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Changeling Custom Entitlements

The Fair Princess

If one thread unites all of the Lost, it is suffering. Even the gentlest Durance is marked by imprisonment and a loss of that which the future Changeling held dear in their mortal life; even the gentlest existence upon return to the world of men shadowed by the knowledge of twisted alien gods lying in wait beyond the Thorns. All who have escaped the bonds of Arcadia have been bled by the Briars and seen their once-mortal souls tattered upon them, witnessed their bodies changed, sometimes beyond all recognition. Most Changelings bear their suffering as best they can, working to reclaim their old lives or forge new ones in spite of the scars and the nightmares. Others are broken by their suffering, becoming the sort of abusers whose mastery of the lash is all the more puissant for having so intimately felt its sting, blinded by their pain until they become little better than the Others themselves.  But there is another road, one rarely walked: those who have suffered may learn to live with their pain, or let it blind them to the pain of others, but for the purest of souls, their suffering opens their eyes fully to the suffering of those around them. While all of the Lost who come to be known as the Fairest are inspiring symbols possessed of an air of martyrdom, a rare handful among their number, truly broken both in their mortal lives and their Arcadian imprisonment alike, find Nobility in their suffering – and power. Forsaking her own comfort, dedicating herself entirely to those whom would look to her for comfort and succor, the Sovereign who claims the Mantle of the Fair Princess stands as a blazing beacon of hope among the hopeless and the Lost, suffering so they need not suffer and standing tall amid the storm so that they can withstand the darkness and the fear without losing their resolve. She brings peace and love to those of her Kingdom – and her Kingdom loves her in turn, their efforts redoubled to see their Princess’ will done and her safety seen to….



The Fair Princess serves until her death, at which point the Martyr’s Rose is reclaimed by the Thorns, kept by the Wyrd until a time when a Kingdom is in peril and a worthy Fairest is counted among its number. When an act of suffering or sacrifice on the part of a suitable candidate is witnessed by the Briars, the Martyr’s Rose blooms in her path, and all she must do  to become the new Fair Princess is to reach out and claim the Token – alongside all the pain it brings.


Privileges and Duties

The Fair Princess is a loving and beloved symbol to those who she counts among her Kingdom; it is her duty to do all she can for those under her care, leading them through dark times and tending their hurts, be they physical, mental, or emotional. Suffering being an old companion for her, she faces it bravely, taking up the pain of those she cares for and carying it with quiet grace, conquering it and in the doing, showing others that they, to, can conquer anguish and despair.


Mask and Mien

The Fair Princess’ Mien grows more idealized and inspiring, equal parts regal leader and humble servant to those in her care. Whether wild and unkempt or regal and reserved, she never appears anything less than the perfect image of heroism; when suffering the cost of using the Martyr’s Rose, her attire becomes subtly bloodied and worn to Fae eyes – the image of noble martyr who is bloodied but still unbroken, bent but still unbowed.



Fairest of Them All (••••)

Prerequisites: Changeling; Fairest, Empathy 3, Presence 3, Wyrd 3

  • Upon purchase, the character gains ranks equal to her current Wyrd. She can spend each rank to either increase the heraldry token’s rating by one dot or gain one of the entitlement’s five blessings; each sample entitlement lists its unique blessings and describes its token. Before she invests any ranks in the token, it’s effectively 0 dots, existing purely as an identifying sigil and badge of office.
  • Whenever the player purchases another Wyrd dot, the character gains another entitlement rank to spend. Thus, a Wyrd 10 entitled changeling is the pinnacle of her station’s realized potential — as some Lost put it, a fully self actualized changeling.
    The noble may spend 1 Glamour for +2 to a mundane Social roll against any fae being (including fetches and fae-touched, but not Huntsmen) as long as it reinforces her title’s role or furthers its duties, and the target is aware of them.
  • One Merit blessing lets the changeling regain 1 Glamour whenever she regains Willpower through her Needle in direct pursuit of her role. She may spend the Glamour immediately on anything she likes or store it in her heraldry token for later use. The token can store up to her Wyrd in Glamour. If she can neither spend nor store it, it’s lost. All stored Glamour empties at the end of the story.
  • One Merit blessing grants hazy, passive memories of her predecessors’ adventures, along with inherited expertise. Gain a new Specialty relevant to the title’s duty. Rolls made with that Specialty achieve exceptional success on three successes.
    [Specialty Gained: Expression (Inspiring)]
  • One Merit blessing grants sudden flashbacks. Once per chapter, the player may accept the Shaken Condition (Changeling, p. 344) for the character to remember a terrifying or traumatic experience from a predecessor’s life as the title’s bearer and gain that predecessor’s Thread in addition to her own for the chapter. She must still abide by the usual limitations on anchor-based Willpower gain (Changeling, p. 95).
    [Thread Gained: Love]


