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Custom Nightmares

Do As I Say  (Elodoth Werewolf)

Created by Darksouls


Dice Pool: Presence + Satiety vs. Composure + Supernatural Tolerance

Normal: The Beast gives a single verbal command backed by the fear of terrible retribution. If the victim obeys the command they gain a +2 bonus on all rolls to do as the beast commanded. If the victim disobeys they gain the Cowed Condition (Werewolf: The Forsaken Second Edition, Page 307).

High Satiety: Fear of the Beast’s wrath drives the victim to incredible feats. If the victim obeys the command, the bonus from the Normal Effect increases to +4 but the victim must now spend a Willpower to take any action other than the Beast’s command until the end of the scene or the command is carried out. This is in addition to the effects of the Cowed condition.

Satiety Expenditure: You’d rather die than suffer the Beast’s wrath. The victim suffers no wound penalties and doesn’t fall unconscious when his Health track is filled with bashing damage so long as he is acting to obey the Beast’s command, but if the victim chooses to disobey he takes one point of Bashing damage each time he acts against the Beast. Exceptional Success: The victim gains 8-again on actions taken to carry out the Beast’s command or loses 10-again on rolls to act against the Beast’s command.

Distance Is No Refuge (Mastigos Mage)

Created by Blackthorne


A lock of hair, a drop of blood, your true name… you laughed at those old superstitions, but now you know all too well the power they hold over you…

Normal: If the Beast possesses a token of their victim – a lock of hair, a scrap of cloth from their favorite jacket, a beloved possession – or knows the target’s True Name, they may suffer a -2 penalty to the activation of a second Nightmare to invoke it upon the target at any range without need for eye-contact.

High Satiety: The Beast’s Victim suffers the Cursed condition, in addition to the effects of the linked Nightmare.

Satiety Expenditure: By spending a point of Satiety, Nightmares Linked to this one do not suffer the penalty of linking, and your target can only resist with their Supernatural Resistance.

You Are Mine

Created by Blackthorne


God, she is so beautiful the sight of her makes your heart ache. You would do anything for her, just to see her smile. You would die for her. You would kill for her…

Dice Pool: Presence + Satiety vs. Composure + Supernatural Tolerance

Normal: Struck by a perilous desire for the Beast, the victim suffers the Swooning Condition

High Satiety: The Beast’s victim is lost in the need to please her, no matter how cruel her desires. The target suffers the Enthralled Condition.

Satiety Expenditure: The victim’s passions enslave them so utterly that their adoration becomes all-but religious; the target suffers the Awestruck Condition.

Exceptional Success: Not only is the victim afflicted with a burning desire for the Beast, their lusts overpower all reason; they suffer the Wanton Condition.

Your Will Is Broken

Created by Blackthorne


There is no point in struggling, you should accept your fate…

Dice Roll: Presence+Satiety vs. Resolve+Supernatural Tolerance

Normal: The victim is overpowered by a sense of hopelessness. They suffer the Broken Condition

High Satiety: Not only does the victim feel lost to despair, their very reserves to fight on are depleted. Each success on the roll to activate this Nightmare drains one point of Willpower.

Exceptional Success: The target suffers a -2 penalty to the Resistance attribute of the Beast’s choice until the end of the scene; this penalty can stack.

Satiety Expenditure: The victim loses their defense for the scene, unable to marshal the will to act toward their own survival.