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Beast The Primordial

  • Beast The Primordial
  • Beast Player’s Guide
  • Shunned by the Moon (just the Shadow Occultist stuff)

Changeling The Lost

  • Changeling the Lost 2e
  • Oak, Ash, and Thorn
  • Goblin Fruits & Oddments
  • Goblin Markets (1e); Merits allowed.
    • Exception: Slave Merit is not in use, use the Retainer Merit instead.

Deviant The Renegades

  • Deviant The Renegades

Hunter The Vigil


  • MtA 2e Core Book
  • Signs & Sorcery 2e
  • Nameless and Accursed (Case by Case)
  • Contagion Chronicles Players’ Guide (With some adjustments, Details coming)

Promethean the Created

  • Promethean the Created (Solely for the use of Universal Merits within.)

Vampire The Requiem

  • Vampire The Requiem
  • Secrets of the Covenants
  • One Thousand Years of Night
  • Blood Sorcery
  • Bloodlines of the New Millennium
  • Dark Eras 2 (Crochan only, currently)
  • 1e Covenant and Clanbooks (Fluff only, where it does not contradict 2e sources)
  • Additional Devotions from Onyx Path
  • Better Feared: Nosferatu
  • False Gods: Ventrue
  • Sin Again: Daeva
  • Strange Shades: Mekhet
  • Wild Hunt: Gangrel