Friend or Foe

Once per story, the changeling may publicly and vocally declare the subject “friend” or “foe” of her Kingdom. A “friend” gains a +1 to all non-Social rolls. The target gains two Willpower upon waking in the morning thanks to “pleasant dreams.” Finally, the target gains +3 to any Social rolls made involving the changelings of the freehold (though the Fair Princess is excluded from this). By contrast, a “foe” suffers a persistent –1 to all non-Social rolls, loses a Willpower point upon waking every morning instead of regaining any (due to “troubling dreams”), and suffers a –3 penalty to any Social rolls involving the changelings of the freehold (though once again, rolls involving the Fair Princess are excluded). The Fair Princess can revoke the curse or blessing at any time. Doing so, however, doesn’t allow her to use it again immediately: she must still wait until the next story.


For The Princess!

Teamwork Actions led by the Fair Princess, actions made to fulfill a request she has made, or actions taken to protect or avenge her gain dice equal to the Fair Princess’ Wyrd as a bonus.

If the changeling doesn’t uphold the title’s duties during each story, subject to the Storyteller’s discretion, she loses the use of “Friend or Foe’ and “For the Princess!” until she fulfills her duties again.



The Princess’ Herald – A loyal friend and confidant who is called to service when the Fair Princess accepts her Title.



As the Fairest of them All, the Fair Princess suffers the pain of those in her care far deeper than any other Sovereign, suffering  additional dice to Clarity Attacks caused by her Fairest Curse equal to her dots in the Fairest of Them All  Merit.



Gain a Beat when the Fair Princess suffers pain or hardship without complaint for the good of those she protects.



  • Once, in a land beset by war, a young woman escaped the Others. Guided by visions granted by the Wyrd, she claimed a lost king’s sword and guided her countrymen into battle against the invaders; her inspiration helped turn the tide of a war thought long lost, and when captured by her enemies she faced their trials with grace and guile. When she was executed by her captors, her death led to their brutal defeat by her enraged followers and countrymen.
  • Once, a Fair Princess’ kingdom was beset by a terrible plague. Though her own Arcadian body left her resistant, she could not abide the suffering she witnessed all around herself without action; she went among the ill, offering comfort and succor as she could and taking the suffering and sickness of those who would perish without her sacrifice. The Martyr’s Rose thorns bit so deeply into her flesh they came to take root in her limbs, until finally her followers needed to carry her from town to town. Still she persisted, until finally naught was left of her but a thorny rose bush, which those she had saved planted in the fertile soil. Their descendants tend it to this day.
  • Once, a Fair Prince arose among the people of a city by a bay. Living in abject poverty, he declared himself to be Emperor, and stood against those who would bring harm to the dispossessed of his city until his death.

Heraldry Token: The Martyr’s Rose (• to •••••)

A simple, dried rose on a thorny stem to Mortal eyes, beneath it’s Mask this Token is a vibrant blood-red, and its stem is vibrant and green – and tipped with hungry thorns. The lot of the Fair Princess is to give of herself for the good of her people, and the Martyr’s Rose gives solid form to this duty.

When worn against bare skin, the Fair Princess may activate the Martyr’s Rose to take on the burden of a negative Tilt or Condition suffered by another, up to a number of such Conditions at once equal to the dot rating of this token. Doing so inflicts one resistant health level on the Princess – Bashing health for a Tilt,  Lethal for a condition, or Aggravated should the Condition be persistent. The Princess suffers the effects of this Tilt or Condition until the damage suffered in taking it upon herself is fully healed, at which point it is shed fully, healed through the Princess’ sacrificial suffering. The Token may restore lost senses or even regrow destroyed limbs; the Princess herself loses neither limbs nor organs during her time bearing her sacrificial wounds,, but suffers the effects of the Tilt or Condition through the workings of the Wyrd – her eyes going dim, or her limb twisting into painful uselessness.

At any time the Princess is suffering under a Tilt or Condition taken on by the use of the Martyr’s Rose, the Token grants a bonus to Empathy, Expression, and Persuasion rolls equal to its rating., and rolls made to bring harm to the Princess suffer the Token’s rating as a penalty.

Catch: The Rose deals two levels of Resistant damage and the Condition persists twice as long accordingly; however the bonuses for suffering this damage fade at the normal rate.

Drawback: The painful damage suffered by the Rose’s use is the Token’s drawback.

