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Changeling Custom Kiths



The Author is spent there time in Arcadia in its dark libraries and small cramped lore repositories. They are set to work writing stories to entertain their Keepers court, or are set to work translating strange and obscure texts stolen from the dreams of mortals.


Skill: Author’s Achieve an exceptional success on three successes instead of five when rolling Expression to write a compelling tale.


Blessing: An Author may Roll Wits + Academics to understand any text Written in any mundane language, living or dead, including hidden languages. (Think polari (the extinct gay slang of London) and the made up language of twins.) The Author may also spend a point of Glamor to understand the literal meaning of ciphered information in a text.


Not all the realms of Arcadia are untouched, primeval wilderness. Whether a twisted reflection of urban landscapes or corrupted from the bile of their Fae owner, some are polluted hellscapes of sulfuric clouds, corrosive sludge, and contaminated soil. Blightbents are those changelings who survived in these conditions, breathing foul air and eating poisonous food, forced to become lesser versions of their tainted masters.

Skill: Blightbent achieve an exceptional success on three successes instead of five when rolling Survival rolls to resist toxicity or extreme environments from man-made poisons or pollutants.

Blessing: Spend a point of Glamour to produce a cloud of caustic smog with a radius in meters equal to your character’s Stamina. The cloud either causes a concealment penalty or deals lethal damage with a Toxicity equal to the character’s Wyrd. The cloud lasts for a scene without outside intervention.



Blood sport is a common pastime amongst the Gentry, with changelings pitted against each other for the amusement of the Fae audience. These fights are rarely straightforward, often complicated by random rules and stipulations at the whim of the Gentry. A Bloodbrute is the grizzled survivor of these pit fights and horrifying games of survival of the fittest.
Skill: Bloodbrutes achieve an exceptional success on three (3) successes instead of five on Weaponry rolls made during any form of officially-sanctioned combat.
Blessing: Bloodbrutes may spend a point of Glamour and reflexively roll Wits + Weaponry while wielding a mundane weapon to increase its damage bonus for the scene by his Wyrd, to a maximum of +5. If the weapon is an improvised weapon, it does not suffer damage upon use, nor inflict a penalty for its use.



These Changelings have been granted exemplary senses akin to an animal’s. Theirs are the eagle’s eyes, the bat’s ears, the hound’s nose, the raccoon’s elegant sense of touch. Cleareyes were kept as lookouts and hunters for their Keepers, charged with discovering a scent for the Hunterhearts to follow or spying an aerial intruder for the Wildwings to bring down. However, Cleareyes’ keen senses also allowed them to spy a way free of their master.


Kith Blessing: When the Cleareyes rolls Wits + Composure to sense potential sources of harm, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success and gives the Informed condition for the source of harm.


Blessing: A Cleareyes can hyper focus their senses. Spend a glamour and roll Wits + Investigation to heighten a specific sense. The Cleareyes may be able to see a license plate clearly from down the street, hear a moth fly by, or smell a particular person in a crowd. The Cleareyes may instead sharpen their awareness of their immediate surroundings and gain an effective 360 degree sensory awareness of stimuli within a short range. They might see a person running up behind them, feel the breezes disturbed by a mosquito taking off their skin, or hear the heartbeat of someone close by. While a Cleareyes has any heightened sense, they risk harming themselves from sudden intense stimuli. They may gain the Blinded, Deafened, or Insensate Tilts in response to a bright flash of light if they have heightened sight, or to a gunshot if they have heightened hearing.



The Gentry create Draconics to inspire fear and awe. These reptilian beasts are destructive creatures of primal terror. One Keeper who created a draconic might have wished own a wondrously impressive beast, another sought an impressive guard or military commander.


Skill: When the Draconic makes Intimidation rolls to physically cow or threaten an opponent into disengaging or backing down, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.


Blessing: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Presence + Intimidation + Wyrd vs Resolve + Composure + Supernatural Tolerance in combat to give any enemy that can perceive the changeling the Beaten Down Condition. This can affect creatures that are not normally subject to the Condition.



Be they roaring chariots of fire, mighty ships upon storm-wracked seas of blood, or even hellish cars made of chromed dragon-bone, the Gentry have had a fascination with vehicles since humanity first created them, and They have stolen pilots and drivers to man unearthly conveyances for nearly as long. Drivers spent their Durance as masters of these alien vehicles, and upon their return, no driving conditions on Earth can faze them.


