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Custom Contracts


Arcadian Impression

In the Tales of Faerie, humans have been caught in an oxymoron of envious admiration of the Denizens of Faerie or terrifies of them. Victims are often romanticizing their former captors and as the tales of old convey, the real True Fae are as terrifying as they are beautiful.

Cost: 1 Glamor
Dice Pool: Presence + Intimidation + Wyrd v. Resolve + Wyrd
Action Type: Contested
Duration: A Chapter (or Conditional)

Effects: This contract allows a Lost to mimic the terrifying and beautiful aspects of Arcadia. Beholders will be unable to discern between a sweet whisper of persuasion, threats, or convincing manipulation while under its effects.

Dramatic Failure: The target instead finds the Lost un—intimidating and is unimpressed by the display. The Changeling takes the Demoralized Condition (CtL 335-336).
Failure: The contract fails.
Success: Upon successful activation of the Contract, the target beholds the Lost as terrifying as they are beautiful. The Changeling can now substitute Intimidation Dots in their Social Maneuvering rolls without drawback.
Exceptional Success: The victim is inspired by the Changeling’s terrible and beautiful display and takes the Awe-Struck Condition (CtL 333-334).

Darkling: The Montebank may use the higher of their Presence or Manipulation rolls, while this contract is active, no matter the action taken.
Fairest: The fairest is indistinguishable from a True Fae, and when using this contract against Fae Folk, takes an Exceptional Success on 3 instead of 5 successes.
Loophole: The Changeling has asserted, whether true or not, that they have blackmail or leverage on their target.


The old tales often told of the beautiful Princess who was forced to dress in rags to hide her beauty, or to disguise herself in tattered donkey-skins to flee unwanted attentions. With this Contract, the Lost may claim a measure of protection for themselves by invoking the same trick.

Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Presence+Empathy+Wyrd versus Resolve+Wyrd
Action: Contested

Effect: The character comes across as very nonthreatening and unremarkable; unless an opponent has call to perceive her as a threat and successfully contests this Contract, she cannot be the target of his attacks. This effect ends if she attacks or takes any threatening actions during the scene.

Fairest: As lovely and persuasive as she may seem in the moment, when she has departed the Fairest is so unremarkable that she seems to fade from witnesses’ memory. Any attempt to recall her presence or describe her features suffers a penalty equal to her Stealth dots. In addition, she does not suffer the drawback of any dots of Striking Looks she possesses.

Wizened: Slipping beneath notice as an unremarkable servant, the roll to contest the Wizened use of this Contract suffers a -3 penalty.

Loophole: The changeling is dressed in shabby clothing and carrying no visible weapons.

Taunting Jab

Cost: 2G
Dice Pool: Presence + Expression + Wyrd vs Composure + Power Stat
Action: Instant

Success: The target of your Ire’s attention is locked on you, if engaged in combat they must focus on you or suffer a penalty equal to your Expression on rolls not to engage with you.
Exceptional Success: Your target suffers the Beaten Down Tilt for anyone not you.
Failure: The Contract Fails to work
Dramatic Failure: You suffer the Beaten Down Tilt, as your childish chiding fails to gain any purchase in aggravating your target.

Loophole: A metaphorical gauntlet is thrown down, this can be a slap to the face (no damage), a jarring insult, or simply some sort of jeering that makes the target(s) feel looked down upon.

Seeming Affinities
Fairest: Unicorns using this contract taunt people into believing they are weaker than they look, the first swing an opponent makes against you after successfully using this Contract is pulled for the maximum a mount (-1 to Strike maximum 4 damage).
Ogre: You can bear the brunt of those whose attention you’ve earned. You may choose to target a number of opponents equal to half successes rounded down after rolling for this Contract.


Haunting Intercession

There are those who desperately wish for one more night with the departed: enemies seeking final vengeance or forgiveness, lovers hoping for one more embrace, mothers who did not get a chance to say goodbye to their sons. A changeling who invokes this clause gives a ghost one more chance to speak and be seen by the living.

Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Presence +Occult + Wyrd
Action: Extended (one success per target)

Dramatic Failure: The ghost is not made manifest to the living; severe poltergeist activity is generated instead. For the duration of the scene, the location is full of loud roaring noises and horrible smells, hair and clothing are pulled and the like. The dishes are thrown and shattered; fragile objects are particularly subject to the poltergeist activity.
Failure: The ghost is not made manifest.
Success: The ghost materializes fully for the scene. The ghost can be interacted with as if it were alive by the affected targets, from conversation to lovemaking to violence.
Exceptional Success: The ghost remains material from sunrise to sunset, able to move freely and interact with whomever the ghost chooses.

Darkling: Darklings gain +3 dice to activate this Contract
Fairest: The ghost is indebted to the Fairest for the service, and takes the Leveraged condition toward him.
Loophole: The changeling sets up a “dead supper”: A complete meal served on never-used plates and silver, with a place for everyone who wishes to participate in the intercession, including the ghost.