Elector of the Bloody Arena


Privileges and Duties

The Children of the Wyrd love bloodsport. This love has led to the Hedge producing many different arenas appearing throughout the hedge. For each of these arenas an Elector is needed, someone who manages the combat, arranges the bouts, and sets the rules of engagement. From this need it is said that the title of Elector was created by the Wyrd. 

Electors are tied to their Arena, given the ability to shape the combat with more magic then is normally afforded the Half-Fae. In return they are expected to keep the Arena well staffed and providing entertainment for the local fae. 


Mask and Mein

Electors tend to take on a distinctly roman appearance, everything they wear starts to take on a purple hue with a clear classical motif that is noticeable even to mortal eyes. 

Their fae features sharpen, and start to resemble the carved marbles that the classical period is so strongly associated with, becoming more pale with details picked out in gold leaf.



Electors rarely bequeath their title. It is more common that they die when they mismanage a combat or the jealousy of their peers becomes too much to handle. 

Thus it is more common for one to come across the title laying fallow in the depths of there arena. The Title tends to present itself to one who wins the respect of those who tend to their arena tough bouts of combat and management. 



Victors Laurels: 1 to 5


The Laurels to mortal eyes appear to just be a dull faded green slik plant wrapped into a coronet.


The Laurels are living growing plant, covered in flaking gold leaf, they shine as if reflecting the glory of the sun regardless of actual lighting in the room.


Upon activation the Laurels allow the Elector freely make hedge spinning changes to the hedge around them, treating the tokens Rank as the amount of “bonus” successes granted. They may do this a number of times per chapter equal to the tokens rank.

When not in the hedge activation allows the Elector to ask a number of questions equal to the tokens rank about a given characters combat and entertainment abilities of the Storytellers who must answer honestly (things like what is the targets highest combat  skill, what are they best at, How do they fight, ect). The Elector may do this a number of times per Story Equal to the Tokens Rank.

Catch: The user must prick their fingers on the Laurels dealing 2 Lethal damage as the Laurels drink of the life force of the user.

Drawback: Upon using the Victor’s Laurels to give themselves an edge people around the Elector have a subconscious distrust of the Elector for “cheating” the users next social roll suffers a penalty equal to token rank 



Electors Mandate (••••) 

Pre-Reqs: Expression 3, Athletics 3, or Brawl 3, or Firearms 3, or Weaponry 3. 

This merit grants the following Ranks:

Rank 1: Regain 1 Glamour whenever he regains Willpower through her Needle in direct pursuit of your role as elector. He may spend the Glamour immediately on anything he likes or store it in her heraldry token for later use. The token can store up to her Wyrd in Glamour. If he can neither spend nor store it, it’s lost. All stored Glamour empties at the end of the story.

Rank 2: Gain a specialty in either Expression, A combat skill, or Crafts. The Specialty is chosen at the time this rank is unlocked and rolls made using this specialty gain exceptional successes on 3 instead of 5 

Rank 3: Gain sudden flashbacks of your predecessor’s life. Once per chapter, the player may accept the Shaken Condition (Changeling, p. 344) for the character to remember a terrifying or traumatic experience from a predecessor’s life as the title’s bearer and gain that predecessor’s Thread in addition to her own for the chapter. She must still abide by the usual limitations on anchor-based Willpower gain (Changeling, p. 95). (thread is determined by ST though suggestions may be made) 

Rank 4: Gain a part of the Bloody Arena that the Elector is tied to as a wyrd/2 (rounded up) Hollow. The Elector may access this safe room in the arena from any doorway in which they have spilt blood as a form of portaling. (conditional) (the hollow is the “office where the scene took place but may be redecorated to suit tastes) 

Rank 5: The Elector Gains the oath bound service of Hobs and other Changelings that work in the arena, this is represented as Staff equal to Wyrd/2 rounded up (conditional) 



A Mortal whom the Elector sees great potential in there skills at combat



Clarity attacks suffered while fighting in the Arena add 1 Damage dice for every rank invested in the Entitlement Merritt.



Gain a beat whenever you take an action for the sake of putting on a better show for the arena patrons that inconveniences you or our allies.  