Skill: Drivers achieve an exceptional success on three successes instead of five on Drive rolls made in any circumstance or conditions that would normally inflict a penalty to the roll.


Blessing: By spending a point of Glamour while in contact with the helm or wheel of a vehicle, a Driver gains the knowledge needed to operate it and any Drive rolls made with the vehicle receive the Rote quality. This ability lasts for one scene, or until the Driver’s hands break physical contact with the vehicle. 


Created by PapaSpit


Shaped by the otherness of the ones between the cracks, the eldritch take on forms unusual and varied not often associated with whatever task they where typically performing. Some may be more classical squid beings as the emptiness and strangeness of the other is similar to that of the deep ocean. Of course they can be a collection of other concepts that the ones from the cracks deem appropriate in that instance.


Skill: The Eldritch receive an exceptional success with three successes for Occult rolls made to make sense of disparate and seemingly unrelated sources.


Blessing: By spending a point of Glamor and rolling Presence+Empathy+Wyrd Vs Composure+Tolerance they may inflict a temporary condition relating to mental stability. They may also choose to spend an additional Glamor to make the condition a persistent one.



Unlike many other Lost, a Farwalker’s Durance was not one of captivity but of near endless solitude and isolation. Spirited away to vast forests, windswept mountains, or sweltering jungles, these changelings rarely saw another soul during their time in Faerie. Constantly on the move, whether to outrun unseen but ever present hunters or in a vain attempt to find some sort of civilization, they roamed the rugged wilds of Arcadia alone. With only the silent trees and rocks for company, some slowly forgot the sound of human speech or that they had ever even had a name.


Skill: When the Farwalker makes Survival rolls to plot a path through or otherwise navigate dangerous terrain, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.


Blessing: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Wits + Occult as an instant action in any circumstance where he has an unimpeded view of the sky. On success, the changeling gains an unerring sense of direction, and also negates navigation penalties (including Hedge navigation penalties) equal to rolled successes plus Wyrd for the scene.



Warmed by the sun’s caress and nourished by the rain’s tears, these changelings were the living ornamentation of countless gardens across Arcadia. Planted in soil where they took root, some flowering were left to grow wild in hidden faerie groves while others were kept in pots under fluorescent lights in steaming greenhouses. All experienced long periods of happiness and bliss, punctuated by the sharp, metal kiss of their Keeper’s pruning shears.
Skill: Flowerings achieve an exceptional success on three successes instead of five when making Persuasion rolls to open a target’s Doors.
Blessing: Once per scene when preparing to engage in Social Maneuvering, a Flowering may spend Glamour to improve a target’s Impression, even if Hostile. Each step of improvement requires 1 Glamour, and this expenditure may not exceed the changeling’s Wyrd.



The Gremlin is a mischievous dabbler who tends to like pulling mean pranks on others. She is small and seems harmless, which lets her get into a lot of trouble. A Gremlin is created solely for the amusement of her True Fae masters. The changeling served as a court jester and fool, making a mockery of guests and causing them pain and anguish in the name of her master. If she did not perform to whatever standards her master put to her each day, she was tortured until she performed better. Now she can’t help taking advantage of a situation to pull pranks and act out.

Skill: When making Crafts rolls involving complex machinery, a Gremlin scores an exceptional success on three successes instead of five.


Blessing: Once per scene, the Gremlin may reflexively spend a point of Glamour and roll Wits + Crafts to cause the next roll made using a chosen complex machine to result in a dramatic failure.


Created by: Nomad


It is frequently said that to eat the food of the Fae, is to enslave yourself to their realm and their whims.  It is also said that to deny the gifts of the Fae is to earn their Ire, in both of these cases it never seems to mention where these offerings of feast and wine come from.  For those True Fae who would coax and cajole those to their side by ensuring that their stomachs are satiated and their eyes swim with intoxication, they design the Gourmands to produce feasts that are unparalleled both Ironside and in Arcadia itself. 


Fairest: Unicorns who are Gourmands are appealing, not for their looks, but rather for the intensified sense of nostalgia that their ambient aroma brings.  Memories of favored meals lovingly prepared by those who are no longer among us surround them, with just a twinge of bittersweet memories.


Ogre: Gourmand Gargoyles are large, some would say portly, sporting broad noses and even broader mouths with which they take in the scent of food and drink all the more easily.  Their hands show the signs of working in the Galleys and Kitchens of Arcadia, scarred with cuts and pockmarked with burns from oil.