Melodies of Arcadia

The parties in Arcadia have no equal, because the performers there are not bound to the same limitations that mere mortal performers are. Their melodies are addictive and they seep into the soul capturing your appreciation, no matter the content of the performance.
Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Presence + Expression + Wyrd – Audience’s Highest Resolve + Wyrd Action Type: Resisted
Duration: Scene

Effects: The Changeling performance is endearing to the audience no matter the appropriateness of the situation, whether it is an inspirational speech, throwing knives at an unsuspecting audience member, or song.

Dramatic Failure: The performance is so foreign to the audience that it alienates the Lost Performer. The impression of the Changeling degrades to Hostile.
Failure: The contract fails to activate.
Success: The impression of the Lost performer improves to a Good Impression, and if any Social Maneuvering is done against them, the Changeling automatically can automatically open 1 Door.
Exceptional Success: The impression of the Changeling instead improves to a Perfect
Impression, and if any Social Maneuvering is done against them, the Changeling automatically can automatically open 2 Doors.

Darkling: The shadows seem to join in on the performance, and the Montebank gains a +3 modifier on their performance roll.
Wizened: Not all performances are expressive in nature, so the Shrewd can choose to use Crafts instead of Expression on their activation roll.
Loophole: The Changeling has already spent a full round performing for the audience.


Ghostly Presence

The dead are among us, unseen and unheard by the living. This clause allows the changeling to see, hear and speak to any ghosts in her area (same room, or conversational distance outside) in Twilight for a scene.
Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wits + Occult + Wyrd
Action: Instant

Dramatic Failure: The clause fails, but the changeling thinks she is talking to a ghost and holds a conversation with empty air.
Failure:The changeling cannot see or speak to the ghosts.
Success: The changeling sees, hears and can speak to ghosts in the area as if they were living.
Exceptional Success: The nearest other living individual is also affected by the clause — whether the changeling wants him to be or not.

Darkling: Darklings are always considered to have ‘known’ ghosts in their presence for the purpose of the contract’s loophole.
Wizened: The Wizened sees any ghosts present, even those who are hidden or mystically concealed.
Loophole: The ghost is someone the changeling knew in life



Waking the Dead

The dead tell no tales. Most of the time. Invoking this clause allows the changeling to call up a non-sentient echo of the dead and communicate with it. This ghostly shadow is not a true ghost but an echo without self-awareness or intelligence; the echo fades at the end of the scene.
Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Presence + Intimidation + Wyrd
Action: Extended; target is 5 plus the number of questions to be asked

Dramatic Failure: The information provided is incomplete or incorrect in some significant way that is not immediately obvious to the changeling.
Failure: No shade appears.
Success: The shade appears, as if standing on top of its grave and will answer one question per success precisely and honestly. The shade will not provide any information beyond what is requested.
Exceptional Success: The shade will provide any important additional information that the changeling might not have known to ask for, or knew she needed.

Darkling: The Darkling may ask one additional question in addition to those rolled for; if using the loophole, the Bewitched need not take an additional health levels for this question.
Ogre: For purposes of the contract’s Loophole, an Ogre may take one point of lethal damage per five questions answered.
Loophole: The changeling “feeds” the shade by wounding herself and offering her blood, taking one point of bashing damage per question.


Opening the Black Gate

There is a barrier between the living and the dead, which can only be crossed at great risk. This clause creates a doorway between the mortal world and the Underworld. This passage cannot be created in the Hedge, or Arcadia; attempts to do so are quite likely to draw the attention of the Gentry.

Cost: 2 Glamour, 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Wits + Occult + Wyrd
Action: Extended, five successes required

Dramatic Failure: The passage is one-way. Those who take it will be trapped on the wrong side. The living can only pass to the Underworld — but not back — and the dead can only enter the mortal world, not return.
Failure: No passage is created.
Success: A passage, the size of a normal door, is created between the land of the dead and the world of the living for one night. When the sun first breaks the horizon in the mortal world, the door shuts forever, and those on the wrong side of it will be trapped unless they find, or make, another exit.
Exceptional Success: The passage lasts for a lunar month. The dead and living can cross over in this location for as long as the location remains intact. If a changeling has used the loophole to invoke this clause, she has to maintain the laws of hospitality only for that first night. The changeling has no mystical control over who uses this door; she can only control access in the usual fashion, by guarding it, locking it, bricking it up, etc.

Beast: The passage may instead be opened into the Mirror World.
Darkling: The Darkling may open and close the gate at will for its duration.
Loophole: The clause is invoked at midnight in a mausoleum, and the changeling invokes the laws of hospitality while the clause is in effect.

Gremlin’s Gift

There is thought that the magic of the hedge and mortal technology is incompatible. While this is not an universal truth it is a truth. This contract works on that principle. This contract saw extensive use in WWII and led to the stories of gremlins at work in bombers.
Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Dexterity + Crafts + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Duration: Scene

Dramatic Failure: The Target machinery, or technology works better than expected, gaining 9-again on rolls to use it in addition to any tools bonuses to use it.
Failure: Nothing happens.
Success: The contract causes a target machine (including complex weapons such as modern firearms) stops working properly causing a -5 penalty to using the device for the scene.
Exceptional Success: The device seizes completely and permanently becoming a useless lump of inert matter.

Loophole: The Changeling hits the device with a hammer for a full minute of “tinkering” before activating.