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Changeling Custom Merits

Arcadian Body (●●●●)

Prerequisite: Changeling


Your character’s transformation from human to changeling was more drastic than most. Whether by your Keeper’s design, the rigors of Arcadia, or some combination thereof, one Attribute in particular was made significantly more potent. She gains an additional dot in that Attribute, and the maximum number of dots in that Attribute increase by one above the normal maximum – usually from five to six, unless she has an advanced level of Wyrd. This Merit can only be taken once.

This Merit is only available at character creation.

Ensorcellment (●)

Prerequisite: Mortal (in the CtL Venue)


Your character has entered into a bargain with one of the Lost of B-FEZ. This bargain provides you with a goblin fruit once a month that allows you to see past the mask of Fae creatures. This ability also marks you as being touched by the wyrd. Anyone with a clarity track notices the light shimmer of fate that clings to your character like a light mantle marking you as one of the Ensorcelled.


The bargain you make with the Lost could be anything, though should you break it you automatically lose access to this merit and unless you can strike a new bargain it is subject to the Sanctity of Merits

Faerie Healing (●●)

Prerequisite: Changeling


Your character can heal others with Goblin Fruit as effectively as she can heal herself – and this includes mortals and normal animals. The exact manner of this healing occurs according to the particular character. Some characters must feed the fruit to their patient, others eat or touch the fruit and then must touch their patient and some must extract the juice from the fruit and combine the juice with some commonly available ingredients… ginger or honey, for example. You may select a particular method, but once it is selected, you cannot change this method.
All characters with Faerie Healing have one specific method in which they use goblin fruit to heal others, and various methods have distinct advantages and disadvantages. For example, making a specially blended juice out of the goblin fruit allows your character to carry an innocuous Thermos flask of fruit juice wherever she goes while laying hands on the patient’s bare skin does not require the person to consent to some unusual action such as eating a strange-looking fruit. However, whatever method used; the patient regains a single point of Lethal damage (or two points of Bashing damage) per fruit consumed as if the patient were a Changeling eating goblin fruit.

Special Note: Your character cannot use goblin fruit to heal the dead (this includes humans who have died of their wounds, ghosts and the Undead).

Hedge Beast Companion (●●●-●●●●●)

Prerequisite: Changeling, Fae-Touched or Ensorcelled (3 Dot Only)


This Merit represents a positive relationship between the changeling and the hobgoblin in question. It should be remembered that unique and exotic Hedge Beasts may be more difficult to explain to the mundane world. Cats and dogs are seen as common companions, and can even be registered as service animals to facilitate their presence in public places. Rats and other rodentia, birds, lizards or snakes may elicit a bit more attention but are still likely to pass without too much problem. Insects, fish and horses may be a bit more difficult to explain, while animals seen as dangerous (wolves, big cats or bears) or endangered (Tasmanian devils, lemurs or many birds of prey) may not only draw huge amounts of attention but the wrath of the human authorities as well. Likewise, horses and other “beasts of burden” as well as large animals of other sorts may be difficult for an urban changeling to the house. Since the Hedge Beast is entering into the companion relationship predominantly for protection and sanctuary, boarding the creature away from the changeling, or having it remain within the Hedge for the majority of the time is a dissatisfactory treatment. This is not implied by the Merit; any pledge bonds can be formed in the usual fashion.


The Hedge Beast is not a servant or slave, although it is likely to aid the character in whatever reasonable ways the Hedge Beast can in exchange for the changeling’s aid, support, and protection.


The hobgoblin is not likely to put itself into overly hazardous positions; safety and support are a large part of why Hedge Beasts take companions in the first place. Especially in the human world, however, people tend to ignore animals, allowing the Hedge Beast opportunity to witness or overhear many things that might otherwise be hidden from the hobgoblin’s Lost companion. Hedge Beasts more powerful than these assuredly exist, but are not in need of changeling protectors, and therefore do not seek out such relationships. Changelings and companions can enter into pledge bonds that will strengthen and define their relationship.


Mechanics: This scaling merit allows a Hedge Beast Companion to act as a retainer for the player. Using the Hob Creation Rules (CtL page 252), where the 3 dot version is a wyrd 1 hob, a 4 dot version is a wyrd 2 hob and the 5 dot version is a wyrd 3 hob. 