Wizened: Gourmands among the Domovye are masters of their craft.  Every movement is precise and calculated, capable of moving through a crowded kitchen with the grace of a dancer, never spilling a drop.  Their tools are all but built into their very frames so that they might never need to leave their station while preparing their meals.


Kith Blessing – Whenever the Gourmand prepares food or drink for someone else using the Crafts Skill, they achieve exceptional success on three successes rather than five.


Feast or FamineAll Gourmands can prepare food expertly with the flora and fauna native to the Hedge.  Those that invest in it further find that it may continue to exist Ironside for a Chapter per point of Glamour invested into it.

  • Mortals who consume this food suffer the Addicted Condition, if they try to subsist on mundane food afterward, this upgrades to the Deprived Condition until they go without eating the Arcadian Food for the duration of a Story.
  • If the Gourmand prepares a feast for a large gathering of the Fairfolk, the invested glamour is multiplied by successes and can be split amongst those who enjoy the meal.  This also provides the benefit of the Glamour Fasting Merit for a Story to all who participate in the Feast.



Born of the very fear and torture they then inflict upon others, Horrors’ keepers broke them, then set them loose to share their pain upon other changelings – either as a tool of interrogation and terror, or simply for some cruel amusement.

Skill: When making Intimidation rolls to interrogate or torture others, a Horror scores an exceptional success on three successes instead of five.


Blessing: The Horror may spend a point of Glamor to inflict the Insensate tilt on any creature within line of sight, paralyzing the victim with extreme fear. Only one creature/character can be under the influence of this ability at a time and only once per scene



Not every fight is to the Death in Faerie – sometimes the Gentry desire creatures that survive in the pits, fighting again and again for their amusement. The Juggernaut is such a creature,for while they bleed profusely their blood hitting the sand their bodies never seem to follow. Durable beyond all mortal measure, they fight on knowing that only the direst of wounds can threaten their unearthly resilience.


Skill: A Juggernaut receives an exceptional success on three success instead of five on Intimidation rolls made against multiple opponents.


Blessing: Once per scene, a Juggernaut may spend a point of Glamour to gain temporary Health Levels equal to their Wyrd+1. These Health Levels disappear at the end of the scene, but unlike normal temporary Health Levels, any non-Resistant damage in these temporary Health levels is negated instead of transferring to the Juggernaut’s normal health track.



The Gentry are known to keep Lurkgliders on the embrasures of their castle battlements. They hang from the rooftops of mile-high Gothic cathedrals, crouch in the shadows of mansion spires and loom over the doorways of eerie hospitals. Some are so still their grotesquery goes unseen for ages, others so beautiful even their Keepers forget they’re more than statues. These silent sentries serve many purposes, but the line almost always falls between palatial guard and fearsome ornament.


Skill: Lurkgliders achieve an Exceptional success on three successes instead of five when he makes a Stealth roll while motionless or while falling.


Blessing: The Lurkglider can fall from almost any height without taking damage, up to terminal velocity. Beyond that, she must spend a point of Glamour to slow his descent to a safe speed.



To linger too long in Arcadia is to go truly mad, and none know this more than the Moonborn. Set in Arcadian skies, the pull of the mad realms’ insanity becomes absolute, and the Moonborn with time becomes a magnet for that terrible lunacy.


Skill: A Moonborn achieve an Exceptional success on three successes instead of five when she makes an Empathy roll to determine another’s mental or emotional state.


Blessing: The Moonborn’s touch can pull the madness from others,though at a terrible physical toll to their own bodies and minds. By spending a point of Glamour, the Moonborn may heal Clarity damage suffered by another Changeling; each point of minor Clarity damage healed inflicts one point of Resistant Lethal damage on the Moonborn, and each point of Severe damage inflicts a point of Resistant Aggravated damage. For an additional glamour the Moonborn may take on a Clarity condition suffered by a fellow Lost, but if she does this Condition may not be removed by any magical means and must be resolved through normal means.



Time and space mean very little in Arcadian realms and none know this more than those gifted/cured with the ability to see the threads of Fate and Time. Unlike many kiths, Oracles are rarely created on purpose. A card dealer at an eternal casino starts to see patterns in the hands he deals, whereas a drudge learns to divine the future in the entrails she finds herself wading through. Nearly all Oracles used their gift to find the right moment to escape, and many use it to stay one step ahead of the Huntsmen. While many mistakenly assume that Oracles divine only the future, those in the know fear the day the Seer’s gaze falls on their present or past. Most Oracles prefer to channel their gift through a divinatory practice as experiencing the visions directly is unpleasant at best.