Keeper of the Locked Gate

Once upon a time, one of the Lost found a secret key that unlocked all the world’s hidden treasures and lost knowledge so that they might discover and plunder its riches of lore. This changeling, a Master of Keys became known through all the freehold of the world in time as their Keys were copied and story multiplied into legend. Today the Masters are well known for their powers and talents of ferreting out anything one thinks is safe and digging up the most secure of skeletons. This is not their story. This is the story of those that they will never dig up, the lore that will never be told, and the tongues that remain unloosened. For every key, there must be a lock, and a chain, and a secret place. Just as those Keymasters seek their secrets, this is the story of the Gatekeepers that safeguard their covetous tomes. Some say that the first Gatekeeper was a member of a court of whispers that wished to keep a Keymaster from dangerous knowledge that threatened a freehold. Some say that the first was a Keymaster themselves that grew twisted in their ways and indeed there is a remarkable similarity in their abilities as though a coin were flipped. Whatever the case may be, the Gatekeepers stand opposite their cousins, often just as mistrusted

Mask and Mein

Much like their cousins, the Gatekeepers are constantly accompanied by a jingling and rattling sound and they move, but instead of Keys that appear and fill their pockets and mark their steps they seem even to mortals wrapped in chains. Their belt is chained, their pockets chained, wallets and purses are chained. In their fae miens the chains can never leave their body it’s clear extensions of themselves, and even their mouth seems locked shut though it does not inhibit ones ability to speak.


Chain of All-Sealing

When activated with glamour this token can seal closed any sort of door with a mystical barrier. This can include Doors to social maneuvering, mystical gateways with unorthodox “keys”, as well as mundane doors and gates. When so sealed the door cannot be opened by anyone but the Gatekeeper by any means short of magic, which must succeed in a Clash of Wills against the Entitled. The token may be activated in this way a number of times per story equal to its dot rating. In addition to its activated effect so long as it is held by the Entitled the chain will rust if in the presence of someone that knows an untold secret protected by its holder once per night. This effect does not offer clues to who the offending person is if there are multiple people present or what secret they might know, but should the Gatekeeper discern these things it rewards them with 1 wp for their efforts to make sure their secrets are kept. Once the chain appears rusted it will not turn back to its normal form until one day has passed (conditional). Drawback: after activating the token to seal a Door, the user gains the Paranoid condition suspecting anyone and everyone might be a potential traitor conspiring to unlock the seal from within. Catch: if a user of the token chooses to seal away some of their own knowledge from themselves they may activate the token without spending glamour. In doing this they lose 10/again on every mental skill roll for the duration of the scene

Entitlement Merit

Gate Guardian (••••)

Prerequisites: Hollow 2, Occult 2, Larceny 2 This entitlement Merit grants the following blessings:  
  • Glamour gain; see p. 34. One Merit blessing lets the changeling regain 1 Glamour whenever she regains Willpower through her Needle in direct pursuit of her role.  She may spend the Glamour immediately on anything she likes or store it in her heraldry to-ken for later use. The token can store up to her Wyrd in Glamour. If she can neither spend nor store it, it’s lost. All stored Glamour empties at the end of the story.
  • Enhanced new Specialty; see p. 34. One Merit blessing grants hazy, passive memories of her predecessors’ adventures, along with inherited expertise. Gain a new Specialty relevant to the title’s duty, Rolls made with that Specialty achieve exceptional success on three successes.Shana would gain Intimidation: Interrogation when gaining this rank.
  • Additional Thread; see p. 34. One Merit blessing grants sudden flashbacks. Once per chapter, the player may accept the Shaken Condition (Changeling, p. 344) for the character to remember a terrifying or traumatic experience from a predecessor’s life as the title’s bearer and gain that predecessor’s Thread in addition to her own for the chapter. She must still abide by the usual limitations on anchor-based Willpower gain (Changeling, p. 95).Honor could work for her in most cases.

Special 1

when the Gatekeeper records a specific secret and places this record within their Hollow this knowledge fades from all sources that might also hold it. Mortal minds forget this knowledge gaining the Lost Memories condition, and any other record not in the Gatekeepers possession is erased, simply appearing blank, as corrupted data, or simply lost. Should the record leave the hollow or be viewed by anyone else after it is sealed than the knowledge re-enters the world, those that forgot suddenly remember, texts and data restored. Should a Supernatural being other than the Gatekeeper possess this knowledge already they will remember, but find themselves unable to communicate the sealed secret in any way without first succeeding on a Clash of Wills against the Gatekeeper. Should they succeed and then break the secret the knowledge is also restored as though it left the hollow. The Gatekeeper can keep a number of secrets sealed in this way equal to their Wyrd score. (conditional)

Special 2

The changeling may bind another person with their Chain of All-Sealing and when so bound roll Pres+Intimidate+Wyrd vs the others Resolve+Power Stat and if successful they are incapable of telling the Gatekeeper any lie so long as they are bound.


A mortal who has trusted the Keeper with a secret (conditional)


When choosing to keep a secret that would otherwise aid the the Keeper or their allies they gain an additional damage die on any clarity attacks suffered


The Gatekeeper gains a beat whenever they withhold important information requested by another