Unlike humans, Hedge Beasts do not begin with an assumption of one point in each Attribute. An insect companion may well have a Strength of 0, while a skittish ferret may have no composure whatsoever.


(●●●): Wyrd 1 | Trait Limit 5** | Attribute Dots 16 | Skill Dots 10 (1 Specialty) | Dread Powers 3 | Contracts 2 | Merits 3 | Max Glamour / Per Turn  6/1 

(●●●●): Wyrd 2 | Trait Limit 6** | Attribute Dots 20 | Skill Dots 15  (1 Specialty) | Dread Powers 3 | Contracts 2 | Merits 5 | Max Glamour / Per Turn  7/2

(●●●●●): Wyrd 3 | Trait Limit 7** | Attribute Dots 24 | Skill Dots 20 (1 Specialty)  | Dread Powers 3 | Contracts 2 | Merits 7 | Max Glamour / Per Turn  8/3


Special Note: Hedge Beast Companions cannot have Court Contracts as they are not changelings and cannot enter into oaths with the courts. Mortals with this merit cannot buy higher than the three-dot version. Should mortals later change templates to become a changeling, they will be allowed to increase the merit dots than in the same companion.


Hedge Beast Companion Character Sheet for creating your friend!


** This is a Permanent attribute cap not counting bonuses from Contracts or Dread Powers.

Hedge Gate Sense (●)

Prerequisite: Changeling


While the Lost can enter the Hedge by creating a gateway almost anywhere; there are times when it’s just safer to find an established way into the Hedge. There’s going to be times when it’s vital to find a safe way out of the Hedge too! This Merit represents an increased sensitivity to the presence of gateways into and out of the Hedge. When attempting to find your way out of the Hedge a character with this Merit can cut the time required to find an active gateway in half.


In addition, Changelings with this Merit may make a reflexive Wits + Wyrd roll to notice an active gateway into the Hedge — a doorway that has been used as a gateway will glimmer with ethereal light, or the stones that form an active gateway arch might pulse eerily when the Changeling nears.

Hedge Giant (●)

Prerequisite: Changeling, Giant •••
Effect: Your character is massive. He’s well over 8 feet tall and crowds part when he approaches. Though the mask presents him as a Giant-sized character, in the Hedge, Oneiros, or Arcadia or when his Mask is scoured, his Size increases by 1 to Size 7 (raising his Health accordingly).

Drawback: Buying clothing is a nightmare. Fitting into small spaces is difficult at best.


This Merit is normally only available at character creation, but encounters with fae magic or visits to Arcadia may also offer opportunities for its purchase.

Legendary Looks (●●)

Prerequisite: Changeling, Striking Looks ••


Effect: Your character’s appearance is a composite of iconic fae imagery throughout the ages. If your character is beautiful, he’s the example of beauty throughout the minds of millions. If she’s frightening, she’s utterly terrifying on a primordial level. While in Arcadia, within the Hedge, or while your Mien is otherwise visible, gain the rote quality to the action in addition to the normal +2 for Striking Looks.

Littlest Pixie (●●)

Prerequisite: Changeling, Small Frame ••
Your character is diminutive. She’s not even three feet tall, and it’s easy to walk into her without noticing. In the Hedge, Oneiros, or Arcadia decrease her Size by 1 (reducing Health by 1 accordingly) The changeling gains +2 to any rolls to hide or go unnoticed, and this bonus might apply any time being smaller would be an advantage, and stacks with the effects of Small Frame.Littlest Pixies are only visible in their true size when the changeling’s Mein is visible, for example when the Mask is dropped or in the hedge. Changelings can see this decreased size, regardless, when their vision pierces the Mask.
Drawback: Finding age appropriate clothes is a nightmare, you are forced to mostly shop in childrens sections of major stores as you must dress to fit your true size not the mask size.
This Merit is normally only available at character creation, but encounters with fae magic or visits to Arcadia may also offer opportunities for its purchase.

Perfect Stillness (●●)

Prerequisite: Changeling, Stealth •


Your character learned how to avoid the notice of her Keeper by remaining motionless for hours at a time. Whenever she wishes, she can remain perfectly still for an entire scene. Except for breathing softly and silently, your character can stand without moving a muscle for an entire scene, even if the position she is in would be exceedingly uncomfortable for others. In addition to the other uses of this Merit, if your character remains stationary while hiding, all rolls to notice or locate are made at a -2 penalty.