Skill: Oracles receive an exceptional success on three successes instead of five on Occult rolls used to uncover hidden knowledge or secrets.


Blessing: Once per chapter, an Oracle can spend a point of Glamour to invoke a vision pertaining to a person or situation. He rolls Wits + Occult, and for each success the Oracle may ask the Storyteller a yes or no question that the Storyteller must answer truthfully. On an exceptional success, the Oracle gains the Informed condition pertaining to the vision



Some people naturally fade into the background. Gentry who need spies or wish unseen servants who will not disturb their elaborate revels transform these individuals into Palewraiths. Although light does not harm her, a Palewraith is a nocturnal creature of who is most comfortable in dim and shadowy environments. She is uncomfortable being the center of attention. Even if she is not shy or socially awkward, she has little interest in fame. Instead, she finds it easier to watch from the shadows, as she did in Arcadia.


Skill: In dim light, fog, or other conditions where characters suffer at least a -1 penalty to rolls involving vision, a Palewraith only require three successes instead of five to achieve an Exceptional Success on any Stealth roll.


Blessing: In the s conditions mentioned above, a Palewraith may spend a point of to increases her Defense by +2, and can apply her Defense against firearms for a scene.. These effects end prematurely if she enters a well-lit area.



A Keeper creates a Razorhand to be a killer. Some Gentry wanted a bodyguard who could swiftly dispatch any threat, others desired an assassin able to slay his victims with a single blow but all wished to create exceptionally deadly changelings. Their Keeper made the changeling’s body into a living weapon. While some embrace pacifism after their escape, in Arcadia, their Keepers forced Razorhands to murder dozens of changelings and to also eliminate their enemies among the Gentry. Regardless of their Seeming, all Razorhands look deadly and have blades, claws, or perhaps shards of crimson glass attached to their hands or fingers.


Skill: Razorhands achieve an exceptional success on three successes instead of five when rolling Stealth rolls to ambush opponents.


Blessing: A Razorhand’s unarmed attacks deal Lethal damage natural, even to creatures which normally take bashing damage from lethal wounds (like vampires), or deal +1 Lethal damage if her unarmed attacks already deal Lethal damage. If she spends a point of Glamour, a Razorhand can also cause her next successful unarmed attack to automatically inflict one of the following Tilts: Arm Wrack, Blinded, Deafened, or Leg Wrack.



A render is capable of ripping a tree apart with her bare hands, or just as easily pulling down a building or shattering a retaining wall. She is not just brute strength but employs wicked talons to aid her in her destruction. The render is created to destroy, usually by Gentry who can’t be bothered to create actual devices such as a wrecking ball or battering ram. She functions as a dispensable shock troop and was rarely expected to survive the first contact with a mission, and if she did, she had the reward of being employed in new and dangerous ways.

Skill: When the Render makes Brawl rolls to destroy an inanimate object, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.


Blessing: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Strength + Brawl to ignore a number of points of armor or Durability equal to Wyrd with his attacks for the rest of the scene. On an exceptional success, the armor or Durability is destroyed instead of simply ignored.



The Light may claim to hold all that is beautiful. Angels with perfect statuesque features, flowers that bloom only with the kiss of the sun, and colors that span the spectrum and tantalize the eyes. This is a lie. The Darkness holds its own beauty, a serene beauty that is meant to tempt the unwary before being consumed by greedy shadows and night. The Call of a Nightingale, the Brilliant petals of a lotus, The subtle sent of cooling grass and dew in the absence of the oppressive sun. Shadowsouls are beauty wrapped around the hunger of darkness, the cool stillness of oblivion. Their sweet smiles hide venomous fangs and their waiting arms only promise death, or worse, but always the temptation is there.


Kith Blessing: When the Shadowsoul uses Persuasion to convince someone of something not immediately harmful during the hours between dusk and dawn, they get a dramatic success on three successes instead of 5.


Children of the Night: The Shadowsoul is most at home wreathed in shadows and the protective embrace of night. A shadowsoul can see in natural darkness as well as anyone can see in the light. The Shadowsoul may also spend a Glamour and roll Presence + Stealth + Wyrd to consume the light in the immediate area, wreathing the area in darkness. The area affected is 3 yards per point of Wyrd the Shadowsoul has. This ability can only be used once per scene.



