mail address per login. However, we allow for you to have more than one chat login on Eternal Noire if you would like. You may have one login per character. You may also have one login if you’d prefer and simply change the profile to match the pc you would like to go on. 
  • The main benefit to having multiple logins is that you can dual log different characters that way. Unfortunately, we cannot change the e-mail requirement for the chat. This means you either need to have three separate e-mail accounts to achieve this, or you can use an e-mail alias service (such as ).

In the top left corner click the menu button, this is the button with three lines. Then click on edit profile.

  • Yes, there is no requirements for what color your name is.
  • Please note that saturated colors work best against the background color of the chat, you may need to try a few to find a color that works well!
  • You may not go IC until you have a sanctioned PC first and a wiki page for that sanctioned PC.
  • Please read our Chat Policy, but in general all images must be Safe For Work (SFW).
  • This applies to any link previews for the links you link as well. It MUST be SFW.

You can follow one of these guides:

Click the flag to report a message.

This is one of the options you can set when editing your profile.

Typing @ and then the person’s name (or username, either works) will render that person’s name in gold and send them an alert that they’ve been mentioned. Eg @John Doe.

  • Unfortunately, this is not a feature of the chat. Name color can be used to distinguish different players.
  • You can wrap a word in *asterisks* or put it in all CAPS to emphasize it.


A group is what this chat program calls a Room.

  1. Click the plus sign on the room list. Please use the appropriate borough tag when naming the room.
  2. You can make the room either protected by setting a password, or public by not setting a password.
  3. If the created room is intended to be venue-specific, use a tag at the end of the room name, such as (BtP Only) or (VtM Only).
  • They are abbreviations for the five boroughs. 
    1. [BX] Bronx
    2. [BN] Brooklyn
    3. [QS] Queens
    4. [MN] Manhattan
    5. [SI] Staten Island

This is a way to communicate who the room is for. You can have one of the venue types or crossover/general rooms.

  • Two: The Lobby and 1 IC room of your choice.
  • Please remember to leave a group when you’ve finished RPing, you will be unable to enter another group if you’ve not done so.

No. The Lobby “catches” all users and allows players and STs who are IC to be able to participate in the Lobby chatter still if they want to.