Crafted into the forms of tempters, used to tempt the pawns of other keepers, or perhaps even sent out to gather more potential “playmates,” Succubi are devious at heart, knowing how to read people’s desires and inflame them to destructive degrees.


Skill: Succubi achieve an exceptional success on three successes instead of five when rolling Empathy to uncover others’ desires.


Blessing: The succubus can make it incredibly difficult for those around her to resist the temptation of their vices. Spend a point of Glamour and roll Manipulation + Persuasion + Striking Looks (if any), contested by the target’s Resolve + Supernatural Tolerance. If the Succubus wins the contest, the target suffers the Swooned and Wanton conditions.


Created by KalierDarke


I don’t care how many weapons or monsters you have with you, me and mine aren’t going to let you take anyone else. Go home and don’t come back to anyplace we claim.


Some Gentry wish to ape the experience of having a beloved companion, others seek to motivate their changelings by providing them with such a companion. These Gentry find people who are especially loyal and caring and transform them into truefriends. While many Gentry who keep these changelings attempt to treat them relatively well, some were later discarded, and others cared more for freedom than comfort. Both in Arcadia and back in the human world, truefriends seek companions they can trust and care about.


Skill: When the Truefriend makes Empathy rolls related to a person they are bound to, achieving three successes counts as an exceptional success.


Blessing: The changeling may spend a point of Glamour and roll Presence + Empathy when interacting with someone that is important to her in order to bind herself to them. This requires thirty seconds of uninterrupted physical contact. If the bound is a changeling, this usually results in small pieces of the Truefriend’s mien bleeding through into the bound’s mien, similar to a one-dot Mantle, though it has no mechanical effect. If the bound is a mortal or other supernatural, the mortal gains the ability to see through the Truefriend’s Mask at all times, and likewise has some small part of the Truefriend’s mien imprinted upon them, though it is Masked to any who can not regularly pierce the mask. Truefriends and those bound to them automatically resist all mundane efforts to turn them against each other and supernatural attempts provoke a clash of wills with the Truefriend. The Truefriend may only bind herself to a number of people equal to her Presence, and once bound, may not unbind herself without great effort. Should there come a time that their former friend has truly cut ties, the Truefriend must sacrifice a willpower dot to remove the connection.



Pitch black oceans that have never known light. Broad, swift rivers that have no end. Wide, placid lakes covering green fields of water weeds. Faerie has its bodies of water, strange and fantastic like the rest of Arcadia. The changelings that became Waterborn spent their durance in these aquatic realms, serving strange, waterlogged Keepers.


Skill: Waterborn achieve an Exceptional success on three successes instead of five when making Athletics rolls while at least half-submerged in water.


Blessing: The Waterborn can breathe freely underwater, and moves at her full Speed when swimming.


Created by Capybara


Blessed with the capability for flight innately, these winged beings typically are smaller because of their wings, lighter, and capable of maneuvering even without truly flying.


Blessing: A Wildwing can spend a point of glamour and gain the ability to fly their speed+wyrd for the scene.


Skill: Wildwings achieve exceptional success on 3 instead of 5 for athletic rolls made to jump or tumble from high heights.



Being the embodiment of a faerie’s curse, a Witchtooth lives to spread misfortune. Many were created to be their Keeper’s instrument of punishment, others to sabotage their Keeper’s rivals. Some who end up on this path discovered the means to curse accidentally – be it discovering a forbidden tome, eating cursed food, or even stealing a crumb of their master’s power. In the freeholds the Witchtooth finds themselves in a constant state of social flux – on the one hand their curses can turn the tides of battle, on the other, who can really trust them? While the common perception is that every Witchtooth is a bitter and cruel being, some use their curses to teach lessons, and others turn mercenary, selling their hexes for protection, wealth, or other arcane rewards.


Skill: A Witchtooth receives an exceptional success on three success instead of five on Occult rolls to determine a foe’s mystical weakness, such as their frailties, bans, or banes.


Blessing: Once per scene, a Witchtooth may spend a point of Glamour to levy a curse on a foe within shouting distance. This curse takes the form of one of the the following Tilts: Arm Wrack, Blind, Deaf, Leg Wrack, or Sick (Moderate), which lasts until the Witchtooth releases the curse. The Witchtooth can maintain only one such curse at a time, and may end their curse at any time as a reflexive action.